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Gates Developments presents a groundbreaking investment opportunity with its latest venture, Space Mall October. Since it is a unique mall, Space October Mall is an amalgamation of commercial, administrative, and medical spaces, promising a revolutionary approach to retail and business environments. Located at a strategic site, Space Mall is not just a structure but a symbol of futuristic commerce, offering an assured high return on investment.

Space Mall Gates Developments: A Marvelous Design by Raef Fahmi

The task of bringing Space Commercial Complex to life was entrusted to the skilled architect Raef Fahmi. His vision has culminated in a structure that stands as a testament to luxury and sophistication, inspired by the world's finest malls. Space Mall Gates Developments extends over a vast area, with a meticulous allocation of space for commercial activities, plazas, and landscapes, making it not just a mall but a destination.

Space Commercial Complex: Diverse Unit Sizes for Varied Needs

Space 6 October offers a variety of unit sizes for sale starting from 39 m2, tailored to the diverse activities it hosts. Ranging from administrative to medical spaces, each space is designed to meet the specific needs and budgets of different businesses.

Space Mall: The Heart of Commercial Activity

Situated on the bustling 26th of July Corridor, Space Mall October enjoys a location that's both ideal and easily accessible. This strategic position is a magnet for high-traffic and thriving commercial activity, which is a boon for unit owners. Space Mall 6 October proximity to landmarks like Mall of Egypt, Arkan Plaza, and Mall of Arabia, along with its nearness to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and Media Production City, makes it a nexus of commercial activity.

Space October Mall: Attractive Pricing Strategy

In 2024, the units in Space Mall 6 October are not only competitively priced but also come with attractive installments. Prices start from a compelling 3,162,000 EGP and an encouraging price per meter of units to buy one, making these units a lucrative investment. Gates Developments has set a benchmark in balancing affordability with luxury, providing a golden opportunity for investors in Space Mall 6 October Gates.

Space Mall: Ease of Booking

To make ownership accessible, Gates Developments has implemented a flexible installment system. Clients can book a space with a mere 5% down payment, followed by an additional 5% after 3 months. The remaining amount can be paid over a comfortable period of 7 years. This tailored approach eases the financial burden on investors, making the dream of owning a unit in Space Mall 6 October a tangible reality for many.

For administrative spaces, an Expression of Interest (EOI) amount of 75,000 EGP is required, while medical spaces require an EOI of 100,000 EGP. Additionally, a 10% maintenance deposit is included in the plan, ensuring the upkeep and longevity of Space Commercial Complex facilities.

Space Gates Developments: State-of-the-Art Services and Facilities

Space Mall Gates Developments is equipped with modern amenities like escalators, elevators, a smart management system, and an underground parking garage. Mall Space October also features high-speed internet, well-equipped meeting rooms, and recreational facilities like gyms and health clubs. The emphasis on security with advanced measures ensures a safe environment for all staff and visitors of Mall Space October.

Space October Mall: The Future of Retail and Business

Mall Space October by Gates Developments is a future-forward investment in the heart of Egypt's thriving commercial landscape. Space Mall offers a unique blend of strategic location, architectural beauty, diverse unit sizes, competitive pricing, customer-friendly booking options, and comprehensive services and facilities. This makes Space Mall October a first-choice purchase for those seeking to be part of the future of commerce and business.