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Summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying your backyard. Whether you’re hosting a barbeque dinner party or simply lounging on a deck chair, there are plenty of trends in 2023 that can help make your backyard a delightful place to be.


Organic Space

An organic garden is a great way to add color and texture to your yard. If you’re looking for something that’s simple, but with a little bit of flair, then this is the trend for you! Organic gardens are all about maximizing everything: maximizing color, maximizing texture and even maximizing space! You’ll want to make sure that each plant has its own space in the garden so it can grow as big as possible without being crowded out by other plants or eaten by bugs or critters. These natural gardens give the backyard a bright green look which brings life to the backyard.


Meandering Garden Pathways

Your garden should be more than just a place to look at plants. It should be an extension of your home, and every detail should reflect that. The most important element in creating an inviting space is the pathway itself–and this summer, we’re seeing a lot of meandering paths with curves that are slightly wider than average people.


Natural Stone Pathways

Stone paths are a great way to add natural beauty and style to your backyard. Moreover, if you combine the elegant stone pathways with the gardens, it creates a picture perfect scene right in your backyard! Get creative with different types of stone and experiment with what looks best in your backyard!


Plunge Pools

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Plunge pools are one of the hottest trends in backyard design. With the plunge pool, people are combining the benefits of a pool with that of a cold plunge, all while taking up less space. It can be set at different temperatures so if you want to sit in a nice hot tub for the night or even take a quick dip during the day, these new Plunge Pools are extremely versatile.

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