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A new kitchen can be very exciting, and what makes it exciting for many homeowners is finally getting the appliances they dream of. It can be very disappointing to find that the high-end appliances you want have even higher prices. InDesign believes that luxury should be attainable in more than one price range, which is why we love doing business with a select few appliance brands. Zline, Forte and Ilve. Each brand has unique qualities that separate them from their competitors and features that will blow you away. If you’re looking to buy a new range, fridge or other kitchen appliance, here are some comparisons between our most favored brands.



One of the first things to consider when choosing a range is whether you want an electric or gas model. All 3 brands offer both as well as a “dual fuel” option. Another consideration is the makeup of these appliances; what do these ranges look like, and what do they offer? We’ll dissect that here.



You’ve likely never seen the color choices ILVE offers on a range before, ever. ILVE goes into immaculate detail on their appliances, letting you choose the dominant color of the range as well as the trim color. Make your range look steampunk with copper trim and any main color choice, go retro with a cream and chrome contrast, or create a conversation piece with a green range and gold trim. There are 10 color options to choose from along with 5 trims that you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. Ilve comes equipped with a full width warming drawer that captures heat from the oven, as well as an insulating oven door that can be removed and cleaned. They know how much you’ll love this, so they knew to add features to make it as easy to clean as possible. The oven is also encapsulated in a sealed cavity to keep moisture in and keep meats juicy. Made in Italy with prideful craftsmanship and quality materials, Ilve also boasts the highest green energy ratings in the industry, with the European EU rating scoring all ILVE ranges an A, the highest possible score.



Zline appliances are in hot demand currently, and it’s no secret as to why. Zline prides themselves on quality, with burners on every range being Italian made with the highest quality materials on the market. Their cooktops are made of heavy-duty polished porcelain, making cleaning as simple as swiping. Oven doors use triple-layer glass to trap all heat the oven produces, speeding up preheating times and keeping your kitchen cool. Zline ranges also have adjustable legs to let you move your appliance up to 2.5 inches higher to be in-line with your cabinets. The ZLine Autograph Edition lets you customize the look of your burners, dials, appliance handles, and appliance faces with interchangeable panels and parts to bring color into your kitchen with more than just your cabinets.



Forte ranges deliver harmony to homes that is especially noticeable to experienced cooks. Forte ranges have Reversible Cast Iron that addsversatility to your range with a reversible griddle/grill. Dense and durable, cast iron ensures a steady temperature that`s perfect for grilling on one side or cooking up some bacon on the other. Edge-To-Edge Continuous Grates provide seamless transition for heavy pots and pans from your oven to the counter. Easy GlideOven Racks make it easy to load or remove your cooking from the oven with ball bearing racks that slide in and out effortlessly. Forte uses a Multi-Functional Convection Oven thatdelivers up to 22k BTU for the best cooking results as well as a 10K BTU Oven Broiler that helps when cooking to give crisp exterior results while maintaining a soft, moist interior.



When looking for fridges, consider the size of the fridge you need, how many people you have in your household, how much food they eat, and the energy efficiency rating of the appliance.



ZLine fridges have extra-large storage with the lower half of the fridge containing two full width freezer drawers, leaving the upper half of your fridge equipped with French doors that have shelving lining the entire door, and wall-to-wall space inside. Zline fridges come with or without a water/ice dispenser, and a counter-depth design to employ flat modern doors that achieve a precise, built-in look for your kitchen. ZLine fridges have a temperature-controlled flex drawer that allows you to choose between 4 different temperatures to store any category of food. There is also a “super cool function” that lets you cool down items faster, say after a long day of running errands when you have groceries that spent a little more time than they should’ve in the car.



Want a Smeg style fridge for cheaper? Our pitch is done! Among their many options of fridges, Forte has a retro line of old-school cool fridges that offer up-to-date features such as no frost technology, meaning you don’t have to deal with ice build-up in your freezer. This tech keeps goods fresher for longer periods, eliminates ice and bacteria build-up, and avoids unpleasant odors. Forte also has standard 36-inch refrigerators with French doors, and 66-inch fridges for those who want an authentic chef’s kitchen, or hunters who want a garage fridge big enough for their hauls.




ZLine dishwashers are an excellent and affordable appliance option that brings an abundance of features other brands can’t compete with. Zline dishwashers are a European style dishwasher designed to be low-profile and have a top mounted control panel to keep a sleek, concealed look. Autographing your ZLine appliance allows you to change the color and design of your dishwasher as much as you’d like to adjust to the look of your kitchen. This dishwasher line also has an adjustable upper dishwasher rack, providing flexibility for you to load large dishes and pans up to 11 inches in height. ZLine uses sanitization technology that keeps water maintained at 156° F during wash cycles, eliminating bacteria and thoroughly cleaning your dishes. These dishwashers are proven to be more environmentally friendly than other leading brands too, being Energy Star certified with CEE Tier 1 rating, surpassing industry guidelines for water and energy efficiency by using advanced eco-wash technology.



Forte dishwashers hardly miss a beat when compared to our other appliance lines, which is yet another reason we love their work. Forte dishwashers use a Turbo Drying Fan System that spends less time drying by bringing in outside air to mix with the moist air after the final rinse dries every load completely. It can also clean up to 12 place settings per cycle. You have the option to use the delay cycle feature, setting your machine on a timer that runs on your schedule. Forte dishwashers also have a sanitizing setting that eliminates bacteria and enhances drying using high water temperatures. These dishwashers automatically measure the number of dishes in the cabinet and accordingly adjust water and electricity consumption to only what’s needed, earning it the Energy Star Qualified Badge. Thanks to this feature, there’s no longer any need to wait until a dishwasher is fully loaded!


Can I get these appliances in a bundled deal?

You sure can! InDesign showrooms are decked out with these exclusive brands, so you can see it for yourself before you buy. We offer many different bundle packages to help customers shop more easily and more affordably all in one place.

We hope that this guide has helped find an appliance you love. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, it may be a wise consideration to shop replacements for your current appliances, and these brands have options that would be the highlight of your space. InDesign has a team of professionals that can help you with all your appliance and remodeling needs, give us a call today or stop by one of our showrooms to see how we can help you.

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