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Foyer trends

Everyone loves walking into a home and immediately seeing something that stands out. It’s refreshing to see and triggers and eagerness to want to see the rest of your home. Your entrance foyer is your home’s first impression. Having floors that stand out harbors respect from your visitors and constant compliments about the style you’ve created in your space. Foyers are one of the easiest places in our homes to change too as the square footage is usually limited, meaning you can go all out in this tiny space! Here are some hot trends we’re seeing from homeowners in Alpharetta.


Herringbone and Parquet

Foyer trends

Herringbone and parquet are timeless looks that have been around forever and still going strong. Herringbone is a very uniform look that doesn’t change the rest of your home’s style at all–it just accentuates it. Parquet, on the other hand, adds a midcentury element to your space that can be used to give off any number of vibes: elegance and luxury, warmth and comfort, or old-school charm. Your furniture and decor choices get to decide which. Both options are great choices if you want something classic without dipping into styles that may not work for the typical, traditional Georgian home.


Slate tile

Foyer trends

Slate is another popular option as of late because of its versatility with surrounding design. Slate tile has many different faces, it could look rusty or oxidized, solid black, or an assortment of different shades. Slate is very durable and easy to clean, doesn’t show its age or dirtiness. The dark color of slate also attracts light, perfect for a foyer with windows.


Porcelain slabs

Foyer trends

Porcelain slabs continue to be a hot commodity in entrance foyers. The porcelain look is a very modern and luxurious one, most commonly used in estates and the nicest houses in any given neighborhood. Don’t let this information sway your decision-making though. Using porcelain in your foyer shows you hold a very high standard for your home, and you want to showcase that. The material is durable, easy to maintain and resists moisture, scratches and stains. Porcelain tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas as they are hard-wearing and resistant to impact damage. Porcelain can be purchased in matte or polished finishes depending on the look you want to achieve.


Mosaic tile is for the eccentric and love walking into a work of art everyday

Foyer trends

Mosaic tile is an eccentric look that is attracting a wide range of buyers. Young homeowners love walking into what feels like a work of art every day, and experienced homeowners love the popular retro look it conveys. Mosaic tiles are often made up from various materials including glass, stone and ceramic. There are also porcelain mosaics with patterns and designs that look stunning on display in an entrance foyer. If you’re the anti-cookie cutter type and want something that stands out from the crowd, then this might be just what you need!


The right flooring will make your entrance Foyer stand out

Foyer trends

The right flooring will make your entrance Foyer stand out.

It is important to consider the size of the room and how much traffic it will get as well as what the style of the rest of your home is. Don’t be afraid to get creative, your entrance foyer is the first look people get into the masterpiece that is your home! If you’re looking for some new flooring options or just want to freshen up what you have now, InDesign has countless options to choose from that can turn your foyer into a showstopper.

Give us a call or stop by today to see how close your look is to becoming reality. We service Alpharetta and all surrounding areas: Johns Creek, Atlanta, Buckhead, Cumming, Duluth, Dunwoody, Kennesaw, Marietta, Milton, Norcross, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee, Vinings and more!

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Tile is typically an overlooked material by homeowners when choosing to remodel. There’s a stigma surrounding it, with lots of people assuming it’s more expensive than it is. Builders also often shy away from using tile in homes due to the recent labor shortage. Tile adds fine detail to your home that other materials just can’t offer, and here we’ll discuss what trends are the hottest for making your home unique in 2023.


Bookmatch tile

Bookmatch tile is the newest way to make a statement and create visual interest in your home. This tile installation involves mirroring the pattern so that it looks like one continuous slab. This completely changes the game for tiling your home, as you now have the option to make it look like you have a one-of-a-kind slab of gorgeous stone to call your own. Book matching tile is great for those with a large area between cabinets that regular backsplash wouldn’t do justice. It can also be a statement piece in your bathroom or the primary material for a fireplace. Book matching will make its destination look like a work of art, so use with the intention of dropping jaws.


24×48 Tile

24×48 tile is a popular choice because it’s a good size for flooring and walls. It’s also a great option for large rooms, as it covers more space than traditional tile and gives less breaks in the pattern with fewer grout lines. Fewer grout lines also make the idea of cleaning less daunting. 24×48 comes in a polished and matte variety with countless looks, from large, gorgeous veins running throughout, to cloudy neutral colors that offer more subtlety. There are also stone and metal look designs, meaning you have styles to match if you want these tiles in a living room or basement.


Tiling on fireplace

Porcelain is a great material for the fireplace, something we at InDesign and homeowners all over Alpharetta are discovering more every day in 2023. It comes in a wide range of designs and colors, so you can easily find one that matches your home decor. If you’re looking for something with less texture and a look that always looks clean and dazzling, Italian porcelain is an excellent option–but if you want something that puts your fireplace into a class by itself, go for a mosaic tile. Having a pattern, you’d only see as a backsplash anywhere else on your fireplace is sure to be a showstopper.


Mosaic accent tile in bathroom

Mosaic accent tile is a long-time trend to add color and texture to a bathroom. It also draws attention, which means you can use it anywhere you want eyes on your space. What part of your bathroom do your eyes go first? Is it the large shower with very uniform subway, begging for some flair? You can add mosaic tile down the middle of your wall or on the floor of your shower. New vanity, but still don’t think it’s the center of attention? Put a mosaic backsplash behind your mirror with the same width as your vanity and going all the way up to ceiling. Have an elegant tub and want to capitalize its presence even more? Put an accent wall of your favorite tile that complements the tub directly behind it, so that you and anyone else that walks into your bathroom see its glory on full display.


Mosaic tile flooring

Mosaic tile flooring is a new and eccentric way to add interest and color to a bathroom or kitchen. Another popular trend in flooring is to have a colorful glass or other mosaic flooring in your entrance foyer to give appeal right when you walk in the door. Many creative innovators have tried this with massive success, making a foyer you’d see out of a Frank Lloyd Wright magazine. Mosaic tiles come in many colors and styles, so there will be options for any style your kitchen or foyer employs. Choosing a mosaic porcelain tile for your kitchen or bathroom gives a very unique sense of character to the room and will shoot down any “cookie cutter” thoughts you may have about your floorplan.


Tile trends are changing with the times

Tile trends are changing with the times. While tile has been an important part of bathroom design for decades, its prevalence in kitchens and other living spaces is increasing as well. Tile is a good investment, as it will last a long time and can be easily replaced if necessary. Tile comes in many styles and colors now–from traditional to modern, there’s something for every taste! You can find tiles that match your existing decor or create an entirely new look for your space by choosing something completely different than what you have now. So go ahead and explore all the tile we have to offer; we at InDesign are sure you’ll love what you find!

We hope you enjoyed learning about tile trends for 2023. Tile is one of the most versatile and long-lasting materials for home decorating, and it’s easy to see why this trend will continue into the future. We can help you define your taste to choose what’s right for you, or help you find a brand-new look!

Visit our Alpharetta showroom for tile inspirations. We service Alpharetta and all surrounding areas: Johns Creek, Atlanta, Buckhead, Cumming, Duluth, Dunwoody, Kennesaw, Marietta, Milton, Norcross, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee, Vinings and more!

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Looking to improve the feel and look of your home? Home remodeling is the name of the game, as well as our bread and butter. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are by far the most popular types, but we aren’t limited to just those two. Not only does it improve the look and feel of one of the most important rooms in your house but upgrading these rooms can also increase the value of your property. If you’re considering any kind of remodel, here are some reasons why it’s a smart investment and some tips for making it a success.

A remodel can improve the functionality of your space. If your home is outdated, cramped, or plain awkward, remodeling can open the room and make it more comfortable and user-friendly. For example, you might consider knocking down a wall, expanding a room entrance, or taking out a bar to help the flow of the space.

A home remodel can also increase the value of your home. A well-designed, high-quality kitchen for instance, can add significant value to your property, automatically making it more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future. According to Renofi, a kitchen remodel can potentially recoup 100% or even more of the cost of the project when you sell your home!

A bathroom remodel can help you save money on energy bills. Upgrading to energy-efficient fixtures, such as low-flow toilets and showerheads, can help you save water and money on your utility bills. Here is a list of the average return on investment for each area of your home, according to Renofi:

  • Basements: On average, finishing this space will provide 70% ROI
  • Curb Appeal: Projects that involve exterior improvements – from new windows, roofing, and siding to painting and landscape maintenance – can result in as much as 80% ROI
  • Siding Replacement | Fiber-Cement:   69.4% ROI
  • Garage Door Replacement: 93.8% ROI
  • Bath Remodel: 60.1% ROI

When you’re planning your remodel, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Set a realistic budget: Remodeling can be costly, so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. Decide on what you’re willing to spend and what you can afford, and then plan your remodel accordingly.

Hire a professional: Remodeling is a big project and can be quite complicated. Hiring a professional contractor who is experienced in bathroom remodels will ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

Be mindful of design: When planning your remodel, consider the overall design of your home. Your changes should complement the style and aesthetic of your home, not clash with it.

Plan for the future: When you’re making decisions about your remodel, think about how you’ll use the space in the future. For example, if you’re planning on selling at any point in the future, you may want to go for timeless styles that have shown longevity to prevent the next buyer from seeing something that came and went while you were living there.

Overall, a remodel can be a smart investment for your home. It can improve the functionality and aesthetic of one of the most important rooms in your house, increase the value of your property, and help you save money on energy bills. With a little planning and the right contractor, you can create a beautiful, comfortable, and functional bathroom that you’ll enjoy for years to come.


Adding Equity Through Flooring in 2023

Installing new floors in your home is not only a great way to update the look and feel of your space, but it can also add value to your property. With the start of the new year, several flooring options are already climbing in popularity for their durability, resistance to moisture and the wide range of colors and styles available. From modern to minimalist, traditional to retro, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

According to a study done by Angie’s List, upgrading the flooring in your home is a win-win for your feet and your long-term equity, with the average ROI being 107%. That’s an incredibly lucrative return considering today’s competitive real estate market, with buyers that are looking for homes that are move-in ready and require minimal repairs or renovations.

By installing new floors, you’re not only improving the look and feel of your home but also increasing its value for when you decide to sell. Whether your style falls more on the timeless side or what’s new and trending, there’s flooring options that serve the best of both worlds and keep the value long-term. Let us help you find your look.


Engineered Flooring

Traditional hardwood has finally found a true opponent. Engineered hardwood is made up of a real wood veneer on top of several layers of medium to high-density fiberboard or plywood on the bottom. This construction is measured in millimeters and has a direct correlation to walking comfortability, as a thicker plank can better support pressure put on it, as well as better absorbing sound.

Another measurement included in engineered hardwood is the mil value, which is the thickness of the uppermost wear layer. Increasing this thickness adds to the flooring’s durability and overall longevity. With the combination of natural hardwood look and durability, engineered hardwood flooring can give your home a timeless look that actually lasts a lifetime.

Engineered hardwood comes in a wide range of finishes, colors and styles that will fit any home decor. Additionally, engineered hardwood flooring is easily installed by InDesign, giving you the option to have your dream look in no time at all. Investing in engineered hardwood flooring is an investment in the beauty, value, and longevity of your home.



Tile flooring is a popular and versatile trend for 2023 that not only adds style to your home but also equity, with research showing that adding tile flooring can give you an ROI of up to 70%, indicating it could pay for itself and then some. With our slip resistant tile options, you can have peace of mind that tiles are a great option for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms and households with children or elderly members.

The range of options available, such as porcelain and ceramic tiles, offers something for every taste. Porcelain tiles are denser, harder, and more durable than ceramic tiles, while large format porcelain tiles are quickly becoming a popular trend for 2023 as there are less grout lines and more continuity in the pattern of your tile.  Tile flooring is also easy to maintain, with the finish keeping dust and dirt on the surface for you to easily wipe up.


As you can see, making changes to your home is something that will not only benefit the satisfaction you have in your own home, but it could also end up paying for itself and even more. These changes are calculated decisions that you’ll need additional input on before you start swinging hammers. If you need help in updating your home, you call us at 678.607.2935 or visit our website at to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today.

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Kitchen Lighting

It’s not a secret that the look of your kitchen can have a major impact on the overall value of your home. For many, renovating the entire kitchen may not be in the cards. But what if you didn’t have to change your whole kitchen, just change the way you see it? Practical lighting matters in your kitchen, but not all kitchens are built the same. Some have so many windows and skylights that you can forget you even have a light switch, others…not so much. But even the sun sets on those kitchens, and how you light yours matters more than you may think. Today’s homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more valuable, and one way is through high-end design elements like chandeliers, statement pendants, and undermount cabinet lighting. All these options instantly show different moods and sides of your kitchen that you’ve likely never seen before. Let’s jump into the magic of kitchen lighting.


Types of Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

A well-lit kitchen is essential for a comfortable, inviting space that serves its function. An added function that most don’t consider however is your kitchen’s ability to adjust its mood throughout the day or for different types of social gatherings. This is where contrast comes into play. Having a dimmable switch, undermount lighting, or a beautiful pendant to showcase your kitchen gives your kitchen range for all the different occasions you host within it, such as having friends over for dinner later in the evening, just waking up, cooking after dark. You don’t want the same glaring overhead LEDs to always highlight your kitchen.

The lighting in your kitchen needs to be functional, but it can also help set the mood for your space. Think about how you want people to feel when they come into your kitchen and then use lighting to create that feeling. The best way to do this is by using different types of light around the room: general, task, accent and decorative. Each concept has a role in making your kitchen stand out. An example of general lighting is the overhead lights every kitchen has that play a vital role in illuminating the whole room but come up short when you want light to capture the beauty your kitchen possesses. Task lighting is undermount cabinet lights, highlighting your countertops for when you’re eating or making dinner. Task lighting is great at mood setting for times when overhead lights aren’t needed, but you still want to show your kitchen off. Accent lights are the most creative of the bunch, being found in most every space imaginable in your kitchen. Most commonly seen as sconces around a beautiful hood or inside glass cabinets, accent lights can also be above your cabinetry, at the base, underneath countertops, or along the inside of a waterfall island. Decorative lighting is your chandeliers and pendants. Perfect for entertaining, these lights are above eating areas, offering the perfect amount of light to entertain as well as a conversation piece.


Make a statement with lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Your kitchen is a place for family meals and social gatherings. It’s also where you cook, clean and do your chores. You want to make sure that your kitchen always looks its best, even if you’re just doing laundry or enjoying a cup of coffee.

What should you keep in mind when it comes to lighting? Ambience can be created by using different types of lights (such as pendant lights) throughout the room–and this will help set the mood for any type of activity that takes place there! For example: If someone were serving dinner parties regularly in their home then they might want to use dimmer switches so everything feels more intimate; but if they’re mostly cooking meals for themselves then bright overhead lights may be more appropriate because this makes everything easier on their eyes when trying not only read recipes but also see where ingredients are whilst preparing a meal.


Lighting can also be used to give your kitchen a high-end look.

Kitchen Lighting

While it’s true that lighting is often used to make a kitchen more functional and efficient, it can also be used to give your kitchen a high-end look. The right lighting will highlight the best features of your space, like countertops and cabinets. This can be done by using contrast–highlighting certain areas with bright lights that draw attention away from other parts of the room. Many people have strayed away from using darker colors for their cabinets because of the lack of natural light or out of fear that it would be too dim at night. By correctly utilizing the lighting in your kitchen, these problems vanish. When properly lit and showcased, darker cabinets arguably look better at night than they do in the day because of the ability to align with the surrounding mood.


Highlighting your backsplash

Kitchen Lighting

Is it difficult for you to find where you could highlight in your kitchen? Well, an underrated plus with undermount lighting is that you can change where the eyes look first. Maybe your cabinets are a little outdated, but they still fit the style of your kitchen and you can’t afford to replace them. You can renovate your backsplash and/or countertop for a fraction of what it would cost to replace your cabinets. With the help of undermount lighting, your cabinets are no longer the main character of your kitchen. The right backsplash light can make your kitchen look like you have a brand-new kitchen by only highlighting the parts of it that you love.


Showing off your island

Kitchen Lighting

The island is the focal point of your kitchen, so it’s important to highlight it. You can do this by using lighting that shows off its beauty. Kitchen Pendant lights are perfect for showcasing an island because they hang above it and cast light on all sides of it. You can choose a chandelier based on how you want your kitchen to look or go with a modern pendant light if you want something more contemporary-looking. Chandeliers are also an excellent and elegant way to add personality to your kitchen. These fixtures can be used as a focal point in your space, or they can serve as a statement piece that adds character. Chandeliers are also versatile; they can be romantic and elegant, but they also work well with modern styles and designs.


Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to your kitchen, the right lighting can make all the difference. You don’t need a big renovation or a wall of windows to have your kitchen look the way you want it to. Find what you like and what you dislike, see what you can do to change it, then put it in the spotlight. InDesign can help you find exactly what it is to give you the kitchen of your dreams. Visit our Alpharetta showroom to get inspired or call us at 678.607.2935.

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Engineered Flooring

Homeowners all over Georgia spent 2022 making their houses into homes by doing remodels wherever they could, but these remodels can get costly if you know you want a change but can’t decide where. “Flooring near me” was the most popular search of all home remodeling topics all year for a reason. It’s a change you can see in every room of your house and almost always costs less than a new kitchen or bathroom. Engineered hardwood flooring boomed in 2022, a trend we fully expect to continue into 2023 and trend upward for a long time, giving you assurance that your purchase now will reap rewards when you’re ready to turn over the keys in the future.

Engineered hardwood is made up of a real wood veneer on top of several layers of medium to high-density fiberboard or plywood on the bottom. This construction is measured in millimeters and has a direct correlation to walking comfortability, as a thicker plank can better support pressure applied to it, as well as better absorbing sound. Another measurement included in engineered hardwood is the mil value, which is the thickness of the uppermost wear layer. Increasing this thickness adds to the flooring’s durability and overall longevity. With the combination of a natural hardwood look and durability, engineered hardwood flooring can give your home a timeless look that actually lasts a lifetime. Now that you’ve been acquainted, let’s jump into our top engineered flooring trends for 2023.


Whitewashed Oak flooring

Engineered Flooring

Verdict is out for 2023 hardwood trends; light colors are definitely in, with white oaks are far and above the favorites among our clients. The whitewashed flooring look has been on a fire trend recently and doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon. Most associated with oak flooring, the blanketing color gives a beachy feel without making your home look nautical. Picture your dream beach vacation house, with the outside and inside seamlessly transforming into one, and the ambient sense of calmness and serenity in the air. Ok, open your eyes now. You can have that feel in your current home for a fraction of what it costs to move to Tybee Island. Whitewashed flooring are great for accent color furniture and decor, letting you keep a consistent color scheme through your main furniture, walls, and floors, while leaving the door open for your pieces that pop. Oak is a typical suitor for this color choice as the rings and grain of the wood fit the vibe the color emits. The natural wavelength pattern that runs through the wood emulates the waves on the shore of the oceanfront feel this flooring remodel would give your home.


Dark Maple

Engineered Flooring

Maple wood is a sleek and smooth wood, not having many knots nor having natural weathering or divots. Perfect for those who love a modern look or want their floors like they just got them done every day. Maple naturally doesn’t exaggerate the tree rings or grain which means planks have a buttery smooth look that catches light beautifully and makes its surroundings lustrous by association. Applying a stain to maple hardwood can be very difficult as it has a tight grain structure. This is a problem that vanishes when choosing engineered hardwood. In addition to this, engineered maple stands up to pets, children, and day-to-day foot traffic better than solid wood with its uppermost wear layer. Planks can be up to 6 feet, making spaces feel bigger and hallways looking like runways.


Dark Hickory

Engineered Flooring

For what we’ve said about maple, completely remove it from your mind when reading about hickory. Hickory is more tailored to the rustic taste, with pock marks, knots and grain patterns being its specialty. No one style is better than another, with the variance of these two options being evidenced. Hickory also takes to stain differently than other woods, resulting in a spectrum of contrast from one side of a plank to another, adding more character to the already long list this wood provides. Dark hickory is a perfect option for white kitchens, giving a unique contrast that makes your floors seen while letting your cabinets attract the eye.  Installation for these engineered floors is incredibly easy for installers, giving the ability to install over concrete, wood, vinyl floors, and radiant heat systems.


Light Oak

Engineered Flooring

Oak is a very traditional flooring, coming in a multitude of warm colors that make a space feel cozy and lived in. Oak is a bright wood and riddled with original characteristics of the tree it came from. Having oak floors suits the homeowners that love their furniture and want it to be the talking point of a room, or the ‘farmhouse style’ of monotone walls and simple color palettes. These floors allow you to keep your color palette how you want it while adding flair in a place that can’t be ignored. Oak floors are commonly fumed, a process that accelerates aging in the wood to emphasize and accentuate its dark features rather than staining. Some flooring types are unique and may offer the detail you want on any given plank but look odd when outfitted together in a room. This is not the case for oak. The slight variations between plank colors and the simple palette it employs makes the connections between the tongue and grooves flooring very pleasant to look at.


Engineered hardwoods are a great choice for those who want an investment in the beauty, value, and longevity of their home. In the current real estate market, buyers are looking for move-in ready homes that require little renovation or changing. Finding an engineered flooring that suits your home will not only give you everyday satisfaction, but also adds property value putting in quality material that will last with your home in the long run both in durability and style. InDesign has engineered flooring options that expand well beyond this list and that will surely cater to any style of home out there. With the recent advancements in engineered hardwood, our installers can give you the look you’ve been dreaming of in no time at all. Give us a call or stop by today to see how close your look is to becoming reality.

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Pets are beloved members of the family yet are still animals which means that they will be affected by the flooring options chosen in your home. Some pets have claws that can permanently damage certain types of flooring so let’s discuss pet-friendly, durable flooring options to ensure your pet has a happy home! Consider these four types:


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for any home, but it’s especially useful in homes with pets. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, which means you can keep your floors looking their best with minimal effort. Plus, it’s durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes from having a pet—and unlike wood floors, it won’t scratch or dent easily.

Vinyl flooring also comes in a variety of colors and textures that you can choose from that’ll match your design aesthetic. Whether you need something traditional or modern, neutral or bold, there’s sure to be something on our website or in our showroom that will fit your needs!


Hardwood Flooring

There are several reasons why hardwood flooring is a great option for pet owners:

-Easy to clean – Hardwood floors are easier to clean than carpet and other types of flooring. They can be cleaned with a damp mop or by sweeping and vacuuming them on a regular basis.

-Durable – Hardwood floors are also durable than many other types of flooring materials, so they’re less likely to show wear and tear over time.

-Low maintenance – With regular cleaning and care, hardwood floors can last a lifetime without needing any major repairs or replacements.


Stone, Tile and Concrete Flooring

These flooring materials are an excellent choice for dog owners. Scratches and stains don’t stand much of a chance! These surfaces are extremely hard, easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting. Clean-up is a breeze, even if you don’t get to the spill right away.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for homeowners who have pets, as it is a durable and easy-to-care-for option that can withstand the wear and tear of household pets. It’s important to note that laminate flooring is not a magic solution: if you have a pet that spends most of its time indoors, such as a cat or dog, you will still need to do regular cleaning and maintenance on your laminate flooring. Additionally, laminate flooring is often considered in high-traffic areas because it does not require glue joints like wood flooring. However, this also means that there are no places where dirt can collect and build up over time which makes cleaning up after pets easier than some other options!

We offer a variety of different types of flooring that will work great with your pets and make your home a perfect place for them to live. We are here to help you find the right type of flooring for your pets so that you can have a safe and healthy environment for them to live in.

If you need help in updating your backsplash, you call us at 678.607.2935 or visit our website at to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today.

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Your kitchen countertops are often the first thing people notice when they walk into your kitchen, so it’s important to make sure you’re making the right choice with your countertop material. Whether you’re looking for a timeless look or something modern and trendy, there’s no shortage of materials out there that will give you the look you want.

Here are some of the latest trends in kitchen countertop materials:

Solid wood tops

Solid wood tops are a classic choice and can be found in a wide variety of styles. With their dark color and natural texture, they offer an elegant look that will stand the test of time. Solid wood tops have become a popular choice for kitchen countertops, and for good reason. They’re durable, easy to clean and maintain, and can be stained or painted in any color of your choosing. The natural beauty of solid wood also gives your kitchen a warm, inviting feel that you won’t achieve from other materials like granite, quartz, or marble.

Aside from its beauty, a solid wood top is also functional. It’s durable enough to handle hot pots and pans without warping or cracking over time. It’s easy to clean—just wipe it down with a damp cloth or sponge—and it won’t stain if you spill something on it (unlike marble). It’s a natural material so it will gain character over time as the wood ages gracefully!



Magnificent Transitional Kitchen

Granite has been around since the beginning of time, and it’s still going strong as one of the most popular kitchen countertop options out there today. Granite is a great choice because it’s available in a variety of colors and textures so you can find one that matches your style and budget perfectly!

Granite is a natural stone that is beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. It’s the perfect choice for any home and any kitchen. Granite is a natural product which makes it super durable—it will stand up to wear and tear better than other types of stone or man-made materials like tile or plastic. Plus, it doesn’t stain easily like some other materials do—which means less time spent cleaning up spills!



Quartz countertops are durable and stain-resistant because they’re made with a clear coating. This allows them to resist scratches and stains from everyday use like your morning cup of coffee or a pasta sauce spill. When you combine their durability with their ability to be manufactured in any color imaginable, quartz countertops become an attractive option for homeowners who want to update their kitchens without breaking the bank.

The quartz countertop market has been growing steadily over the last few years as homeowners seek ways to add value to their homes without spending a fortune.



Porcelain countertops have been around for a while, but they have recently become more popular and are the latest trend in kitchens.

Porcelain is a synthetic material that is made to look like natural stone or marble, but it is much more durable than those materials. It can withstand high heat and moisture levels, which makes it ideal for kitchens where there are often spills and food preparation takes place.

Another benefit of porcelain is that it is available in many colors so homeowners can match their kitchen with the rest of their decor. There are also many types of porcelain available such as matte or polished finishes.


While each type has its own unique qualities, there are some commonalities among them all: durability (they won’t chip easily), maintenance requirements (fewer stains), ease of cleaning (porous surfaces should be sealed before use) cost effectiveness (many last decades). The key is to find the one that fits your style and needs. If you still have any doubts about choosing the right material for your home, just get in touch with us! For all your countertop needs, we proudly carry Caesarstone, Spectrum Quartz, MSI, Viatera, Silestone and Dekton by Cosentino.

Visit our flagship design showroom and a specialized interior design can assist you!

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When renovating your bathroom, there are many things to weigh, but one of the most important things is
your bathroom vanity. A bathroom vanity is where many people start their mornings and end their days.
When you’re looking for a new vanity, there are many factors to consider.

The first thing to think about is
the size of your bathroom. You want to make sure that your vanity will fit inside the space, but also that it
doesn’t take up too much room. When choosing a new vanity, it’s important to keep in mind whether or not you have any plumbing already installed in your bathroom.

The size of the vanity isn’t the only important thing to keep in mind, but also the type of vanity as well as the color and style. There are six different styles of vanities: pedestal, free-standing, floating, vessel, under-mounted sink and cabinet.


Pedestal Vanity


Pedestal vanities are one of the most popular styles of vanities because they take up limited space,
perfect for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms. A pedestal vanity won’t provide any storage space
within the vanity itself, but does allow for more square footage in a bathroom.


Free-standing Vanity

A free-standing vanity sits on legs and is usually placed in an open floor plan or large bathroom where it
can be viewed from all sides. This can be a great option if you have limited space and need extra
countertop space.


Floating Vanity

A floating vanity has no base at all—it sits directly on the floor. They’re easy to install and perfect if you
want your bathroom to look larger by keeping all of the items on top visible from all angles. It adds a more minimal look to your bathroom.


Under-mounted Vanity

An under-mounted vanity sits just below the surface level of your countertop so that only the base is
visible when installed correctly beneath it; this makes them ideal for those who want their storage space
hidden from view.


Vessel Vanity

Beautiful bathroom countertops from Dekton

A vessel vanity is designed to have the sink sitting on top of the counter instead of having an insert in the
vanity. Adding a vessel vanity to your bathroom can add a unique trait to your bathroom. It also allows for more countertop space as opposed to an undermount sink.


Cabinet Vanity

A cabinet vanity is a sink that sits inside of a cabinet. They’re usually made from wood or metal and can
be used to create an entire bathroom storage space. They can be used to create a custom storage space
in your bathroom or as an additional sink. They’re popular among homeowners who want to maximize the amount of space they have.


What is the best material to use for a bathroom vanity?

Bathroom vanities are made of different materials. The most common materials are wood, stone, and
metal. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Granite is the best material to use as a bathroom vanity
countertop. They add an elegant and timeless look to any bathroom and add more value to your home.
Quartz countertops come in a close second and have a lot more designs to choose from over the granite,
which is a natural stone.


What is the most popular bathroom vanity size?

Modern cabinet stlye

The most popular vanity size is 36 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 48 inches high. Double vanities
usually measure between 60 inches and 72 inches wide.


What are the most popular bathroom vanity colors?

The most popular bathroom vanity colors are white, gray, and wood. White vanities are a timeless classic
and allow for a creative pop of color with decor, the possibilities of vanity and countertop combinations
are endless! Gray bathroom vanities are also popular, since the color is neutral, it can go with my different
color schemes and styles. Although wood may not be a color, wooden vanities have become a trend.
With a natural finish, they can be combined with different colors to add a cozy finish to a plain bathroom.


What is the most popular bathroom vanity style?

Bathroom vanities come in a variety of styles, including traditional, modern and rustic. Traditional vanities
have elegant lines and classic details. They often feature drawers or cabinets and can be made of wood
or stone materials like marble, granite and limestone. Modern vanities are sleek with clean lines that give
your space a contemporary feel. They’re often constructed from metal or acrylic materials, which makes
them easy to maintain but also light enough to move around as needed.

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European Kitchens

You’ve probably noticed the trend of remodeling your kitchen in the style of European kitchens or European-inspired kitchens, and you might be wondering why so many people are doing it. What makes remodeling your kitchen and bathroom in a European style so desirable?

We’ll tell you about some of the different kinds of European kitchen designs you can get, as well as some things to keep in mind when going through this process. By the end, you should have all the information you need to begin remodeling your kitchen in the style of European kitchens!


The Different Types of European Kitchens

Luxurious Contemporary KitchenLuxurious Contemporary Kitchen idea for your kitchen renovation project

European kitchens come in different styles, from the modern and sleek to the elegant and traditional. The types of European kitchens are German kitchens, Spanish kitchens, and Italian kitchens, these are the most popular.

German kitchens are known for their minimalism, durability and efficiency. German kitchens cabinets are focused on modular design emphasizing functionality and reliability, precise measurements and fit. They are built with the intention to last a long time and be able to prove sufficient storage space for all your kitchen needs.

Spanish kitchens cabinets in the other hand can be very homey with a transitional design. There is more focus in visuals, with beautiful tile designs and in certain part of spain they use traditional cabinets, Spanish kitchens are made to feel warm and welcoming. Spanish kitchens are also recognized for their beautiful wood details that show up in their furniture and cabinets, they are known for their old world charm and architectural details and classic interior design element, warm rich details dark wood cabinets combined with painted tile work sometime they are referred to as spanish revival kitchens.

Italian Kitchen cabinets and design are known for their beauty, confort, unique features and high end esthetics. Italian kitchen design typically highlights rustic and warm style, for the kitchen flooring material it ranges from terracotta to natural stone. The italians are known for the best looking marble for countertops, backsplash and on the flooring. Kitchen design focuses on certain color pallets such as oranges golds and yellows mixed with natural wood. The backsplash is often tiled with a unique pattern and design. Latey they have been applying large porcelain formats tiles that pops any kitchen..


Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen in a European Style

European Kitchens

European kitchen designs are beautiful if you are thinking of remodeling your home.  Europe’s kitchens have evolved into modern, sleek and seamless spaces that are designed for open floor layouts and have cabinet styles that have frameless cabinets with European kitchens or German kitchens.

These refined, polished cabinets look amazing when contrasted with the dark tones of the countertops. German cabinets have an engineered modular design that gives them durability, they also come in an influx of shades and colors to choose from.

The style of European kitchen design is different from traditional American-style kitchens and would look wonderful in most any modern space! Most homes have a large kitchen, so remodeling it to a European style can add value to your home by giving it an update with a timeless look.

The European style remodeling can even be extended into the bathroom, providing a clean look to an ordinary bathroom. European bathrooms with frameless cabinet vanities, you will be able to amplify storage capacity and German cabinets are perfect for custom organizers for you to be able to store all your toiletries and hair styling products.

We work with vendors like Hardware Resources that provide amazing organizers for all your bathroom and kitchen dreams.


The Benefits of a European Kitchen

European Kitchens

Europeans are famous for their exquisite kitchens and interiors, but if you think that this style of design is too elegant or expensive for your home, you’re missing out on the many benefits of European kitchens. Let’s start by examining the cabinets.

European kitchen cabinet doors typically have a smooth, full-overlay design. This shows that the cabinet frame is hidden behind the overlay door, where it is unseen. To achieve a modern, sleek appearance, hinges are also concealed from view on the inside of the cabinet. For greater functionality, soft-close hinges are common in European kitchens.

Most European kitchens will use simple metal designs or sleek, unobtrusive hardware on the exterior of the cabinetry. Less is more in terms of design. Crown moulding, carvings, and raised panel door designs are examples of excessive ornamentation that is avoided in European kitchens.

Instead, the relatively flat and smooth surfaces of European kitchen cabinets might give the impression that a smaller kitchen is larger. This all leads to the largest benefit, which is achieving an ultra-sophisticated image.

The quality of German cabinets is unlike any other, since German cabinets are custom engineered, they already come pre-assembled and customized for each kitchen. They are built with thick cross panels and a thin flex back that makes their engineering stand out against English competitors. German cabinets are larger and sleeker than American or traditional cabinets, which provides more space for storage.


How to Choose the Right European Kitchen for Your Home

Superb Contemporary Kitchen

Superb Contemporary Kitchen idea for your house renovation project

It’s important to choose the right European kitchen for your home. There are many styles of European kitchens from German kitchens, Spanish kitchens, and Italian kitchens. The style of European kitchen you choose should reflect your lifestyle, the size of your space, and whether you have any children or pets.

When you remodel your kitchen with an European style there are many benefits including open floor layout, clean lines, lazy susan, frameless cabinets, and guaranteed durability with the engineering of German cabinets. If you’re looking for a family-oriented, welcoming traditional design then Spanish style kitchens are for you. German kitchen styles are for those who prefer functionality and contemporary designs.

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LVP flooring is taking America by storm right now, and it’s easy to see why: because of its price point, great look, and great warranty.

LVP stands for “Luxury Vinyl Plank,” but it’s so much more than that. It’s an affordable, beautiful flooring option that lets you create a look like you’d get with hardwood floors at a fraction of the price.

With a price point that won’t break the bank, a look that will never go out of style, and a warranty that will keep you covered for years to come, LVP flooring is the perfect choice for anyone who wants quality home goods at a great price.

Luxury vinyl is a practical alternative to tile and hardwood flooring. The resemblance between the two gets better by the day and vinyl’s advantages have had the material trending as of late, so much so that it’s becoming more common than the real thing! Let’s dive into all that tile, hardwood and luxury vinyl have to offer to see what’s best for you.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has always and continues to be a hot commodity in all types of homes. It’s durable, easy to clean, and almost always changes your space for the better. Neighbors and potential buyers think so too; as it increases real estate value relative to how much you put into it.  Hardwood is, however, the most expensive option on this list. Exotic wood comes at a price and installation is required. If your budget is lenient and you’re the type that prefers to designate to one big change as opposed to several minor changes, consider hardwoods.

Tile Flooring

For a long time, tile was designated for bathrooms and patios, only managing to slip into the house for very eclectic styles or fads that didn’t stand the test of time. This era is over, tile is booming in popularity and quickly becoming a go-to option for any flooring needs. Tile can meet your wildest design expectations and turn your floors into murals. Because of this it is more versatile than hardwood and capable of capturing the intended style of a space- or establishing it. It’s also easy to clean, and more than durable for most spaces. Sounds too good to be true? Unfortunately, even a no-brainer like this has its downsides. Tile is rigid and can be unforgiving on the feet, it’s cold, and maintaining grout lines can be a hassle. There are options to work around these negatives, such as heated floors and hiring a professional to install tile without grout lines.

LVP and LVT Flooring

Vinyl has made strides in its advancements recently and shouldn’t even be considered the same as advertised in the past. No longer the thin sheets of synthetic plastic that fade horribly over time, it now comes as a plank with clear dimension and character. Luxury vinyl, a name much more suited to the revitalized material, is by far the cheapest option you’ll find in this list. It’s also more durable than its counterparties and has so many options that you’re more likely to find specifically what you’re looking for- be it plank size, color, shape, pattern, anything. Vinyl plank uses an easy tongue and groove system that many DIYers find very easy to install and see installers as an added expense more than a necessity.

Hottest Flooring Trends in 2022

Knowing what you know now, let’s dive into specifics and get a taste of the options at your fingertips.

Oak Hardwoods Flooring

Oak is the pinnacle of the word classic. Its lighter color shows off rings and knots, signifying the years that went behind creating your brand-new floor. Plank size and color is oak’s advantage; tinkering with these two variables gives your floors any look you want: from each plank handcrafted and different than the last forming a beautiful mosaic everywhere in your home, to overlapping planks with the same finish giving the appearance of just a handful of boards that stretch in either direction as far as the eye can see.

Stone Visual Tile Flooring

LVP Flooring

Tile is synonymous with brick in that it’s normally an outside material being used as indoor flooring. Where tile beats brick is aesthetic; stone tile can be marbled, cobbled, discolored, sleek- the list goes on forever. It’s durable, stylish and affordable, so you can create a luxury look without paying an arm and a leg. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are great for kitchens, bathrooms or any room of the house where you want to add beauty with longevity.

Faux- Maple LVP Flooring

LVP Flooring

Maple vinyl is a top seller in flooring right now, and for good reason. LVP has become a scary accurate doppelganger for wood and in some instances, LVP looks more like maple than maple does! It captures every aspect from the same grain patterns to the way light reflects. Coming in nominally cheaper than the real thing as well as having its own underlayment and a rigid core, this LVP may continue its hot streak and remain superior to maple hardwood.  

Wool Carpet Flooring

LVP Flooring

Everyone wants their first step out of bed-or out of the couch movie marathon- to be like stepping onto a cloud. A simple luxury we take for granted; carpet is the foots best friend in the flooring world. Wool carpeting is threaded in a grid-like pattern that not only gives it rigid durability, but also a classy look. This classiness puts the carpet into a very comfortable position, not needing to be banished to low traffic basements or bedrooms, you can have this flooring in a ballroom, and it wouldn’t look out of place. The fibers have a coating that makes the material resistant to spills and very easy to clean.

Whether your needs call for luxurious hardwood throughout your home or practical carpeting to replace a bedroom, InDesign Kitchen and Bath Remodeling has options from all over the world and a dedicated team of designers to figure out what exactly will turn your house into your home.

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