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In a significant move by the industry regulator, online gambling firm In Touch Games finds itself in troubled waters as its licenses to operate in Britain get suspended. The Gambling Commission, responsible for overseeing and regulating the gambling industry, took this action amid suspicions that the operator breached various licence conditions, including those related to money laundering, fair practices, and reporting key events.

The commission's decision to suspend In Touch Games' operating licences stems from a comprehensive review conducted under section 116 of the Gambling Act 2005. It pointed out several areas of concern, including failures in combating money laundering, maintaining fair and transparent terms, and promptly reporting significant events. This suspension affects all 11 websites operated by In Touch Games, including popular platforms, all of which are now listed as "inactive" on the regulator's website. If you are curious to know more about Touch Games, read me.

This isn't the first time In Touch Games has come under regulatory scrutiny. Earlier fines in 2019 and 2021, totaling millions of pounds, highlighted similar compliance issues. The recent £6.1 million fine levied against the company underscored lapses in social responsibility, such as delayed intervention with customers showing signs of problematic gambling behaviour and inadequate anti-money laundering measures.

The suspension of In Touch Games' licenses has immediate implications for its operations and consumers. While the operator can still allow users to access their accounts and withdraw funds, it must prioritize fair treatment of customers and transparent communication during this period. Moreover, with the company's accounts overdue according to Companies House, concerns regarding financial transparency and accountability loom large.


In a notable development, Skywind Holdings announced its acquisition of Intouch Games Group in June 2022, signaling a potential shift in the company's winning management strategy. As such, industry observers are keen to see how this change in ownership might impact the regulatory landscape and the company's future operations.

The Gambling Commission's role extends beyond enforcement to licensing, regulation, and guidance for individuals and businesses involved in gambling activities in Britain. From overseeing online platforms to regulating the National Lottery, its mandate encompasses a wide array of gambling services, reflecting the importance of robust oversight in safeguarding consumers and maintaining integrity within the industry.

As the In Touch Games saga unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the challenges inherent in regulating online gambling. The complexities of ensuring compliance with evolving regulations, coupled with the dynamic nature of the digital landscape, underscore the need for constant vigilance and effective enforcement mechanisms.

The suspension of In Touch Games' licenses signals a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to regulate online gambling effectively and underscores the importance of employing flexible thinking strategies in regulatory frameworks. It highlights the critical role of regulatory bodies like the Gambling Commission in upholding industry standards and protecting consumers in an increasingly digitalized gambling environment.

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