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Then above question is a rather challenging one. As I always state on most of the pieces I write, honesty is the best policy and I doubt that changes anytime soon! It is very helpful when we are all honest about situations and everything else that we encounter in life. For instance, what is the true nature of our men?

The problem with most women is how they perceive and think about matters or situations. We always wish to believe what we find pleasant. However, I consider that a distraction that will drift us down to the loosing path. We all must agree that men are indeed visual creatures, and that they get their eyes glued to almost every breathtaking thing they come across. My challenge has always been how my boyfriend admires Other Women's Bikini Pics on Instagram.

How to resolve it

At times I feel like hating him, but yet again am reminded that it isn’t necessary and that I have the responsibility of making his heart mine in as much as his roving eye remains uncontrollable.

I believe we have two types of men, and that is why we need to invest more time understanding the category our men fall into. We have those that will simply like a picture on Instagram and follow it without ill motives of ruining their relationships. However, we also have the second type that wants attention and if possible a relationship, creating a relationship dynamic that requires careful navigation and understanding

As a woman, you will feel secure when the woman or lady in question is out of reach for your man, such as a trans supermodel that he can’t access by any means. However, matters are a little bit terrifying when your man has the opportunity to interact with the women in the pictures he follows or likes. One feels insecure with the fear that what she built over the years could go down the drain in a minute. Nobody wants that happening to her, and we flare up on anger risking the relationship.

Instead of blowing things out of proportion, I would recommend starting up a general conversation and letting him contribute in the discussion. In the process, you could then cleverly drop in the question about his admiration of the pictures of women in those bikini shots.

Remember that your intention is to know whether he is guilty or not. A phishing man wants to flatter the woman and get the attention. Knowing where your man stands is crucial in the conflict resolution. Bear in mind that the perspective of your boyfriend on matters might contrast with yours, and thus ingenuity is a rule in conflict resolution. Visiting a website like Lovesita or any other with helpful tips could be what you need to guard your love life.

I at some point encountered a friend that told me that the siring of children by men could be likened to mere urination. I thought it was an absurd assertion, but with time I related to it. Keeping a man is not an easy task as most women presume it to be. You must be ready to bear with a lot and also learn conflict resolution tactics to survive.


You might be wondering about my overwhelming insistence on holding meaningful conversations. I believe they count a great deal. Seeking to understand more is better than throwing off those insecure and whimsy insecurities. It is only by knowing where the problem lies that we can easily resolve it. Tantrums might seem helpful at first because you feel the other person is shaken by them. Unfortunately, you could be pushing him further and further from you!