Nov 11 @ 3:18 am
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One way to know how well a business is doing is by communicating with clients or customers in order to get feedback from them. This could be done easily in a brick-and-mortar store wherein an employer could ask his or her employees to interact with the store visitors. After which, they could be able to adjust in a manner that would serve their customers better. However, now that many things have pivoted digitally, the approach for business owners could be a lot different. For instance, business owners online could have trouble interacting with their website visitors or clients. This is because there might not be much avenues for them to do so.

One way to solve this is by having a online survey tool for websites. An online survey tool is a platform wherein the webmasters or in this case, the business owners owning the websites, could interact with their website visitors. This could be done through different functions, functions such as short and long texts, checklist surveys, radio buttons, and many other more. The goal of this is to have future possible conversions, since the business owners or webmasters now can interact with their website visitors or clients to pinpoint the areas they could improve on.