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Established in 2010, Liberty bell auto is a fairly new company when compared to other extended auto warranty companies. But it has made a mark for itself in the automobile industry. You have probable heard or read about Liberty bell auto in your search for an extended auto warranty. In case you’re still in doubt whether to sign up with them or not, here are some reasons liberty bell auto is just the right extended auto warranty company for you.


Liberty bell auto have gained the trust of a lot of customers through the high level of excellence and professionalism they display in handling their customers. This has made them garnered mostly positive reviews on organizations such as the Better Business Bureau who rates them at a B+ and with a 4.5 rating on Trust pilot. With these reviews, liberty bell auto has established itself as a trustworthy company to deal with. If you want to know more about trustworthiness liberty bell auto review, I recommend you to visit on this web.

Claim Process

With liberty bell auto, you that have to worry about the claim process been exhaustive, it is very easy and smooth. Once you are registered with them, you get a membership card which you can take to any licensed auto shop or an ASE certified Technician when your car gets faulty. Once the claim has been validated by the claims team, liberty bell auto covers the cost of your vegivle repairs.

Warranty Coverage and Cost

With three warranty plans; platinum (which covers the basic repair), platinum plus (which over the platinum plan with steering system inclusive) and platinum prime (covering all the coverage they offer), you can select one that best suits your specifications. Irrespective of the warranty plan, liberty bell auto provides emergency road assistance -like towing services-, trip interruption and car rental coverage.  The cost of a warranty plan depends on several factors such as the make and model of the car, its mileage, etc. To have scope of what your warranty would cost, liberty bell auto offers a free online quote.

Policy Transfer

You can transfer your policy to secondary person when you want to sell your car; this in fact adds value to your car during its sales. Liberty bell auto gains edge, by allowing you transfer your policy twice, over other extended warranty auto companies which allows you transfer just once.

Excellent Customer Support Service:

The customer service of liberty bell auto is top notch. Highly trained to effectively respond to any inquires or help that you need. They are also available round the clock; you can call in at any time of the day.

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