World of Warcraft has existed for a long time and has received changes year after year. Blizzard has been dutifully polishing sparkling, top-tier armor sets for each of the game's 12 classes, seductively inserted into the loot tables of the latest and greatest baddies. What made these armor sets special was the tender love and care the Blizzard art team put into their design. Gamers, raiditem is still your first choice if you are looking for a best WoW gold site to get discounted offers in WoW.
World of Warcraft has a large number of players from young boys to aging ladies. Different people tend to like different armors. Luckily, we have selected some of the most popular armors. Follow raiditem to see what will be gamers' favorite armors in WoW.

Corruptor - Warlock Tier 5
The lore states that Warlocks are a clan of demon-worshipping weirdos sneaking around the backroads of Azeroth. They're welcomed into the world as a necessary evil, rather than an appreciated dinner guest. So it's good that Blizzard leaned all the way into the class fantasy for the Tier Five set back in the Burning Crusade era.

Frost Witch - Shaman Tier 10
Generally, Blizzard's art team sticks to a few basic rules when they're designing the armaments of Azeroth. For the most part, the chainmail you throw over your shoulders manifests itself as a static amalgamation of textures airbrushed onto a boilerplate NPC. This is efficient; it'd be exacting and cruel to expect Blizzard to give every item of loot in its vast inventory a distinct character.

Titanic Onslaught - Warrior Tier 20
Tier 20, released alongside the Legion expansion's final raid, is some of the best work the company has done in years. Titanic Onslaught; a phalanx of thick, scary molten green steel, covering every inch of your body. Perfect for any adventurer cutting their way to Sargeras' throne.

Bloodfang - Rogue Tier 2
A Rogue is the shadow in the corner of the tavern with a scarlet cowl pulled over their face that makes their eyes glow red. World of Warcraft is a world of spellcasters, priests, gods, and godslayers. But still, Blizzard still found a way to make the skulking, low-fantasy disciples feel special with the Bloodfang set.

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