The Rakghoul plague has broken out on Alderaan and must be contained once again. swtor credits Rakghoul event is active this week, so head to Alderaan to meet Doctor Ressel or Tralie Masoon, and complete objectives to gain various reputation rewards.

When & how to join in Swtor Rakghoul event?

Swtor Rakghoul event, Rakghoul Resurgence: Alderaan runs from May 29 to June 4, 2018. To start, you will need to head out to Alderaan and talk to Doctor Ressel (Empire) outside House Thul or Tralie Masoon (Republic) outside House Organa.
After talking to them, you will need to travel to the location of The Spike, a giant drill located in King’s Pass to access the Rakghoul tunnels. There is a speeder that will take you right to the Spike that is near the camp where Doctor Ressel or Tralie Masoon resides.Reputation rewards from Swtor Rakghoul event

1. Thorn Priority Authorization (Outside Standing) Costs: 1 000 Credits.
2. THORN Epicenter Set (Newcomer Standing) Costs: 1 Rakghoul DNA Canister each.
3. Relics (Newcomer Standing) – give temporarily immune to infection from the rakghoul plague. Cost: 5 000 – 20 000 Credits.
4. Companion Customizations (Friend Standing). Cost: 8 Rakghoul DNA Canisters each, except for Plagued Treek Customization that costs 12 Rakghoul DNA Canisters.
5. Weapon Skins(Hero Standing) Cost: 4 – 6 Rakghoul DNA Canisters each.
6. THORN Dark Vector Set (Champion Standing) Costs: 2 – 6 Rakghoul DNA Canisters each.

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