While the buy poe currency waiting for exciting content, it is still moving quite lately. Although Grinding Gear Games regularly developed this game, it was the same that we saw many new things in the game last week.One of the most notable among them is the version of battle royale, which was added to the game for "Jokes" on April 1st, and received highly critical acclaims. As the Path of Exile Players are very satisfied with this model, the Grinding Gears game aims to make the PoE:Royale as part of the game. Another interesting thing is that the visual updates were added to the Path of Exile. While the game looks much better on the graphics, you can also follow the video on Path of Exile's official site. At the same time, Grinding Gear Games is always in touch with the community and lets them speak out about their creativity. So the Path of Exile players can show their hands. One of them is the T-shirt design contest for the game. Many players can reflect their own designs and get prizes in this way.The Grinding Gear Games will begin to release more information in the coming months, rather than the initial plans they have revealed for the next big content update of the game. The update will be released for PC on June 1, 2018 and will be released on Xbox One on the following weekend. Although they have announced that the scope of the update will be relatively large, it will not be a full expansion like the ones we have seen before. It will be more of a rework of the game's systems and less of an addition of content.The main selling point of the patch is that the team has been working hard on fixing underused skills and adding new effects to the game. Adding one effect to the spell can change many of the builds in PoE, which is why many players like this game. In addition, new Trap abilities will be added in the update, which will make the catchers builds more fun and versatile. Apart from the trapper builds, players will find more build variants and more will continue to emerge in a timely manner. More details about the content will be announced within a month, and the team is very happy to provide the updates so much so that they can announce the skill revamps this early, although that is not their usual policy. Presumably, they have been working on this since the last