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“Alpharetta Main Street Locksmith, LLC cares about the security of your property and that is why we offer commercial access control and residential access control services.”


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Many businesses in Alpharetta, GA use access control systems, hospitals, colleges, municipal buildings, schools, malls and more. Access control systems are an easy way to get a lot of people in and out of a building, safely. If you receive a good amount of foot traffic for your business then you might want to consider access control. Even though there are a lot of businesses that already have access control, there are still a lot that do not. At Main Street Locksmith LLC we have installed many of the systems in and around the Alpharetta area. This type of entry system is becoming more and more popular, not just for businesses but also for residential use. There are now many manufacturers who have began designing access control systems specifically to be used for residential use. Since there are so many business owners who recognize the importance of using access control, it makes sense that those same people would see the value of also using them at home.

With an access control entry system it will minimize your liability because a thief will not be able to easily gain access inside. It is extremely difficult to compromise this type of entry system. This isn’t a standard type of lock that can be picked. It was designed with a high-level of security, which is why it is so difficult to compromise. Knowing the level of ingenuity that it took to design this type of lock is all that is needed to convince them that they should have it installed. At Main Street Locksmith LLC in Alpharetta, GA we install them practically every day. This means that a lot of people are seeing the benefits of owning this type of system. They are effective for home use and for businesses of every type. This type of system is well worth the investment. If you don’t believe us then why not just read the reviews online of those who have them.

Regardless of the size of your business, we are sure that you would want to protect it. You likely have built a business that you are proud of and the last thing that you want to do is allow someone to break in and take what you have worked so hard for. With an access control system there are no standard type of key to use, it uses a code or a fob key. The good news is that with the simply swipe of the card or code keyed in, you’ll be in fast. Any fob key can be easily terminated whenever you need it. This especially comes in handy when you have temporary workers and when their assignment ends. Instead of taking forever to deactivate the key, you can do it in minutes with an access control system.

There are some more familiar access control systems, such as those that you now see at the airports. Some systems use personal characteristics, such as a fingerprint. The fingerprint is stored in the system and when the correct fingerprint is identified then they will be given access inside. There are also some that use a person’s eye retina. This is a new feature that they are attempting to use at airports in the U.S.  The most popular type of access control system used for residential use is a keypad. This is not only practical but it is also convenient. You can provide each member of your home with a different code but it’s best it you explain the importance of never giving the number out to anyone. If you ever feel that your code has been compromised, you can easily change it.

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Pin on Pinterest – Security emergencies are bound to happen to even the most careful of individuals. Most often, disaster will strike in the middle of the night or early morning hours.


Lockouts, broken keys, damaged locks, and other security breaches need to be taken care of as soon as possible. That is why Alpharetta Main Street Locksmith, LLC has professional locksmiths available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.


Here are just some of the emergency lock and key services we offer our clients in Alpharetta and other surrounding cities:

-Break-in repairs

-24-hour lockout and re-entry assistance

-Broken lock changes

-Re-keying requests

-Commercial and home safe re-entry

-Roadside assistance for vehicle lock and key repairs

-Business, home, and automotive emergency locksmithing services

-Dedicated, certified locksmiths always on-call in Alpharetta


If you are in the middle of any kind of security emergency, give our experts a call now at (770) 278-9584. Our staff is available 24/7 to take your call and make sure that a locksmith is sent out to your location as quickly as possible.


You will not be alone or stranded for long when you rely on our experts at Alpharetta Main Street Locksmith, LLC in Alpharetta, GA.



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Pin on Pinterest - Contact Alpharetta Main Street Locksmith, LLC to assist you with your many locksmith service needs, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are some of the services that our locksmiths provide. Automobile Services: 

  • Break-In Repairs 
  • Broken Key Extraction 
  • Transponder Keys Made
  • Lock Replacement  
  • Opening Car Doors 
  • Free Price Quotes! 
  • Key Extraction 
  • Unlock Car Doors 
  • Smart Keys 
  • Ignition Cylinder Replacement 
  • High Security Sidewinder 
  • Rekey Service 
  • Transponder Chips 
  • Auto Lockouts, Keys Made
  • Automotive Keys

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If you are going to hire a locksmith to perform any work on your behalf, we suggest that you hire a certified locksmith. Locksmiths are far more useful than in the past, with the advances in technology. We should know because at Main Street Locksmith, LLC in Alpharetta, GA, our locksmiths do it all. They install locks, replace locks and handle various aspects of security installation. With the appropriate training offered to locksmith for certification, our locksmiths are able to attend to the needs of a many customers. You might think that you have to hire a security firm to install the security that you need but this is no longer true now that locksmiths are receiving the same training and receiving certification that indicates they are qualified to handle these types of jobs. It is only after a locksmith is proven efficient in their duties that they are given the classification of a certified locksmith. They are more useful once they have received advanced training and are certified.


Advantages of Working With A Certified Locksmith

Knowledgeable About Security Features


Technology is moving full speed ahead and that is why locksmiths are interested in getting their fair share of the market. If you want new and improved security then rely on a certified locksmith. They have the expertise needed to advise you of the types of security that will be most fitting for your needs. With their training, they are able to remain up-to-date on the latest advances made in the industry so that they can advice you according to their understanding of the products. In fact, they are even trained to be answer your security questions and concerns.


They Are Professional


Most people in the service industry want to uphold their reputation and this is why they display professionalism. Those who rely on certified locksmiths are usually treated fairly. Since they are held to higher standards than those who are not certified, they will do their best to satisfy their customers. This involves their dealing with their customers on a professional level. They really want your business and they demonstrate this with their level of professionalism.

Reliable Services


You can usually rely on a certified locksmith more often than someone who isn’t certified. They realize what they have to lose and this is just one of the reasons that they prove most reliable. You can generally count on them when there is no one else there to assist with your locksmith service needs. In many cases if a locksmith isn’t able to handle the job, they will contact a certified locksmith to take care of the work for them. Most certified locksmiths will make themselves available 24-hours a day.


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Most vehicle drivers on the road today have a special car key known as a transponder key. Transponder keys were invented specifically to help prevent vehicle thefts and car-jacking. Any vehicle made past the mid-1990s will have a transponder key, as they became mandatory for vehicle manufacturers to make during this time. Losing your transponder key is a little different compared to losing any other type of key. Keep reading to learn more about transponder keys, as well as the best way to replace your transponder key fast.


How Transponder Keys Work

Transponder keys work by using electronic communication. Inside of your vehicle and your key are transponder chips. These two chips are connected and programmed to recognize each other when in close proximity. As soon as a connection is established between the two, you will be able to insert your key into the ignition and start your vehicle.

A clear connection must be made for your car to start. A spare vehicle key that is not programmed with a transponder chip will not be able to start your car. If you lose your transponder key, your car won’t turn on or be drivable until you receive a new one. This helps increase vehicle security, but can be frustrating when you don’t have a spare.


Article Source: Lose Your Transponder Key? Here is the Secret to a Quick Replacement

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Locks and keys have changed a lot in the past few decades and especially over the last several years. Innovations in technology have made home security more advanced than ever before. While some properties can benefit from electronic and smart locks, for example, most still use traditional high-security locks.

Below you will find a list of the top five lock types commonly used today. All of the lock types below can be used for either commercial or residential properties. If you are interested in upgrading your locks or simply want to know more about the locks you currently have on your property, read on!



#1 – Deadbolt Locks

You are likely already familiar with deadbolt locks. The most commonly used deadbolt lock is known as a single-cylinder deadbolt. These deadbolts have a turn knob on the interior side of the lock and a key slot on the exterior side. These are arguably the most popular locks used by home and business owners alike. Deadbolts are convenient and easy-to-use without sacrificing security. Deadbolts are found on nearly all apartments, condos, townhomes, and other rental spaces. Homeowners also prefer deadbolt locks over other types of high-security locks.

#2 – Double Cylinder Deadbolts

There is a second type of deadbolt lock that you may not be as familiar with. Double cylinder deadbolts are similar to regular deadbolt locks, except they have a key slot on both sides of the lock.


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