Businesses with limited budgets for office accessories can find new hope in used office furniture. It is hard to keep up with the latest trends and purchase new products in this current economic crisis. This is especially true for those who are just starting businesses. Spending that much can be risky and could lead to bankruptcy. Furniture is an important part of any business. However, you don't have to spend that much. There are other ways to buy furniture without spending a lot of money. Here is where used furniture shops come in handy. Because furniture allows office workers to work more efficiently, it is vital. Furniture makes it easier for workers to get their work done quicker and more efficiently. It is a great asset to any business. Furniture is essential to the success of any business. It is possible to purchase Second Hand Office Furniture accessories to help your company achieve success without having to spend too much.

Although used office furniture is not as durable and useful as new furniture, it can still be a great asset to a business. Furniture may show signs of wear due to its previous use. The furniture can be repainted and repaired with some effort. It will last as long as the original parts were. You can find office accessories that are still in good condition. You can often find furniture that has only minor smudges and scratches if you're patient. It can look beautiful and elegant if you paint it with a color that matches the decor of your office. You can also add additional features to the furniture to make it more stylish or more functional. More info:

It is important to select furniture that is durable and comfortable when buying used office furniture. These qualities can still be found in second-hand furniture. Be patient and attentive when looking around. You may find it difficult to choose from the many pieces of furniture available in the store. It is worth your time to search for a good office accessory. A comfortable desk or chair can help you feel more relaxed and allow you to do your work better. Uncomfortable chairs can cause distractions and slow down work. This is a problem that can be avoided. A desk with insufficient storage space can also be problematic as the user will have to reach up to retrieve files from another cabinet.


The founder of PM Aspirant, Andrew Shih, has launched a new Facebook group to accompany his blog. According to Andrew Shih, the study group, which was created on September 22, 2022, will provide a virtual space for the project managers to discuss, help each other, and prepare for the PMP certification.

PMAspirant Focus Group on Facebook is different from other PMP study pages. Many existing study groups are flooded with self-promotion, span, and affiliate links; PMAspirant seeks to provide those seeking PMP certification with valuable information. This free public focus group aims to enable project managers who are preparing or passed the PMP application and certification to have open discussions in a fun and supportive environment with proper governance to prevent spam.

Andrew says he created PMAspirant with the aim of helping project management aspirants in preparation for the PMP exam as well as acquiring PMP certification. The website has been getting 3,000 visitors every month. Andrew expects to extend his assistance where he can guide and help more project management aspirants. He expects to respond to more comments and guide hundreds with the application process.

Aware of the challenges that those who are sitting for the PMP exam go through, Andrew seeks to provide information that will make the process easy. Andrew says he faced some difficulty in the process, and information was not forthcoming. With the Facebook platform, he seeks to make it easy for the hundreds that are seeking PMP certification. Over the years, he has been offering assistance, and now, he can reach many with the platform. Out of his participation in different project management forums, people have reached out to him for assistance, especially with auditing and PMP application. With the Facebook page, he is confident that many will benefit from his endeavors.

Andrew believes that his training in Project management and PMP certification will be useful in providing assistance to those sitting for PMP exams as well as those seeking certification.

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About PMAspirant

This is a platform that is dedicated to providing information about PMP certification. The site also shares tips and experiences with PMP aspirants.

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Blogger and founder and



Have you finally decided to venture into the complex, confusing and immensely rewarding world that is online-based dating? You've probably come across a variety of free dating sites providing the services of hopeful couples and singles who are looking to make new friends. Making it a success online dating experience starts with picking the right site to pursue your goals. Here are some helpful tips to consider when browsing through the various websites you can choose from.

Always Remember The Rule Of Big Numbers

The rule of large numbers generally states that the more people visit your profile the more likely that they will reach out to you. So do not stick to one site to locate Mr. or Ms. Right. Register on a number of websites, but ideally one that is geared towards the same niche you belong to. This will make it easier to attract noticed by a broad range of people. It's recommended to check out at least one popular 100 Percent Free Dating Sites also.

How Many Features Does The Site Have?

A good dating site comes with many options that make it easy to use, fun and easy to keep track of. Choose a website that offers users a variety of ways to navigate and browsing profiles and also a variety of ways to communicate with individuals. It is also essential to select sites that let you alter your privacy and security settings. In the end, you don't wish your employer to know what your profile on the dating site looks as, wouldn't you? It's fine to have expectations of what a dating website for free can offer, but the fact that it's free does not necessarily mean you have to be sacrificing quality.

What Do Forums Say?

Everybody knows that there are numerous forums that are filled with people who are eager to share their opinions on everything from laundry tricks to dating websites. Forums can help you figure out which dating site is ideal for you. The great thing about talking to people to join forums is the fact that their advice is completely free and is often objective. You can also find the same type of guidance on ratings sites as well as on YouTube. Whatever way you receive an opinion from a third party it is essential to ask questions regarding the websites. It's not a good idea to be faced with unpleasant surprises when you sign in, don't you?

Asking Others Can Help!

One in every five relationships being on the internet, it's certain that you've probably met someone who's used an online dating service for free prior to. One of the best ways to get reliable recommendations is to ask your friends who have tried services to tell you to recommend which one they would use. This is because your peers are more transparent about you than strangers may be. What has worked for other people might not work on your behalf, therefore be sure to take advice with some caution.

Free Should Never Come With A Fee!

The most shameful thing that many so-called "free dating sites" do is slap on hidden fees, or just offer a "free trial period" for their site. Some even say that signing up is free, but you need to actually buy a membership in order to message anyone on the site. In other words, before you sign up, you need to make sure that the site is actually free. Read the policy of the site, and don't join a site that insists upon you offering a credit card in order to join. Don't be afraid to double check with a customer service rep to make sure that it's really free. Forgetting to read the small print can lead to some very nasty surprises in a couple of weeks.

Just Do It!

You won't succeed on the internet if you do not try different websites. Take advantage of a variety of dating websites for free and you'll have nothing to lose, except a amount of time. Since they're free even if you don't like the site, resigning your account won't cost anything, neither.

For more info, Visit Our Youtube: or is a completely free dating site that helps people find others with whom they are compatible and who are also looking for friendship or love. Unlike other supposedly free online dating sites, has no hidden fees. You won't ever be asked to pay to see your matches, to update your profile or to read messages from other users. If you've tried Internet dating before, you know that 100% free dating sites are rare, and at, we're proud of our commitment to the idea that finding love and friendship shouldn't come with a price tag. 

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The Furniture and Interior Design course is among the most sought-after classes in the Indian and international industry of design for the interior. Designers who are specialized in Interior and Furniture courses are well-versed in the design of spaces and how furniture components fit into those.

Interior and furniture designers generally focus on improving the connection between the space (indoor or outdoors) and objects (furniture) and individuals (whom they design for).

Interior and furniture designers to understand the specific needs of a wide range of clients. They also contribute to projects that focus on the design of spaces for architecture, interior design, furniture, and so on, using a polished design-focused approach. Get more info about interior design college in calicut.

The Masters in Furniture & Interior design program will also provide practical knowledge and insight into the real-world working environment for professionals working in this area.

From understanding the needs of clients, developing, and innovating new design elements every aspect is a part of the teaching. This includes also the restoration or rehabilitation of old furniture, and the identification and reselling of antique furniture.

Career opportunities in Furniture & interior design

Interior designing, furniture and interior design as a primary area of expertise, it is rapidly catching up. This field of study primarily involves defining the personality and personality of a person or business through the rules of decoration.

Interior designers and furniture makers need to establish a solid foundation in the fundamentals of interior design. They should also refine their creativity through the use of theoretic and practical methods to the design of indoor spaces.

As the knowledge of professionals within this field increases as well, the range and range of work as well as the pay increases. The most lucrative career options and jobs in the field of the design and furniture industry are

Furniture and Crafts Designers: Typically the furniture and craft design professional works on building models and prototypes of furniture that can be made in large-scale production. They use programs like CAD to create models of furniture.

Product Designer: Working as a an expert in the field of interior and furniture design involves defining the design of the furniture item using various specifications, digital drawings and other. This is accomplished by first knowing the requirements of the customer and then translating the requirements and ideas into useful products for furniture features.

Architectural Technologist: These professionals typically work on the development of architectural designs with tools like CAD. They also work on the design of interior spaces.

Textile Designers: Textile designers create designs for knitted and weaved fabrics. They also conduct studies to learn about the different types of dyes and their compositions. Interior designers and furniture designers can be specialized in designing textiles specifically for furniture and decor pieces.

Lighting Designer: Lighting is an integral element in interior designing. An in-depth understanding of how different kinds of lighting fixtures can have an impact on the environment and what the ideal ambient lighting should be appropriate for various scenarios, whether it's offices, homes airports, hospitals, and more - all those fall within the description of an lighting designer.

Visual Merchandisers: An intriguing and emerging area of study, visual merchandisers are responsible for creating interesting and creative visual designs for displays of visuals in commercial locations that are targeted at attracting more clients.

Exhibition Designer: Exhibition Designers work on massive scale projects, shows and exhibitions. It is highly customer-focused and can vary a lot based on the type of audience.

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Families going skiing and mountain biking now do not have to struggle to haul a load of bikes. A Bike Rack that makes hauling simpler and lighter is now available, where it is possible to carry loads of bikes without the unwieldiness of other trailer hitch racks. The launch comes after the introduction of the Chuck Bucket Ski Rack by the same engineer who is bringing the Bike Rack, Charles McNall. While announcing the launch, Charles McNall said the vertical, patent-pending modular bike rack goes on in separate, lightweight pieces and stores less than two feet wide.

Adding that the heaviest components weigh less than 25lbs, Charles says that now he doesn't have to dread moving his bike rack. The Chuck rack can be used by all - irrespective of size or age. They are easy to install.

The product currently being crowdfunded at Kickstart has raised more than $ 72,000 in pre-order, and upon launch, it will be available for purchase. Being described as more than just a bike rack, other attachments such as surfboard holders, road showers, and flagpoles are currently being designed.

The bike rake comes with an added advantage compared to the other racks. It holds the handlebars of a bicycle so it can work with any tire size and makes loading. The hooks are abrasion resistant meaning they will not scratch you bike and a user can even wrap them for added protection.

The bike rack makes it easy for those who want to carry more bikes, its simple-to-add extenders help increase the capacity to 5 or 6 bikes.

One user, Nick R, confirms that it fits easily in the corner of his garage, taking no space at all.

Bike Rack comes off as lightweight, easy, and family-friendly, making it an ideal tool to carry bikes when on outdoor activities.

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About Chuck Rack

Chuck Rack was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah, by Charles McNall. Their first product was the chuck bucket ski rack which is available now at Chuck Rack is dedicated to providing a modular rack platform with great accessories that everyone in the family can use.

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Charles McNall

CoFounder - Chuck Rack


Apex Aim, a print-on-demand platform that makes customers feel good, relax and have fun, is now offering cartoon print. With its original print-on-demand cartoons, the company representative said that Apex aims to bring joy to everyone worldwide. “Do you need a good laugh every day? Feel good wearing and using these personal items," said Tien Huang, the Apex Aim representative, while inviting customers to test the various products they are providing in their online store.

In their online store, Apex Aim stocks a variety of cartoon prints. Some available products include t-shirts, bags, jerseys, caps, phone and laptop covers, and cups, among other items.

How To Buy

Apex Aim is providing its customers with an easy-to-buy process. The products are attached in a way that customers can easily access and complete the buying process. To order a carton print-on-demand product, the customer can select among the available products or request a customized item. Available products come with a pre-determined price. However, the personalized product prices will vary depending on what the customer selects in terms of the materials used, the picture's complexity, and the inscription.

The Joy They Bring

The company representative said the cartoon and quotes are designed to bring joy to customers. They are meant to spread joy and fun, not just to the person who is wearing them but also to others. The messages that are inscribed on the clothes are varied. Some are meant to inspire, others are informative and funny, while others are geared towards igniting thoughts. “Give yourself and spread joy everywhere you go,” said the company representative while explaining the meaning behind the print-on-demand original cartoon and messages.

“We love helping you be joyful. We want to make our customers stress-free every day. Our goal is to offer the best high-quality content: illustrations, photos, icons, mock-ups, and presentation templates. Order our cartoon prints from our online store,” said the customer representative, inviting customers to try their products.

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About Apex Aim

Apex Aim is a print-on-demand company that provides its customers with products that customize personal items. The company was founded in 2021, with its mission to provide joy, comfort, and laughter for customers everywhere.

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Tien Huang


Sethealth, the experts in custom medical imaging and DICOM solutions, seeks to revolutionize medical data sharing with an open-source platform, OpenView. While making the announcement, the Set health Head of business relations, Kamilla Herpay, said they had developed a fully anonymized medical imaging app. Adding that the OpenView is built with a technology never seen before, Kamilla said anyone could use the app to visualize and privately share X-rays MRIs from any device.

While narrating the inspiration behind the open-source and fully anonymized medical imaging, the founder of Sethealth, Manuel Mtz-Almeida, expressed that OpenView is a project that is deeply connected to him.

"Back in 2019, I broke my ankle in an unfortunate accident, and things didn't go well. First surgery was not successful, and I felt a complete lack of control over my condition and future," narrated Manuel while adding that OpenView Health is his contribution to this problem for anyone that goes through the same experience.

He added that OpenView Health is an open-source initiative licensed under the MIT license on Github. Both software and medical data donated to the platform become part of a truly anonymized public dataset.

"We are bringing state of the art in medical imaging to anyone in the world, so they can have a better understanding and control of their medical data," added the Sethealth Head of Business.

Sethealth also provides medical solutions to other healthcare entities, including medical imagining companies, healthcare startups, custom prosthetics, and software solutions that involve medical imagining, research, and teaching.

With fully anonymized medical data, users can securely share with anyone using a link. Kamilla said that users could easily ask for a second opinion about their condition. Additionally, they can see imaging in 3D, so everything is clear not only to the doctor but also to the users.

With data remaining offline and never leaving the user's device, assurance that medical data will be safe has been given by the developers of the app. The data is also end-to-end encrypted, which means that no unauthorized access is allowed. The system is also HIPPA and GDPR compliant.

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About Sethealth

Sethealth is a bootstrapped company founded in 2020. Its mission involves enabling companies to build better healthcare products while keeping patients' data secure and private. Sethealth focuses on safe storage, anonymization, and visualization that works on the web. Custom prosthetic companies use their tech to deliver custom implants faster to patients.

Media contact info

Kamilla Herpay

Head of business relations


The current global events, the pandemic, and the Russian-Ukraine war have presented enormous challenges in the global supply chain. This has prompted the diversification of businesses in Europe and the Middle East. Pamojan, a cross-border marketplace with its base in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, is helping unlock the potential of the 40 billion dollars industry by connecting local suppliers to international buyers by providing transparency in the market. Mr. Mina Basta, the founder and CEO of, projects that by 2025, 80% of all B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will take place online. Basta also observes that the global B2B ecommerce market size will grow by 70% to reach $20.9 trillion by 2027, up from $12.2 trillion in 2019. “The Middle East and North Africa B2B sales are worth 40 billion dollars/year. With 300% growth in the MENA region, B2B eCommerce as a result of the pandemic presents a huge market,” said Basta while observing that the B2B world is being rocked by the sheer volume of millennials entering the industry.

While appreciating that the trend is also being influenced by demographic, the CEO of Pamojan observes that B2B buyers are now more than ever getting younger. “Three-quarters of millennials are involved in or even running the decision-making process for B2B purchases for their organizations. This translates to a much larger percentage of online purchases, and to buyers who expect these transactions to be as convenient and reliable as the rest of their digitally enhanced lives,” says the founder adding that businesses need to align themselves with these changes if they are to increase their B2B sales and survive in the B2B marketplace.

As a global marketplace, Pamojan is offering suppliers the necessary tools to reach their targeted market and assisting the buyers to find suppliers and products quickly and efficiently.

They are using the knowledge base of their international business partners, who have built an unrivaled platform that helps manufacturers reach their targeted market directly. With its digital capabilities, Pamojan is bringing together manufacturers and buyers and helping them grow business on a global scale.

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About Pamojan

Pamojan is a cross-border B2B marketplace operating in the MENA region. The online platform connects verified local suppliers to international wholesale buyers searching for their products. Its goal is to provide a fair-trade relationship between producers and consumers while maintaining a high level of transparency on both sides. It seeks to constantly evolve its technology, logistics, and infrastructure to ensure the safety and the seamlessness of the operations in the vast and diverse regions while offering an enjoyable experience.

Media contact info

Mr. Mina Basta


Users of Remintapp can now enjoy added features in its app following a successful update. While revealing the success of the new update, Max Hellstrom, the founder of Remintapp, said that they initiated the new update to improve users’ experience. Remintapp is a real estate-based cryptocurrency that aims at enabling the crypto community to buy, rent or sell out properties.

Calling it a new design, Mr. Hellstrom said the new app is more user-friendly and cleaner. The improved app includes a referral system where users will earn 10% of what their referred users earn, for life. In addition to this, users will gain a 5% permanent higher mining rate per referred user - “If a user refers ten users, he or she will earn 10% of what those ten users earn plus 50% higher mining rate, which will be permanent."

Apart from adding new features, the update is geared towards fixing bugs. According to Mr. Hellstrom, the updated version of Remintapp now has fewer bugs giving users an improved experience. The app also comes with a new app, all aimed at making it easy for the users to navigate through the platform.

The updated app also includes a new and improved bonus button where users will now earn one coin for each click and 5 coins on their 5th click of the bonus button.

As per their predictions, the new update was successful. The number of installs increased by 300% after the new update. Mr. Hellstrom could not hide his excitement when announcing the growth in the increased installations, "it is very exciting to see the massive surge in downloads after the new update. We have a bright future ahead of us."

For iOS users, the founder announced, they will be launching the app on the platform soon.

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About Remintapp

Remintapp is a cloud-based crypto-mining app focusing on the real estate market, where it aims at making it possible for the cryptocurrency community to buy/rent/sell out properties with Remint as a real estate currency. The app was created by Max Hellström and Anton Broman, both banking and finance professionals with extensive experience in the industry.

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Max Hellstrom





The first cryptocurrency to come into existence was Bitcoin which was based on Blockchain technology. It was created in 2009 by an unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto. As of the writing of this blog the Bitcoin blockchain had already 17 million bitcoin been mined. It is believed that 21 million bitcoins can be extracted. Other cryptocurrencies that are popular include Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Golem, Civic, and hard forks of Bitcoin such as Bitcoin Cash as well as Bitcoin Gold.

It is recommended not to put all their funds in one crypto and avoid investing in the peak of the crypto bubble. It has been noted that the price has abruptly lowered in the height of the cryptocurrency bubble. Because the cryptocurrency market is a volatile, market, buyers must put in the amount they are able to risk because there is no influence by any government over cryptocurrency because it's an open-source cryptocurrency.

What are the reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin was the initial cryptocurrency to come into existence, and since then over 1600 different cryptocurrencies have been introduced with a distinct feature for each one.

A few of the reasons I've experienced and I would like to share with you that cryptocurrencies were created using a decentralized platform which means that users don't need an external party to transfer money from one place to another, in contrast to fiat currencies, where users requires a platform such as a bank to transfer funds in one bank account the other. Cryptocurrency is based on extremely secure blockchain technology and isn't at risk of being hacked and stealing your cryptocurrency until you do not share your crucial data.

It is best to avoid purchasing cryptocurrency during the height of the bubble. Many of us purchase cryptocurrencies during our peak times hoping to make money quickly, only to end up becoming a victim of the market and losing their investment. It is best for people to conduct extensive research prior to investing their money. It is always advisable to invest in several different cryptocurrencies instead of one because it has been observed that a few cryptos increase in value, while others are less even if the other cryptos fall into that red area. Get more info about Cryptocurrency sponsored guest posting blog in Nigeria.

Cryptocurrencies to Focus

The year 2014 was the most successful for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the largest market, and the rest of the cryptos hold the remaining 10 percent. As of 2017, Bitcoin remains the dominant player in the market, however, its share has slowed from 95 percent to 38%, and Altcoins such Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple have seen rapid growth and have captured the majority part of the marketplace.

Major altcoins, other than Bitcoin

As we have mentioned, Bitcoin is dominating the market, with a 38percent market share, followed by Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Exchanges such as UnoDAX, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bitstamp have listed many different coins, including Golem, Civic, Raiden Network, Kyber Network, Basic Attention, 0X, Augur, Monero, Tron, and many more. If any of these coins are in your portfolio, then you should buy these coins.

However, you should only place your money into a market you are able to lose because the cryptocurrency market is highly unstable and there is no government the power to regulate it. More info about blockchain sponsored guest posting in Nigeria.

When should you buy it?

There is no set rule for when to purchase your favorite cryptocurrency. However, one should research the market stability. It is not advisable to invest during the height of a crypto bubble or when prices are crashing repeatedly. The best time to invest is when the price has remained steady at a lower value for a period of time.


The cryptocurrency market is one of the most popular investment areas and has provided better yields than gold, real estate, and stock markets over the years. You can purchase cryptocurrency and hold it over the long-term to earn excellent returns or opt for the short-term option to earn a fast profit, as we've seen the growth of a number of cryptocurrencies at more than 1000% in the past. As crypto is an unstable marketplace, it is not under the control of the government over the business. You must put your money in any cryptocurrency they are able to afford to lose.

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