When most building and finishing contractors take up a task, the chances are that another one will come up before they are done. While other contractors will take up the work before finishing the initial contract in fear of losing the customer, one building company that specializes in painting, Redneck Painting LLC, has a unique policy. For them, the contractor cannot proceed to another customer until they have offered full satisfaction.

"Our ultimate aim is to ensure that the customer is happy with our work. We aim to please, and we do not go anywhere until the customer is hundred percent satisfied," said the company representative.

This policy has not been without fruits. The company representative said that they had been recognized in the industry because they have won several awards and distinctions and gathered a lot of repeat customers and referrals. 

The company has won awards as the best contractor in Idaho for many consecutive years. They have also won the best contractor in Nampa a couple of times. Customers who had patronized their services also confirmed the satisfaction that they got when they hired the contractor.

"I was already expecting the best, but what I received is higher than that. They ensured that they would deliver and surpass my expectation. I will always return to Redneck Painting LLC whenever I need to paint my house. I have also referred my friends to this company, and I am glad to say that they have come back to thank me, for they got more than they expected," said a customer who has been loyal at Redneck Painting LLC for several years now.

Redneck Painting LLC is BBB & EPA Lead-safe Certified. They are also licensed and insured contractors recognized for fulfilling the building and finishing tasks requirements.

"We have been out here in business for seven years. Back in California, I built prisons for 10 years as head HOD, and I built homes in South Lake Tahoe, California for about ten years also," said the company representative, reminiscing previous related jobs.

Redneck Painting LLC gives senior discounts and veteran discounts as part of its corporate social responsibility. They also give away a couple of free paint jobs each year to individuals who cannot afford them, granting them a chance to make their homes look beautiful.

As part of helping their customers afford their paint jobs, they offer a payment plan for those who may need it. The company representative sees the company engaging in bigger businesses and more historical work in the near future. With these opportunities, the company representatives said they would surely need more workers.

For more information, visit

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Corey Watt




For four years now, Life Launch Centers Resilience Model has been offering intensive outpatient counseling where they have helped hundreds of families. At present, they offer a new online resilience education product that can reach millions across the world. The program has over 50 unique video lessons and is available for everyone. When announcing the launch of the new online resilience education product, the Life Launch Centers representative said they now have the capacity to reach and teach more individuals and families how to overcome anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, trauma, and other mental health challenges.

"We can achieve this by teaching the best and most powerful psychology principles from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Resilience research, neuroscience, and other modalities," said the Life Launch Centers representative. In addition, the said organization also teaches distress tolerance tools, mindfulness, brain development, and how to build healthy connections.

The Life Launch Centers give parents, children, and treatment programs a common language through an easy-to-use curriculum that improves communication, inspires connection, and empowers emotional resilience.

The worldwide mental health crisis is growing. This phenomenon urged the Life Launch Center to expand its capabilities more and solve this concern. By launching its online program, the organization can finally help create stronger families and brighter futures.

"Emotional resilience is like a physical muscle in a sense that you aren't born with all the mental strength you'll need as an adult. There are specific exercises that build emotional resilience, and this curriculum combines the most effective psychology principles into one easy-to-use model," said the representative, outlining the benefits that individuals and families can derive from the online program.

The online program is meant to help clients build their emotional resilience, take back control of their emotions, and find hope, confidence, and courage in life.

Sample resilience lesson

To give the clients a preview of what to expect in the online program, Life Launch Center gives a sample of their resilience lesson.

The first lesson welcomes the participants to the program, walking them through determining their top two values and working on their two SMART goals.

For more information, visit

Contact Us:
Phone: 833-803-3883


February, 2022, New Zealand- A Change for Better (ACFB) is inviting 50 mental health care professionals to join their platform for beta testing. ACFB is a venue for mental health care services. It is open both to the public and professionals.

This beta testing will ensure that all of the key functions on the site are working. It will allow the professionals who participate to shape the future of the site.

Once the testing is complete, affiliates will be invited to help promote the platform's features, benefit from its functionality, and assist in attracting both professionals and clients to the site.

"A Change for Better was born out of my frustrations while working in the mental health industry," said Ashley Cairns, one of the ACFB Founders.

ACFB aims to provide people with information, resources, and connect them with mental health professionals - all with the aim of addressing any of their mental health issues and concerns. The platform's objective is to reimagine the existing inefficient systems that do not fully address the needs of those seeking help.

Access to Insightful and Accurate Mental Health Information

Finding mental health information through the Internet can be a double-edged sword. While there are some great resources out there, they can be problematic for the public because of the lack of security against false or misleading information. ACFB addresses this concern by collecting verified data and research from mental health care practitioners and researchers through its Resource Database (RD).

The RD aims to give the public correct, meaningful, and up-to-date information about mental wellness. It can also pave the way for healthy discussions between the community and practitioners in the field, as they can exchange ideas and concerns on the public forums available on the ACFB site.

Mental health care professionals can enhance their profile, online presence, and brand by contributing to the RD. They are building a vital resource to allow them to offer their clients holistic solutions.

All resources are thoroughly checked and the credentials of the creator vetted before they are published to the Resource Database. There is a wide range of media options available - website links, videos, podcasts all verified by the team before they are made live.

ACFBs objectives are clear, make the public aware of the current status of the mental health community and give much-needed support for professionals.

"Oftentimes, working in the mental health community is exhausting and low-paying. We hope to use the power of the community to change all that," Ashley Cairns expressed.

Building the ACFB Community

A Change for Better believes that the power of a unified community will shake things up, eventually bringing the necessary changes in the mental health care system and nurturing a peer community among practitioners. ACFB serves as a platform and community for both public and professionals where everyone can securely interact with one another, connect, discuss prevailing issues, and set up appointments and bookings.

There are two forums on the site, which were purposefully set up for the public and mental health care professionals. These serve as gateways to connect with one another, answer queries, discuss ideas, and develop collaborative projects.

About A Change for Better

ACFB was established by Ashley Cairns and Joe Cairns. Ashley Cairns has been a mental health counsellor for the past 15 years. Her life's purpose is to provide mental wellness solutions to people from all communities and help them overcome their issues. Joe Cairns handles the technical side of the platform. He has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years. He relishes the challenges of using technology as a tool in the wellness journey for all.

Together, they set up this platform to benefit both the general public and mental health care, professionals. They have been helping people find mental health solutions, one step at a time.

For more information, visit the A Change for Better, Visit here:

Media Contact info

Ashley Cairns

CEO/ Co-Founder



February, 2022, New York City: Mariann Yip is delighted to announce the pre-order of her first book, Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, "It's You, It's Not Me" in the NYC Dating Scene. Learn how crazy dating experiences led to self-discovery, self-development, and self-love for this native New Yorker. Her close girlfriends encouraged her to write the book during the pandemic because her dating experiences were unique, unpredictable, and entertaining. Her stories offer a fresh lens to the reality of dating in a busy and big city like New York and is a modern take on “Sex and the City.”

"While I was dating all of these men, I was also dating myself in the process."— Mariann Yip, from Un-Hinged."

Yip navigated her mid to late 20s at the heart of it all, in the city that never sleeps. Dating in New York City offers a pool of endless options. Coming across men with different backgrounds and personalities on an app made it an adventure and a chance for self-exploration.

"Had I not put myself out there and had not said yes to all these men, I wouldn't have had the crazy experiences I did. And to be honest, looking back, they actually make me smile because I can now pinpoint who Mariann was when she was dating as a single woman in NYC." — Mariann Yip

Yip recalls her experiences in a raw and authentic way, as if she was telling her story for the first time to her girlfriends. Every chapter dives into the lessons she’s learned from each suitor. Un-Hinged also touches on the role of therapy in her life. Yip applied the lessons learned from her therapy sessions to her relationships and dates. Other major themes of the book include the importance in healing past wounds, recognizing patterns, and the power of boundaries, self-awareness and self-love.

Letting Go of Control to Let Love In

It can be hard to find love when you are comparing your timeline to others. Letting go of control and expectations is a liberating way to see the bigger picture of life and love. Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, "It's You, It's Not Me" in the NYC Dating Scene is meant to inspire anyone looking for genuine love.

Aside from giving a sneak peek into the real dating scene in NYC, the book is an eye-opener for women to keep themselves open to possibilities. Un-Hinged is a reminder to those who are trying to find their person that they are more than their relationship status and their worth is not defined by an online dating profile.

“When all else fails, you can resort to the saying, “It’s you, it’s not me,” and just keep trucking along, because I’m here with you. Your girl’s got you.” — Mariann Yip

Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, "It's You, It's Not Me" in the NYC Dating Scene launches on March 1, 2022 and is available for pre-order now at It is also available at

About the Author

Mariann Yip is a native New Yorker and was born and raised in the Lower East Side in the beautiful city that never sleeps. She is a lifestyle and travel blogger who shares tips and travel adventures at She hosts the podcast The City Confessions, in which she leads ongoing discussions with other New York residents to share their truths and stories. Mariann’s mission is to create a safe platform for storytelling and to normalize pain, struggle, and vulnerability.

Media Contact info
Mariann Yip
917 513 1616


When the burdens in life take a toll, most people choose to hide them under the carpet. They do not want others to know they are suffering. Unfortunately, according to mental health experts, their situation only worsens. The loss of her dream job, struggles with mental health, and the COVID 19 pandemic did not keep her down; she chose to be positive and share her journey with others. She uses books, podcasts, and the online community to share her story, inspire others and give her strength to deal with her mental health issues. Amanda is an emerging bestselling author, a leading mental health podcaster, and an advocate.

"By starting my podcast and publishing my children's book series; I'm aiming to start important conversations around mental health, inclusivity, and the highlight reel that is social media. We need to get comfortable talking about the things mainstream society deems as taboo because it might be the difference that saves someone's life when they're dealing with something heavy," says Amanda while explaining the reason for starting her online community and writing career.

Her new book is a vibrant conversation starter on inclusivity for families who want to increase empathy, tolerance, and friendliness in other kids.

Readers and parents describe her new children's book "Jumo the Unicorn: Manda's Magical Zoo" as an excellent, age-appropriate conversation starter on inclusiveness.

Amanda was inspired by a little rhino when working as an animal trainer. The story is about Jumo the Rhino, struggling with an identity crisis. Assisted by a pink-haired zookeeper who can communicate with animals, the characters in the story help spread the message of inclusivity, friendship, and love in the magical zoo.

In this story, Amanda teaches the young readers to respect their true selves regardless of how the world perceives them. She believes that the story will inspire positive values and help the readers grow into sensible, warm, and empathetic human beings.

How She Started

Amanda created her brand while working in the animal training field, focusing on sharing her career and love of animals. When she was laid off from her dream job in 2019, she started struggling with her mental health. Amanda did not hide her problem; instead, she shared her journey with others to build a like-minded online community. She took a moment of hurt and loss by the horns, turning it into an opportunity. During the 2020 pandemic, Amanda made what she calls the hardest decision to date to walk away from a career she had built. She was experiencing burnout and fatigue and barely surviving; she was heartbroken. She prioritized her mental health to become a better person, friend, daughter, wife, and sister. She discovered she had a lot to offer through a soul and identity search process and could be more than just an animal trainer. It was time she focused on herself to start sharing her voice.

She started a mental health podcast called "Sunshine and Rainbows" and later began writing a children's book spreading messages of love, friendship, and kindness to help teach kids some pretty valuable lessons.

"My hope is that by sharing my story so publicly, it will impact those that need it most. I never want someone to feel as hopeless and alone as I did while walking through those dark times. I wish I would've felt seen, heard, and understood. I've made it my mission to reach everyone, regardless if they're personally struggling with mental illness or are impacted by it," remarks Amanda as she invites people who may be going through rough patches to her online community.

For more information visit:

About Amanda 

Amanda Young started her career as an animal trainer. Although she was laid off, she didn't let that setback bog her down. Rather, she saw it as an opportunity to explore her other dreams and passions. Today she spearheads a mental health & inclusivity-centered brand, hosts a successful podcast, and is now a bestselling author.

Media contact

Amanda Young

Mental Health Advocate, Owner ThatMandaGirl LLC


Women looking for distinctive styles will be happy to discover Helen Bellart, a Moda designer girl from Spain. The fashion-conscious artist and stylist creates products through digital printing of her own work on high-quality and sustainable fabrics. Over the years, the Helen Bellart brand has created exclusive products with character, personality, and unique design, fleeing massive productions and uniformity.

The products, which are handmade with love, include original handmade kimonos with unique designs, brightly colored floral and coral motifs, silk scarves, a clutch bag, and a silk bracelet. These are just some of Helen's products she carefully thought of throughout the years.

Her background and inspiration

Helen Bellart was born in Nitra, Slovakia. Currently, she now lives between Vienna and Marbella. She has a background in the artistic education of painting. Having studied in Vienna, she learned new techniques for oil painting and acrylic.

The self-taught artist who has created her own style has grown to produce more expressive and diverse pieces. Her movements have influenced her styles with the flair of the south, evidently sparking her creativity.

Delicate brush strokes take turns with contoured reliefs, striking an interesting contrast to the warm and cheerful colors. Her travels to prominent places in the world like New York, London, Vienna, and Paris have drawn additional inspiration to her. The multicultural charms of the cities fascinate her, giving her new ideas.

"I am constantly searching for new motifs, and I observe the world around me with much love and attention. This keeps giving me new ideas, which I then realize on the canvas," said Helen as she explained her source of ideas and inspiration.

Bellart also further expressed that her passion for painting remains strong despite her success in the fashion label over the years. She finds peace and strength in painting. She also revealed that painting helps her lose track of time.

Helen believes that art is a way of expressing, and one way of doing that is through wearing handmade clothes and accessories, and other products. As a person who is passionate about painting and fashion, she aims to give her customers products that they will like and will make their money worth it.

Her style approaches are pure elegance, open-minded and young-spirited. The Alta Moda Brand has been received positively in the fashion market. She attributes this to her commitment to providing the customers with styles that meet their needs.


Helen Bellart did not expect her products to attract attention so quickly. She said she was surprised by the demand for her pieces. This achievement reaffirmed her decision to walk the untraveled path. She attributed her optimistic approach to life, sense of humor, and the constant pursuit of perfection and satisfaction to her success, adding that all of this is reflected in her works.

Online shop

Helen's designer pieces can be found at her online shop and through a network of carefully selected distributors in Spain, England, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, and the USA. Among the products that fashion-conscious women will get in the online shop include decorative pillows, necklaces, and chokers, handbags and keychain accessories, dresses, bracelets, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, tops, rings, anklets, bracelets, bags, and silk scarves, among others.

For more information, you may visit her website or her Instagram account @helenbellart.

About Helen Bellart

Helen Bellart is an international artist, a Moda designer, who makes handmade fashion items from oil painting. Her products include handmade dresses and accessories for fashion-conscious and stylish women.

Media contact info


Instagram: @helenbellart


Beginning February 20th to March 20th, 2022, everyone that loves God can take part in the Lettie-L's God of Mercy video dance competition.

God of Mercy is Lettie-L’s recent single, an inspiring and uplifting song that blesses the listeners and brings them closer to God.

“The same way God is for everyone, Lettie- L’s music is for everyone,” said Lettie-L’s manager while acknowledging that the Lord can use music to save lives.

Lettie-L believes that God can use the music ministry to change the world and make it a better place. Lettie-L has taken gospel music to a new height, all to the glory of God. God that health has used her music to heal many souls.

To participate in Lettie-L’s music video dance competition, participants are supposed to follow the following steps:

  1. Watch the video on YouTube and comment and subscribe to the channel,
  2. Download the song from any of the sites where it is available,
  3. Participants should make a dance clip of not more than 2 minutes while dancing to the song,
  4. Upload the clip on YouTube or Instagram and tag Lettie-L there.

Winners will be announced on social media and awarded accordingly. The first prize is $250, the second prize is $150, and the third prize is $100.

Participants are encouraged to submit their videos before the due date of March 20th, 2022, as winners will be announced by March 27th, 2022.

Lettie-L continues to minister in songs and will soon commence her national and international ministration as the Lord leads.

For more information visit: or

About Lettie-L

Lettie-L started has been in the ministry since childhood but answered the Lord’s call in 2014. She has been making the world a better place with the help of her music. She helps people accept Christ in their lives, get healing, joy, recovery, and deliverance.

Lettie-L ministers to groups of people in churches and other gatherings, receiving invitations from all over the world.

Media Contact info

Lettie Lawman




Bangsta Bears will be launching 4,750 Gang Bangin’ Bears on the Solana Blockchain with a mint price of 0.39 SOL. NFT lovers can start minting these Bangsta Bears on January 28th at 5 pm EST from In addition, the Bangsta team is ready to assist newbies into the space with step-by-step videos to guide them to set up their wallets and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. So, whether you are an expert or just a beginner, the team will always have you covered!

Bangsta wants to ensure that many more new members can join the crew and unite for the common goal of integrating into the Metaverse and running Web 3.0 in the future. Thus, Bangsta shifted towards Solana to reduce gas fees for the minting process, making it affordable for anyone keen to join the space.

“People often ask me the reason I chose Solana. I believe $SOL has a great future & will bring big returns, even bigger than ETH since SOL’s market cap is 10x less. I believe SOL can easily hit $500–1k next year (2022). Therefore, investing in SOL NFTs is indirectly investing in $SOL at the same time so that it would be a good investment in my eyes,” says Austin, aka Erk, the Founder and Head of the Bangsta Bears Project. “Ethereum will always be the superior blockchain for NFTs. Still, the continuous high gas price is turning people off. Hopefully, ETH 2.0 can fix this. For right now, the gas fees are a VERY high barrier to entry for people who are new to NFTs.”

Bangsta Bears is not just a cute animal project but is more than that. There are numerous utilities and excellent benefits for the holders of the Bangsta Bear, including:

  • Direct access to the weekly classes conducted by founder Erk on many different topics, including NFTs, Crypto, Investing, and more!
  • Having a one-to-one conversation with Erk once a month for Top holders & OGs
  • Premium access to members only, Stock, Crypto, and NFT calls, analysis, and a daily overview of each market
  • Met averse access to our future land purchase as well as the freedom of creating a custom Bangsta Bear as their character
  • Access to airdrops, exclusive giveaway, and potential future projects for FREE Early “whitelist” and presale access for hot new projects.

Moreover, Bangsta Bears holders will hold the majority of the tokens and reap exciting benefits. For more information, read:

About Bangsta Bears:

Austin, aka “Erk,” recently graduated college and has postponed his other business ventures to work on the Bangsta Bears. He has been buying, selling, and using crypto for five years now. Next, he collected and flipped “NFTs” for easy money and lost a lot in a year. Nevertheless, he learned from his mistakes and moved on to create a space where newbies can learn and prosper from his experiences.

Austin's onboard geniuses like Tyler and Edrian joined his mission to take Bangsta Bears onto the next level. Tyler is a professional developer who had worked on over 10 NFT projects and many other crypto projects before NFTs became mainstream. Tyler knows and understands everything about the block chain, like the palm of his hand!

Edrian from Valiant Graphics has worked for big brands like ESPN, Etsy, and Passive Owl! He has been working with NFT art for the past year and has created 10k collections for his clients. 

Contact Info:


iBentoy is planning to take the world by storm, thanks to the success of their online Kawaii Shop (Cute Shop). The Kawaii store offers a wide range of stylish and funky accessories, gift items, home decors, and more—all focused on spreading Chinese culture and cuteness worldwide.

Currently, iBentoy is celebrating Hot Sale Month and offers 15% discount on Washi tapes and stickers to make New Year enjoyable for everyone. Moreover, customers can buy two products, to which the second item is at 50% less!  

Customers will find comfort in their positive Kawaii world, where there is always something for everyone.

The Kawaii stationery supplies will definitely heal anyone's heart. You will feel your aura and mood elevating like never before with their Transparent Writing Phone Holder, Warm Book Mark, Celestial Observation Series Sticky Notes, and Bunny's Life Mini Note Book.

If you are looking for cute protective phone cases for your iPhone against any incoming drops, then check out the Kawaii  Cartoon Balloon Dumbo Phone case, Colorful Flower Phone case, and Space Duck Phone Case!  

Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go with their cute line of beauty products: Cute Pique Bear Lipstick, Velvet Cream Texture Eyeshadow, and Vrystal Diamond Nail Sticker.

"Kawaii" themed products will add joy and excitement to the best of your days with their Puppy Acrylic Pendant Keychain, New Thicken Cartoon Carpet, Puppy Plush Chain Bag, and To Sing Elephant & Dog, keeping you entertained.

"We create positive, light-hearted art that is adorable and can make people smile. This store has always been a home of love, which makes us happy that so many customers keep coming back and recommending the products we create and sell to friends," said the founder of iBentoy. "Our goal is to continue to provide lovely products in the next few years. We hope to see more and more product choices from new vendors we can proudly recommend."

iBentoy offers free shipping to customers worldwide if they buy products worth 30 USD above and receive them within 3-7 days! The Kawaii shop also provides a 14-day refund option as customer satisfaction is their top priority.

For more information on iBentoy, visit


IBentoy is an online boutique that caters to the legions of fans across Asia and abroad who are passionate about all things cute, adorable, and uniquely designed. They make various products featuring animals, lollipop girls, and playful patterns, which the characteristics and designs are inspired by their love for Chinese culture.

The online Kawaii store was founded in 2018 and offered handmade products only. After establishing itself as something worth investing in, the store has since grown and now offers a wide range of high-quality goods for its customers to select from.

When life gets you down, iBentoy Kawaii products will help you get through the everyday hustle by surrounding you with things that are lovable, colorful, and exciting! 

Contact Us:

Organization Name: iBentoy
Phone Number: +1 (330) 822-3987




Los Alamitos, CA: Applied Innovative Psychiatry (AIP) today launched a new clinic to provide affordable psychiatric services for low-income people affected by ADD or ADHD. Anyone above the age of 12 is welcome to come for an evaluation at an affordable rate in California.

"Due to the pandemic, children and families have been struggling to find affordable mental health providers that can provide top-notch services. During COVID-19, I was working as a Travel Nurse. I went all over the place and found no structure for psychiatric treatment. I found myself wondering what my purpose is during this pandemic," said Marissa Cascio. "It was then I realized my purpose in life is to spread mental health awareness and help patients with psychiatric issues. I'm here, so let me help you."

Parents who struggle to gain their kids' attention and find that home-schooling isn't working will benefit from their services. Likewise, people whose jobs are suffering because of poor time management or chronic procrastination and can't hold down relationships with friends and families will recover at AIP.

AIP recognizes that an individual’s needs differ from one patient to the next, so they strive to provide a personalized and relaxed mental healthcare experience with research-informed care. All of their doctors respond to calls promptly.

People at AIP want individuals and families to know that they are in good hands during this difficult time. They hope to cultivate an atmosphere of trust so that together, they can build a unique plan to help others recover from ADD or ADHD using the safe and secure treatment and give them hope for a better future.

If you or someone you know is hurting or having trouble, please call their office at 562-431-9999 or email them:

For more information on AIP services, visit

About Applied Innovative Psychiatry:

AIP was founded in 2006 to treat emotional and behavioral issues through psychiatric medicine while leading scientific research to expand their understanding of psychiatry.

Marissa Cascio B.S., R.N, has earned a B.S. degree in Nutrition with a minor in Chemistry from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and then got her nursing degree from the University of Rochester.

Marissa was a member of the Delta Espilon Iota Academic Honor Society and has worked in various clinical nursing settings within Level I trauma centers, including the University of Southern California Keck Medical Center.

Contact Us:

Contact Name: Marissa Cascio RN
Phone: 562-431-9999