October, 2021 -- New York -- We celebrate the Greatest Generation for their courage and honor, but the way they loved is not to be forgotten. As we approach the 80th anniversary of the United States entering World War II, Luigina Vecchione tells a story of love and hope that was made possible through the courage of two young individuals during a time filled with despair in ‘Greetings from Asbury Park’.

Set for release on October 22nd, ‘Greetings from Asbury Park’ takes readers on a journey from war-torn Rome, Italy, to the sandy beaches of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Through the eyes of a young couple in love during World War II, readers will uncover the highs and lows they faced both at war and on the home front as they search for answers to the question - how much is too much to sacrifice for love?

“This book is incredibly personal for me,” said Luigina. “It’s loosely based on my parents’ meeting. Growing up, I always lived in awe of their love. It was effortless, passionate, and inspiring all at the same time. I knew their story was not only unique but one that would only become increasingly rare with time. As we continue to live in a world that demands instant gratification, I wanted to tell a story that would inspire people to hold on to the faith that sometimes things are simply meant to be, and we have to trust that with the bad, something good is waiting around the corner.”

In her debut novel, Luigina Vecchione showcases the Greatest Generation in a new light, telling the story of long-distance love, family, sacrifice, and redemption during one of the darkest eras of history. The two main characters, Mariella and Jack, become relatable almost immediately through the author’s thoughtful wording. Contextualized just enough, Luigina gives readers an understanding of the reality of wartime without losing the innocence of a hopeful young couple dreaming of making everything work in the name of love.

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Luigina Vecchione




With winter approaching and climate change effects expected in the season, weather experts are warning of increased snow. US.Shovel, an American company that designs and manufacturers hand tools in Michigan, does not want homeowners to be caught ill-equipped. In response, the company has reengineered the snow shovel utilizing the principles of ergonomics, biomechanics & musculoskeletal disorder.

Calling it a problem-solving ergonomic tool, Jennifer Smith, Head of Marketing at US.Shovel, says the U.S.-made and patented Crack Jumper Snow Shovel makes shoveling safe and easy on the body. Crack Jumper's unique, multi-patented blade levelers that ride over cracks and uneven surfaces, protects the user from potential injuries from jarring stops. The 2-handed Easy Back grip allows the user to push snow while standing up straight, helping to protect the back. In addition, the Crack Jumper Snow Shovels have an adjustable-length handle for a proper fit for users of most any height.

Those who have bought and used the Crack Jumper Snow Shovel talk highly of its safety, comfort, and effectiveness. P. Dougherty, a satisfied customer had this to say: “I love my Crack Jumper Snow Shovel; easy on the back, easily moves snow, close contact with the sidewalk.

In a USA Today's Review written by Dan Roth and Jean Levasseur, the reviewer says they were impressed by several features of the Crack Jumper Snow Shovel, including its ability to change the handle based on the users height and the Smart Track Safety Blade which is designed to absorb and deflect the impact of hitting objects buried in the snow.

To ensure that the tool reaches as many as possible, US.Shovel has been partnering with major retail outlets including Menards, Home Depot, and Lowes.

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US.Shovel, an American company that designs and manufacturers non-powered industrial and for-home hand tools in Michigan, USA, is the creator of Crack Jumper Shovels and EASY BACK Brooms. The company is winning over the hand tool industry by creating ergonomically advanced tools at production rates, quality standards, and cost efficiencies beyond current industry standards. The award-winning company designs and builds solutions.

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Promoting businesses online while targeting the local market has been hailed as an effective way to increase customers in the neighborhood. Dubbed the “digital marketing near me”, Muhammad Umar, the Director of SEO Website Masters, says that the central role of a marketing agency is to help businesses appeal to more local customers. “ If you have a local business, services of a ‘marketing agency near me 'is vital, as it will help you target the local customers and familiarize them with your business”, said Umar, adding that there are specific scope of strategies that need to be incorporated into a business effort for digital marketing targeting local businesses.

While announcing that they have launched new digital marketing services where customers can get web design, SEO, and social media marketing, Umar said SEO service is an incredibly effective way to market local business online, as it helps businesses promote products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re looking for them online.

SEO Website Masters has gained a reputation among customers and within the industry,

Other services offered by SEO Website Masters include animation and 3D, paid advertising, mobile app design, and digital marketing training. Umar says that they aim at standing out from the crowd and offer high-quality services to all types of companies, especially to small-medium enterprises at affordable rates. “Our SEO service enables businesses to attract targeted customers and build a brand image in the mind of customers”, added Umar, while noting that they seek to help businesses that are looking to create awareness or want to generate a lead.

SEO Website Masters’ mission is to help people achieve their online goals through dedicated professional services covering all the important aspects. According to the company’s representative, they have so far assisted more than 100 customers to a build successful digital marketing strategy. Umar states that they are now considered SEO experts, adding that they have been in the internet marketing industry since 2012.

Two years after its inception, it had already been recognized as an SEO expert. On September 27, 2014, said that agency was setting records with internet marketing and SEO. Richard Bell echoed similar sentiment son August 18, 2018, where he stated: "The SEO Website Masters Digital Marketing Training Program is a global revenue sharing and social networking system that works by using the principles of individual financial gain through group cooperation. It is the perfect business for people who are tired of spending all of their money on advertising without any sales to show for it. While reacting to these sentiments, Umar stated that SEO Website Masters is ushering in a new development to the multi-billion dollar internet explosion that is poised to rival the likes of Neil Patel.

“Whether you are looking for web design or need a custom web design using WordPress or even social media marketing, we strategize your ad spend according to your desired ROI”, said Umar, noting that they will continue offering services that meet customers’ needs and allow local businesses to effectively compete in a crowded market.

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About SEO Website Masters

SEO Website Masters is a web design firm located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, offering its services to those who are looking to impact the online world through the most used and rewarding digital marketing strategies. SEO Website Masters relies on its professionals who have years of industry experience that allows them to get the best return on investment for clients. They always strive at ensuring excellent customer satisfaction through guaranteed results. Over their years of operation, they have helped many clients through their professional services, and they have managed to gain new heights in their businesses through proper strategies for succeeding in the online world.

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Amazon sellers looking to sell their product quickly, avoid risks, and rapidly achieve profitability for their business can now depend on Sorftime, to analyze the market. Sorftime is a tool that provides standard product research, market data analytic plugin for Amazon sellers. It is helping worldwide Amazon sellers pick the right direction, run the business efficiently and grab traffic. Sorftime quickly generates market reports based on big data intelligent algorithms. Through these reports, we can quickly understand the market monopoly, whether there are big sellers or big brands, the number of reviews, review ratings, competitive product pricing strategies and other core elements to help sellers quickly assess market risks.

“Sorftime is not just a tool for efficiency. We provide Amazon data analysis and selection practical methodology”, says the company representative, while outlining the benefits of using the Amazon product research tool.

Sorftime is a product research software widely used by Amazon sellers around the world. The big data product research tool supports 12 major Amazon sites data with more than 80,000 plus customers in 39 countries and regions. The data is updated in real-time within 6-8 hours to improve the efficiency of data collection, statistics, sorting, analysis, and decision-making for the entire Amazon seller group market research.

Using big data intelligent algorithms, the product research tool is a high-quality operational selection tool that provides intuitive reports allowing the sellers to understand the market risks and opportunities. With such data, they can shield risks and achieve profitability.

“Choosing Amazon products should not be difficult; Sorftime can help you all through. The professional Amazon marketing competitive environment analysis is a big data product research too”, said a seller who has used the tool, adding that sellers can avoid risks, lower the costs and shorten the investment cycle using this tool.

The Sorftime mini app

Early this year, the Sorftime mini-app was launched, breaking traditional thinking and opening up product research using random presentations. So far, Sorftime has managed to get 3600k plus Asins Software updates daily, 40 months of Big Data representing true Amazon Market, 100k plus paid customers using Sorftime for Amazon, 120 times plus seller summits, and 300k plus Amazon seller product finding techniques, among others.

About Sorftime

Sorftime is a global online data solution provider committed to providing global Amazon sellers with objective data from various marketplaces to improve the efficiency of the whole Amazon marketplace’s data collection, statistics, sorting, and analysis.

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Sophie Tabak, a ?euro-?ased Pilates and Movement teacher, has opened a new studio in Little Rock, AR. Sophie has extensive training and holds several licenses and certifications in Pilates, massage and bodywork, functionally applied movement neurology, and neural reset therapy. She works with clients who need help with rehabilitation from injury, chronic pain, or those who just need individualized work with a Pilates teacher. She also integrates vision training and balance training within the sessions, providing a tailored and unique experience to the client.

For Sophie, Little Rock is not just any other place; it is home. She is returning to where she grew up. She now wants to be close to family and provide the residents of Little Rock and beyond with a service that will improve their quality of living. Her studio is like no other in the area; she is providing a truly holistic approach where she is integrating vision and balance training within the session. Such a combination, says Sophie, helps people move and feel better. The approach used by Sophie’s new studio can reduce pain, making the patient stronger and more flexible, and provides the client with tools to be own health advocate.

Sophie feels strongly that clients should be empowered to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands. She provides each client with exercises and drills specific to them, to help them achieve their movement goals.

Client’s who have sought Sophie’s services had this to say about her –

“Sophie is an extraordinarily competent professional. Her knowledge of neurology surpasses that of many clinicians I have ever encountered,” said one of the clients, who revealed that when she developed persistent vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation, Sophie was better able to pinpoint the issue and develop exercises that helped all of the neurological functions of balance as well as hearing. The client continues saying that Sophie really understands how things work and how to train the brain to function better and overcome disturbances. “After 2 months of feeling dizzy, off-balance, the room spinning and a hangover headache from vertigo, in just a few weeks, I was normal again”, says the client, while calling those who have neurological issues should not hesitate to seek assistance from the neuro-based Pilates and Movement teacher. “She is gifted and can help you. I highly recommend working with Sophie”, adds the client.

Another client who reveals that Sophie has been helping her had this to say. “Her work is so beneficial and helped turn back the clock on my golf game! I am grateful that she helps keep me in shape to do the things I love.”

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About MVMT Place

Sophie Tabak, who is a certified Master Practitioner for neuro-centric movement training, founded MVMT Place in 2021. She holds a master-level certification in Neural Reset Therapy, a form of bodywork to reduce pain and improve range of motion. Sophie is the first and only fully certified Z-Health Master Practitioner and NRT therapist in the state of Arkansas.

Sophie has spent many years in the health and wellness industry, constantly learning more to better serve her clients. She is constantly studying, staying on top of the most up-to-date research. Sophie has helped a wide variety of clients- ranging from those wanting to get stronger or wanting to improve mobility and flexibility, to people struggling with chronic pain, and even professional athletes.

Sophie stands out in the industry by utilizing her knowledge of movement neurology, massage/bodywork, and Pilates-based movement within her sessions.

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Sophie Tabak, Owner



September, 2021 -- Air quality has always been a serious issue. And with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that affected millions of people globally, it has made headlines over the past year with growing concerns around filtering contaminants like particulate matter as well as harmful viruses and bacteria from the air we breathe.

Indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. To resolve this issue, especially under the current situation of COVID-19 and its newest Delta variant, the CDC has recommended the use of HEPA Air Purifiers to enhance air purification especially in higher risk areas.

Clean force Mega 1000 Air Purifier is one of the industry’s best large room air purifiers and is also the most advanced true extra-large air purifier. Clean force is a US company based in Chino, California. All its air purifier products are sold in the United States and Europe. The company has been cooperating with authoritative research institutions and world class laboratories to develop top-notch air purifiers to protect people’s respiratory health.

Clean force Mega 1000 Air Purifier boasts superior purification capacity with its Double Filtration System and 360-degree air distribution that is capable of covering the greatest possible area. Its design includes a Multi-integrated Filtration Technology that allows Clean Force air purifiers to filtrate up to 99.97% of extra-fine particles including DNA/RNA-based virus and bacteria, dust mite, pollen, and mold spore as small as 0.1 microns in the large space.

“This does an amazing job at keeping the particles out of the air and the smells away. With 4 kids and 2 giant dogs, it's always hard to keep things clean and smelling fresh in our house. This is a miracle worker. It has 4 different filters to make sure everything gets caught,” says Candace K., a verified user who has already tried the product.

Its smart and quiet design is due to its high-precision laser particle sensor Smart Technology that allows the purifier to automatically adjust its fan speed to make adjustments for real-time air quality measurements. This innovation helps consumers save energy and make sure that they are not running the machine at full power when it is not needed.

The Clean force Mega 1000 air purifier is ETL Listed, FCC Certified, Energy Star Verified, California air resources board (CARB), CA PROP 65 certified and EPA registered.

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Cleanforce Air is a US company dedicated to bringing hi-tech air purifying products to the market. We make the latest in air purification technology widely available to improve indoor air quality for families everywhere. To ensure our products perform at the highest levels and incorporate the latest technology, we have partnered with the world’s most respected testing labs. Clean force purifiers are all fully verified and subjected to strict testing—meeting and exceeding quality control standards for energy efficiency, performance, and safety.


Luis Correa

PR Manager, CleanForce Technology Inc

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September, 2021 -- Now you can help protect and save the environment while keeping your teeth clean and maintaining your oral hygiene. ATYS has recently launched new environmentally sustainable oral care products, including the company’s novel modular aluminum toothbrushes with replaceable head made from a bio-based material that is a perfect alternative for plastic.

In the United States, almost 1 billion toothbrushes end up in landfills annually and the number of discarded toothbrushes at a global scale is inestimable. And while there are already several eco-friendly products out in the market, a lot of users often complain that these products lack quality, durability, and aesthetics. Ironically, most eco-friendly products today have an image that is far from premium.

“Sustainable design not only needs to reduce the negative impact on the planet but also to encourage more consumers to use sustainable products by providing excellent quality and design,” states Sophia Hyun, Founder of ATYS.

“ATYS is redefining manual toothbrushes that let you stop throwing plastic into landfills without sacrificing a healthy smile. Our mission is to set a new standard for oral care: one based on clinical effectiveness, quality and sustainable materials, as well as exceptional design,” Sophia adds.

ATYS toothbrush offers an alternative to consumers who are looking for an ecofriendly toothbrush that does not forgo aesthetics. The new toothbrush design offers an attractive premium. Boasting an aluminum handle with a replaceable brush head, this new design aims to reduce environmental pollution while maintaining style and self-respect.

“I have been looking for a replacement for the endless amount of plastic toothbrushes I throw away. I don't use an electric toothbrush either. Love the premium eco-friendly toothbrush,” Nick Callaghen says, who has already tried the new product.

After 2 years of meticulous research and design by a team of dentists and designers, the revolutionary ATYS toothbrush has been engineered to excel in clinical performance. Every toothbrush is made of a slim aluminum handle,a replaceable biodegradable head, and an aluminum holder. Its ergonomic design means it can last a lifetime. The replaceable brush head is designed to float when the handle is laid on the sink.

“The replaceable brush head and reusable handle are made to reduce waste up to 70% less plastic than in replacing a regular manual toothbrush. The toothbrush holder’s drainage hole allows water to drain freely, which provides air circulation between handle and holder,” Sophia explains.

Currently, ATYS offers two types of brush heads engineered by dentists with years of experience in the industry. The first one is a Double Layered model designed for efficient plaque removal and the other one is the Ultra Soft model, ideal for those with sensitive gums.

The new and revolutionary design of the ATYS toothbrush aims to provide an environmentally sustainable solution while maximizing oral hygiene. ATYS Eco-friendly aluminum toothbrush was the winner of the 2021 Red Dot and IF DESIGN AWARD 2021; both are prestigious international design competition for product design, communication design and design concepts.

The ATYS toothbrush design even managed to draw high commendation from the jury at the Red Dot award: “The ATYS Eco-Toothbrush stands out with its environmentally responsible concept that combines a high standard of oral hygiene with a striking and elegant aesthetic.”

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ATYS was founded by Sophia Hyun, out of her Boston home in 2018. When looking into everyday plastic toothbrush use, Sophia was appalled by the number of harmful plastic toothbrushes people were throwing away into our landfills. While she tried using environmentally sustainable toothbrushes in the market, she was not able to find a toothbrush that has decent bristles with a beautiful design. Sophia undertook extensive research with a team of dentists to create a sustainable toothbrush that excels in bristle technology while uplifting the bathroom atmosphere. In order to maintain quality control, manufacture is done in South Korea because it has been renowned for its toothbrush bristles technology. Sophia strives to encourage more consumers to use sustainable products by breaking the stereotypes on environmentally safe products.


Sophia Hyun


Phone Number/Extension: +1 617-862-6589



August, 2021 –– It is definitely hard enough to make it out of a refugee camp, but to become successful in another country, this is definitely a one of a kind story of sheer determination and resolve.

Born in Gaza Strip in Palestine, Anwar Faisal is the third of six siblings. The Gaza Strip has long been a very dangerous, unstable, and poor area with lots of political conflicts and diplomatic strife between Palestine and Israel. Faisal always had big dreams for his future and realized that good education would play a key part in helping him achieve these goals.

Anwar graduated from high school in Gaza and went to Egypt in the early 70s to study at Ain Shams University, located in Cairo. After graduating, Faisal headed to Saudi Arabia to work in the construction industry.

“I was helping people with tiling, plastering, and carpentry services as a mercenary. I worked there for one year and was paid the minimum wage,” Anwar Faisal recalled.

“The situation in this country was getting worse. I couldn’t even get a driver’s license and residency. I decided to move to UAE, Abu Dhabi, where I started my job as a purchase manager (steel, concrete) in a big company named “Kortoba”,” Faisal added.

Faisal’s pursuit of higher education and determination to succeed led him to the U.S. to get a master’s degree and Ph.D. in Business Management. He studied English at Boston University for six months but had to put a halt on his dream due to financial concerns.

“I had to work security at BU, at first part-time. Then, I finally got a full-time job which qualified me to have tuition remission (free tuition),” Faisal said.

Qualifying for free tuition at a well-known university in Boston was a big relief for Anwar who was making $4.70 per hour while working 80 hours a week.

After completing his master’s degree, his adviser, Prof. George Gitter, recommended him for a Ph.D. 

“During that summer of 1983, I was working two jobs: security and real estate. My Professor discovered that I would be do better in real estate than working on my Ph.D. and he withdrew his recommendation letter for the Ph.D. after 3 months,” Faisal said.

“Professor Gitter noticed that it would be better for my future to continue doing real estate instead of wasting 4 years on a Ph.D program. I believe Professor Gitter had a good vision for his students,” Faisal continued.

In 1984, Anwar Faisal was already heavily involved in the real estate industry and was currently living at an apartment on Queensberry St. After finding an envelope one day informing him that buildings 56 to 58would be converted to condominiums, he was given the opportunity to purchase it at the cost of $59,900. This was his first purchase, a one bedroom, 590 sq.ft apartment.

Anwar Faisal continued mastering his crafts in real estate partnering with other people and investing in more properties even after the real estate disaster in 1987 when the interest rate was at 11% and inflation was high. Over the years, Faisal ended up working independently. He started working alone and made sure to manage his finances wisely so he was able to continue buying units from auctions. After 10 years, he was advised by one of his bankers to step up and start buying buildings instead of apartment units.

“I believe this is the best advice I had received after Dr. Gitter’s advice. I started buying buildings aggressively (all the rental units), I was very lucky to get a big project in Fenway with 201 units. It was a “grand slam” or home run for me,” Faisal shared.

Currently Anwar Faisal owns thousands of units in the Greater Boston Area. His success in the real estate industry provided him the means to help other people by giving one-third of his income to various charities. He also developed two mosques in Brighton for the Islamic community.

“I really wanted to help the poor people in Gaza Strip where I was born by performing some acts of compassion and kindness. I was supporting a hundred families and students, handicapped and disabled persons and orphans until this time increased to 1000 families who are getting help from me on monthly basis (paying for food, medicine, and rent) as well as students getting the scholarship, which is increasing each semester. Also, I decided to build a hospital in Gaza,” he said.

Anwar Faisal is also a sponsor of The Boston Islamic Seminary and The Palestinian Cultural Center of Peace as well as an active sponsor and supporter of all the mosques and Islamic schools and hospitals annually at St. John’s Hospital and another hospital in Israel. Anwar Faisal is also the co-founder of Yusuf Mosque in Brighton.

As a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Anwar Faisal’s contribution to the community here and abroad is a success story we hope others would emulate.


Phone Number/Extension 617 730-5888




Parents can help develop cognitive skills for their children through personalized bedtime books. Research has shown that bedtime stories are powerful tools for strengthening the parent-child bond, as well as an effective way of preparing children for sleep. Reading a book at bedtime every night also helps boost the child’s brain development.

Lion Story Personalized books are aware of these facts and through their personalized bedtime stories, are seeking to help parents inculcate vital life skills in their children and show them, love. While announcing the availability of personalized bedtime stories, Alex, the representative of Lion Story Personalized Books says the books offer tangible benefits. “The personalized bedtime books turn your child into the hero in a fascinating way. It also helps develop their cognitive and reading skills,” said Alex, while outlining some of the benefits that are derived from the personalized bedtime storybooks.

Recent studies have shown that personalized stories have numerous benefits to a child. A story in which a child is the main character was found to improve retention better than regular books. It empowers literacy through boosting early literacy skills, increases reading motivation, and boosts creativity.

How it works

The parent selects a story that is liked most or personalizes all of them. Each of the Lion Story has valuable lessons and skills that it teaches a child.

The creation of character takes place via a magical personalized button, initiating a five-step customization process that allows the addition of the child’s name, sex, skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, as well as freckles or glasses. Further personalization involves the addition of a dedication where own warm and special wishes are expressed. This dedication will appear on the back cover. To go along with dedication is a photo that Alex says makes the gift even more memorable. The last step allows a preview of the character in the storybook to see what it looks like, once satisfied payment method and shipping details are added, and the order is ready for placement.

Once the order is placed, the storybook is printed, and the magic to life through the typography. Each book is carefully printed and shipped directly to the recipient.

“As you choose a story template tailored to the interests of your child, you open the door for a unique opportunity to bond and encourage their love of reading. There’s no better time to broaden their imagination away from a screen!” says Alex, as he adds that the personalized book will stand as a special addition to their bookshelf, a favorite childhood treasure, and a family memory they will recall for many years.

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About Lion Story

Lion Story began as a way to enrich story time and invite kids into a world of discovery and fun. It was launched in Barcelona at the end of 2019, and today has an international team of talented people devoted to creating products and inspiring content. Lion Story allows sharing a fascinating story with a child — complete with a hero who looks just like them.

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Los Angeles, California, USA: +1 424-246-5229


Las Vegas, Nevada, September, 2021 – Symposium’s platform and the app offer a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and experts to connect with their audience. Online learning is the new norm. Individuals seeking new knowledge and skills have the support of the platform and app in offering different choices of learning - categories, find an expert (via conference, symposium, or talk), or book a one-on-one session with an expert.

Social distancing is now the norm for many, and with Symposium we are bringing people together.- Joe Baumgartel, CEO

A New Learning Experience for All

Symposium offers experts, trainers, and entrepreneurs the virtual venue, and learners a new learning experience. The platform/app gives people an equal playing field - experts with their rates and learners with affordable payment schemes. The app gives subscribers payment options because the Symposium team believes learning should be available to all.

Experts give the rates for their services. They have full autonomy on the price and time (especially for the one-on-one sessions). Their earnings are 100% directed to them without any hidden fees or commission. This is leveling the playing field for all - giving instructors, teachers, and entrepreneurs the venue and chance to share their knowledge or wisdom in their field of specialty.

‘We have created a digital community where creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses owners can share their knowledge with others and thrive." - Joe Baumgartel, CEO

The Digital Platform is Just the Venue - The Real Focus is Human Connection

Sometimes it is hard to capture the connection between speaker and learners. It sometimes gets lost in the digital space. Symposium has worked hard to perfect and keep the video conferencing aspect seamless, to capture the personalized aspect of connection through more vivid digital conferencing and live interaction.

“It’s one thing to follow your favorite chef on his or her YouTube channel, try their recipes, and leave a comment on the video. It’s another thing to cook alongside your favorite chefs, interacting with them in real-time and asking them for suggestions.”- Troy Roques, Co-Founder

Loren Michael Harris, a motivational speaker, utilizes Symposium for live conferencing and one-on-one sessions. Here is what she says about the digital platform. “I like everything about Symposium. The platform was there when there was nothing else that could serve my needs. The people there listen to me, encouraged feedback, and made changes to the platform based on my and other users’ needs... Symposium offers great value and it is a great way for a small voice to reach their audiences.”

Share Your Voice and Know-how, Experience the New Learning Space

Symposium.was established in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2017. The company wants self-development, learning, and knowledge accessible above and beyond distance, time, or money. For people to unlock their true potential with the choice of group or more personalized approach.

For inquiries and more information contact: Erika Klink - Marketing Communications (702) 748-7372 or email @ ,