Virginia Beach, Virginia-August, 2021-Crafting rich, dynamic, and unique Hip Hop and R&B musical compositions, singer-songwriter IamkeyNotes is set to stun listeners once again, with a remarkable new beat by producer H-Snow Beatz.

Sending ripples in the world of Rap, the rising artist showcases a unique lyrical perspective, touching on the authentic, raw, and relatable aspects of life- something that sets him apart from the many artists of the contemporary genre.

With the release of his new single, titled “You Know the Deal”, the artist takes upon a bold and unfiltered approach, shedding light on the things that matter most, while also complementing his song writing with a catchy and resonant rhythmic composition.

The new single also features with award winning dynamic songwriter artist J.Kwon, whose vocal brilliance seamlessly complements Iamkeynotes multi-faceted song writing and lyricism. “You Know the Deal” follows up on the artist’s previous releases, “All These People,” “Buss It Down” and “On God”, building onto Iamkeynote’s stunning discography, led by his soulful storytelling abilities.

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A force to be reckoned with in Hip Hop and R&B,IamKeyNotesis an inspirational and seasoned singer and songwriter, who hails from Portsmouth, Virginia. Named Keyon Dunston at birth, the singer began testing his artistic abilities and talents through freestyle rap at the age of 12. Growing up, the self-styled Key Notes developed his own unique rhythms and style, melding R&B and Rap music with an unparalleled brilliance.

Crafting hip and sensory singles such as ‘’Blackout” and “Whip” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, the gifted maestro is becoming a growing force in the Hip Hop world. IamKeyNotes has also set his name in stone with hit collaborations with industry icons such as DaBaby and Drake. With each new release, the artist aims to cement his position, as the refreshing and unique new face of the genre.

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August, 2021 –– Cabo Platinum’s Ultimate Package is offering a bucket – list vacation with its most luxurious accommodation and service in all of Los Cabos, Mexico.

Cabo Platinum rents luxury vacation villas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With its Ultimate Package offering, guests will have the pleasure of staying in the most exclusive private Cabo San Lucas villas with unparalleled levels of luxury and the best of everything a Cabo San Lucas Dream Vacation Experience can offer. This is your one-of-a-kind, bucket list getaway experience that will literally take your breath away.

“We listened to our guests, what they need during their vacation and what they consistently choose while they arranging trip extras with their concierge,” Mishan Andre said, co-Owner of Cabo Platinum.

“This package was a solution for those clients that contact us and book everything piece-meal. This cuts out the time it takes to sort through all of the options and brings guests the best-of-the-best," he added.  “We also peppered in some pretty fantastic elements with regards to the yacht charters and the daily masseuse treatments.”

All Cabo Platinum rentals included in the Ultimate Package are inclusive of the company’s unparalleled 24-hour Personal Villa Concierge Service. Guests will receive a Local Expert that will serve as their destination specialist for all things Cabo. They have the knowledge and the necessary connections that will make this dream getaway complete. Each rental provides a concierge that is at the guest’s disposal before, during, and after the trip to make sure they have the easiest and most stress-free vacation yet; it’s one of the most bespoke services in Mexico.

"We realized there was a need for the best vacation experience available and created a custom solution that provides guests with our Platinum standard of service," states the Company’s co-owner, Danette Reid.

Planning a vacation is not easy no matter what ‘travel experts’ say. Your expectation changes once you reach your destination, especially if you are not familiar with the location. Cabo Platinum’s luxury villas are hand-picked and personally inspected to ensure that they provide the luxury amenities and unparalleled hospitality all guests are looking for. Cabo San Lucas villas with chefs and butlers are the perfect way to enjoy luxury away from home.

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The Cabo Platinum Ultimate Package offers a boutique vacation experience with the personal Cabo Platinum touch. The team provides a vacation experience that encompasses all of the benefits, which come from years of procuring premium local connections and amazing concierge professionals that are dedicated to their guests. From villas, to yachts, to private jet charters and premium services, Cabo Platinum provides the most exclusive accommodations in Los Cabos. Visit their website today - connect with their team to be in-the-know with exclusive offerings and Ultimate Vacation opportunities. 


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August, 2021, Bloomington, IL - Morris Packaging today announced plans for the Morris Packaging Sustainability Center, the first of its kind ever.

The Sustainability Center supports the efforts of environmental conservation across industries amidst our aim to make daily life easier. Morris Packaging is committed to developing and maintaining healthy living environments with full integration of sustainable practices.

“There’s a reason the rear-view mirror is a lot smaller than the windshield”. - Jim Bob Morris, President/CEO

Morris Packaging True to Its Values and Vision

The Sustainability Center is an extension of the dedication of Morris Packaging to its values of excellent relationships, customer commitment, product and service leadership, and high operational standards. These values have allowed the company to thrive and work collaboratively with clients, meet their packaging needs. Working together is the key to creating solutions that will safeguard the environment.

Holistic Approach as Part of Morris Packaging’s Mission

Morris Packaging has received various awards for developing innovative products that meet the needs of clients and end-users. The company utilizes the power of strong collaborative relationships, bound by trust, to deliver innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly packaging solutions. The ability to deliver on time, with superior quality and out-of-the-box solutions are just some of the company’s competitive edges.

Morris Packaging is a role model for companies willing to shift to better ways of providing products and services that are also good for the planet. The Sustainability Center is a testament to its allegiance to extending service to industries and communities to make a positive change.

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Quantum supply, an upcoming rapper coming straight from Kansas City, has a new summer banger that has been lighting the airwaves. A perfect starter for the week, “Yeen Know” blends vanguard hip-hop with some touches of RnB and cinematic hints giving the listeners the kind of entertainment they need. It is not the blend that is catching the attention of the listeners and fans, but it’s Quantum Supply's catching energy. His flow is infectious from start to finish, something that will make a new listener remember his name.

"Quantum Supply's energy is outstanding, and his flow is infectious from start to finish: you will be sure to remember his name, said Juillet.

This is the new summer banger, featuring MabKC and Carlucci Keys, and was recorded at Industry Soundz Recording studio.

His previous releases also had a good performance in the charts and airwaves, but the artist says the current number stands out in the message it delivers. “I have written this project differently, moving away a little bit. I want to spread a message that people can listen and resonate with,” says the artist, while adding that he wants to get people on his team. He is into making house party music guided by smooth, shiny jazz beats and effervescent synth with a positive bend.

His current release can be foundon different platforms including YouTube, and Soundcloud, among others.

About Quantum Supply

Quantum Supply is a Kansas City-based recording artist who has been releasing music since 2011. Previously on the Portland-based record label rare rap records, he now works independently, releasing music under hislabel "Vital Nerve Records.” He worked with Post Malone in 2016 before he pulled up to Industry Soundz recording studio to record his August 26th Project. His mission statement is all about positivity and becoming the best possible version of himself. He encourages all to take the risk and prosper. He often quotes an encouraging mantra- “You never know what opportunities are out there until you put yourself out.”

Media contact info

Quantum Supply

Social media:

Twitter: @quantumsupply

Instagram: @Quantumwashere

TikTok: @Quantumwashere





Link to new song "Yeen Know" "


People looking to achieve their weight loss goals can now depend on Puralean, a product that contains powerful antioxidants that aid in shedding extra kilos and maintenance of the body’s natural ability to stay healthy.

According to people who have used the product in their weight management program, PuraLean is an effective weight loss supplement that will help achieve an ideal weight within a relatively short time. Its effectiveness as a belly fat burner, one of the most challenging parts of weight management, has been hailed as unrivaled. “I had struggled with belly fat for so long; other parts of my body were in good shape but my attempt to lose belly fast all hit rock bottom. It was not until I found this wonderful weight loss supplement that I got what I wanted. Now my belly fat is gone, I am in good shape. I highly recommend PuraLean as an effective weight loss supplement”, said one beneficiary of PuraLean, adding that his confidence got a much-needed boost as a result.

Apart from weight loss support, PuraLean also contains powerful antioxidants that help to improve heart health. “I am a high-risk person when it comes to heart complications. As a precaution and in addition to my frequent visits to my physician, I have been using the product not just to manage weight but also to support a healthy heart. It is an aid in helping me maintain good cardiac health”, said one user who also cautioned those who may be having heart problems not to rely on the product alone, but to seek a doctor’s opinion on the management of their condition.

For those who may be combating fatigue, the product has been hailed for its vitality and energy. It improves energy levels, fights fatigue, and increases an individual’s stamina

A customer who revealed that he was experiencing low energy and serious fatigue has supported these sentiments. The customer says that after being examined by the doctor and nothing serious was discovered as the culprit, he was advised to take supplements that would increase his energy and vitality. A friend recommended PuraLean based on what it has offered and he says it worked. Now his energy levels have increased, he has been very active and fatigue is no more. He adds that by combining the weight loss supplement with other weight management activities, he is now in good shape and generally, his life has greatly improved.

PuraLean contains natural ingredients which aid in several ways. These ingredients include:

  • Banaba, which is rich in nutrients and antioxidants which support healthy sugar levels and controlling hunger
  • Guggul, which has antioxidants that control blood sugar, cholesterol, and hormonal levels
  • Bitter melon, which helps control blood sugar
  • Yarrow, an ingredient that aids digestion
  • Gymnema Sylvestre, a superfood that helps in reducing food cravings
  • Other ingredients include white mulberry, vanadium, cinnamon, and cayenne.

The supplement is made in the U.S., where it has undergone strict quality control checks and has strictly followed the guidelines of the FDA.

It can be bought online, where a good price can be obtained through direct ordering, avoiding the extra charges of a middleman.

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Company Support

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Denise Eckert, a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, and EFT practitioner who has been an entrepreneur all her life, is helping entrepreneurs and business owners reduce stress in their daily lives. While acknowledging that the world today has become stressful, she says her online course, The Stress Buster, will help the user turn stress into happiness and start enjoying life again.

The course, which is meant for people who want to learn how to relieve tension, helps reduce stress with 30 minutes a day, helps take back time and energy for the important things, and introduces stress-reducing practices that can be implemented quickly, easily, and when needed.

Denise says that The Stress Buster is for anyone who feels overwhelmed and stressed, including those who have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Those who are constantly putting too much pressure on themselves but in reality get very little in terms of accomplishment would benefit from the course, as well as those who wished they had time and energy to do things they love.

According to Denise, The Stress Buster will help create a happier and more aligned lifestyle. Other benefits of the stress reduction online course are that it is easy to follow, is immediately available online and allows the learners to work at their own pace.

Those who have taken up the stress reduction course hail it for the easy-to-follow format. “The course is simple to follow and gets right to the point. In this course, the easy-to-use practical tips have helped me”, said a reviewer, who also adds that Denise is passionate about her work in helping entrepreneurs reduce their stress levels.

Another customer had this to say, “I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone, whether you have experienced stress/overwhelm/burnout or not. We can all benefit from these simple steps. Thanks, Denise, for sharing your experiences and equipping us with the skills to help us live our best life happily and healthily.”

Denise encourages those who would like to see a difference in their lives and business to enroll in the course.

To enroll in the online course, visit:

About Denise Eckert

Denise Eckert is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, and EFT practitioner who has been an entrepreneur all her life. In her past businesses, she has struggled with burnout and finding the harmony between entrepreneurship and life. She has started Balance Me! Coaching, helps entrepreneurs reduce stress and burnout so that they can create more happiness and start enjoying their lives again.

Media contact info

Denise Eckert

Owner / Certified Life Coach / Hypnotherapist / EFT Practitioner

(705) 305-0650 /


Given the increasing suicide rates at an alarming pace world wide, an action is needed to ensure lives are saved. One woman is on the frontline of this battle to ensure that an important message reaches at least one person and actually succeeds in stopping one more death. Imaobong Smart uses her book to reduce the number of deaths caused by suicide. According to World Health Organization (WHO),nearly 800,000 people die every year because of suicide. Putting it into perspective, this number translates to one person every 40 seconds. WHO also predicts that the number will rise to one person every 20 seconds. Smart intends to turn her successful book into a film to bring the message of STAY to many people.

“If our message can stop one person, at one moment, from taking their life, then we have succeeded,” said Smart while adding that stopping one family from experiencing the loss of a loved one will go a long way in accomplishing her mission.

Smart says that STAY project is created to ensure that lives are preserved and to allow people to have a bigger picture than their despair. This project started with a book and then a song. Now, it will be turned into a film. Smart says she wrote the book after a close member of her family attempted suicide. The book was launched at a time when the world was going through one of its most difficult periods and a lot of people were suffering from lockdown-related loneliness and depression. The book was a success. Smart received a lot of positive feedback from readers including members of families who were touched by the message. She recounts a young man to whom she gave the book after he contemplated ending his life. In a touching story, Smart tells the gratitude shown by the teen who, after reading the book, found the answers he was seeking. This scenario has such impact that made her decide to turn the book into a song to reach many people.

Still yearning to touch many people's lives, Smart did not stop the STAY message with the song. She is now producing a film to raise increased awareness about the dangerous, delicate, and urgent situation that many are finding themselves in. She wants to continue to bring the message of hope and to give people a new perspective and a reason to stay.

Smart is seeking assistance to reach the message across all corners. She is raising funds to enable the production of the film. She aim stories USD 100k to cover the production process. She believes that through the film, she will pass the message to many people, save a life, and impact lives.

STAY project aims to expose the delusion of suicide and to debunk the myths that people hold onto as they justify the act. It aims to impact people by saving one life at time. However, for this to happen, the powerful message should reach all. Smart wants everyone to get the message and to give people a reason to stay.

Apart from donating to the cause, Smart also urges people to engage wither social media pages, share their contents, and let others to know about STAY and its message. Smart is also open to interviews on TV and podcast.

For more information, visit

About Imaobong Smart

Imaobong Smart is a nurse and a transformational speaker in mental health with North Texas Behavioral Health Authority certificate. She has her degree in theology and is currently working toward her master’s degree. She is the author of STAY: Your Life Is Precious, a book focused on helping suicide prevention. She is also a movie producer/director and is currently working on the production of her feature Dallas film STAY; adapted from the book STAY: Your Life Is Precious. She is married to Temi Smart, and they have two children. Together, the couple pastor Kingdom Life Ministry Global in Carrollton, Texas.

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Imaobong Smart




With 15 years of combined experience and expertise as a general contractor for water damage and mold restoration for commercial and residential properties, Ediss Mold Remediation and Restoration is proud to announce the expansion of their service to South Florida that will include the populous Miami metropolitan area and other localities.

As a fully certified restoration company, Ediss Mold Remediation& Restoration is IICRC certified and state licensed specializing in commercial and residential emergencies for water damage, fire damage and mold remediation. Their key services include but not limited to leak detection and prevention, emergency water extraction and dry-out, storm and flood recovery, in addition to supplying you with all of your property restoration needs.

The company’s credentials, training and extensive experience have enabled them to become an industry leader, protecting, recovering & restoring residential and commercial properties.

“Our goal is to guide our clients through a very stressful and very confusing process. People need to have their homes and businesses restored. People feel comfortable having experts like us to help with water damage or mold,” Eli Ben'Nahum said, Ediss’ Certified General Contractor.

“We’re always on the move; our crew is always ready to help you whenever you call. We go above and beyond to fix your mold problems, water/fire damage, and leak repair issues the same day,” he added.

One of the most common causes of mold in residential and commercial properties in South Florida results from water damage. This could result from a broken plumbing pipe, a damaged roof, or any broken appliances that leak. Usually, water damage is not visible to the eye, and it cannot be detected easily without close inspection. It could be inside walls, under floors or under appliances. As a mold remediation and restoration company, Ediss Mold Remediation and Restoration have responded to a lot of home emergencies in which the water damage was not discovered until mold has started showing.

Southern Florida is a very humid and sometimes rainy location. Frequent storms, hurricanes and wind all add up to an environment in which mold in homes in this part of the state can become a major issue.

Since the day Ediss Mold Remediation and Restoration opened for business, the company strived to offer their clients only the best and most effective mold remediation and water damage restoration services that are available. And with the addition of mold testing service, the company can now help even more property owners throughout the South Florida area who have noticed mold growth in their homes or place of business and are wondering if there is a company that offers mold testing and mold removal near them.

By taking the initiative and having your home tested for mold, homeowners can help prevent further damage by preventing additional surfaces from being affected by the mold. South Florida is a very humid place and it does not come as a surprise that mold growth and infestation here is much faster compared to other parts of the country.

To learn more about the company’s scope of services, please check out


Ediss Mold Remediation & Restoration is a fully certified restoration company with over 15 years of combined experience and expertise. We specialize in commercial and residential emergencies for water damage, fire damage and mold remediation.


Eli Ben'Nahum

Certified General Contractor

Ediss Mold Remediation

1502 W Dixie Hwy

Dania, FL 33004

(877) 841-1665


At a time when economic recovery processes are being planned, fears that exclusionary policies that have disadvantaged members of Black and Brown communities for so long may find their way into the recovery efforts. With this in mind, Newark Business Hub (NBH)seeks corporate sponsors to underwrite their exclusive initiative to elevate Black and Brown entrepreneurs. NBH is a nonprofit American business that uses education technology to empower Black and Brown entrepreneurs.

In 2021, NBH has launched the initiative to elevate Black and Brown entrepreneurs with a mission to train and coach one million entrepreneurs worldwide. The company, which is linked to Rutgers-Newark Business School, Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, has partnered with some of America’s top brands in finance, philanthropy, and beauty to provide scholarship opportunities by training and coaching entrepreneurs in different parts of US and the world.

While making this appeal, NBH CEO and cofounder Kimberlee Williams said that corporate social responsibility programs have a great impact in addressing racial justice and in providing economic empowerment to underprivileged members of society. With the online business course of NBH, the CEO says NBH will empower entrepreneurs who will also make an impact in their communities. The CEO reiterates that empowering Black and Brown entrepreneurs should be a business priority for corporations and government alike.

Jeff Billingsley, NBH chief curriculum officer and cofounder, adds that during these times of uncertainty and global demands for racial equity for people of color, the vision of NBH for lifelong learning is focused on economic empowerment and creating a skilled workforce.

Benefits to the companies

In partnering with NBH, an organization can expect a dedicated support in management of the whole program including recruitment, set-up, engagement with the participants, marketing, and scheduling of activities in the community. NBH will also be responsible for providing reports on enrollment, engagement, learning progress, and business growth. Companies can use success stories to highlight the impact that the program has had on the targeted communities to raise their profile in their industries and market in general. The entrepreneur insights, which will be gathered during the program, can help the partners to refine further the empowerment approach.

Welcoming the support from companies that seek to empower Black and Brown entrepreneurs, NBH CEO said that providing these entrepreneurs with the must-have business skills, mentorship, and community goes a long way in impacting and elevating communities and in addressing their most pressing issues. Those who would like to partner with NBH can find out more about the initiative by filling a form. “We are looking forward to building a partnership that will make a difference in the Black and Brown community, get to us through filling the request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible,” said the CEO.

For more information, visit

About Newark Business Hub

Newark Business Hub’s 501(c)3 non profit organization is the social impact catalyst that aims to elevate one million Black and Brown entrepreneurs globally. This nonprofit American business uses education technology to empower Black and Brown entrepreneurs. Newark Business Huben compasses the diversity, equity, and inclusion partner that corporate social responsibility leaders and nonprofit organizations trust to help elevate and empower Black and Brown entrepreneurs in the US and around the world.

Media Contact Info:

Kimberlee Williams




Lovers of Afro beats and Afro pop genres are in for a treat as the creative Dutch Music producer has released a new record. Aspro, the new kid on the block in the music production is making waves with his music playing on radios and available in major online music outlets including Spotify, Apple Music, Soundtrack among others.

Born in 1987 as Angelo Van Spronsen in Alkmaar to his Dutch father and Surinamese Indonesian mother, Aspro started his music career as a deejay in street, school and house parties. He also played in music records on nightclubs in the Netherlands. Here, his music became popular and the club would invite him during vacation. In 2021, Aspro has become a big name, it is the year his music has reached far and wide. His second record is performing well in the market. He has collaborated with a Kenyan female musician, Joy Msanii.Together they have a record called work recently released on June 11th, 2021.

Although he is new as a producer in the music industry, Asprois already strong in the Afrobeat and Afro pop genres. With his choice of sound, such as instruments he uses in his productions, he captivates his audience. He is pointed as the next big thing in the Afrobeat. There are only a few Afrobeat producers in the world. Aspro personally and professionally looks up to producer Kel-p vibes. Kel-P, who also goes by the name Udoma Peter Kelvin Amba, is a Nigerian singer, record producer, and songwriter best known for production and co-writing African Giant in 2019, a song that was nominated for the Grammy awards. He is signed to Aristokrat Records and is currently recognized for the role he has played in taking Afrobeat to the new heights.

His songs are receiving airplay in different countries including Radio Namibia, Surinam, Netherlands, the Caribbean. Some of the stations where the music is ruling the airwaves are:Nam-radio, Golfbreker radio, The Caribbean Broadcast Network (CBN), and RP the hottest station in Surinam.

“Aspro will be a big name in the music industry. With the position that Afrobeats is occupying in the music industry and the prospects it holds, he is entering a music production field that he will make him a household name but also curve a niche of loyal and committed fans,” said an Afrobeat die hard when reacting to the entrant a new kid in the block, Aspro.

The new producer promises his fans and the whole fraternity of the Afrobeats that he will not disappoint, he is not only coming to entertain but also promote a musical genre that has a long history. At the moment, Aspro has a following of 8,000 listeners of which 5,800 are from United States. In his collaboration with Joy Msanii, a female Afro songwriter and singer from Kenya, the two are not just working together but also playing a big role in promotion of Afro beats.

For more information about the new producer visit:

About Aspro

Aspro is a creative Dutch music producer who makes music out of pure love. He started playing music at schools, street parties and weddings at the age of 12.One of his highlights was 2004 there he was allowed to play in the hottest club in Spain. His goals are to make people happy with beautifully composed music. His music record named “Work“ was completed together with Kenya singer Joy Msaniiand will be a new high point on his path.

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