Parents, relatives, and friends who want to create highly personalized books for the child they love can now offer personalized gifts that provide a unique storytelling experience. Unique You Books, a start-up whose aim is to produce highly personalized books for every child, has the mission to create books that every child can identify with, including children of all colors, children with disabilities, those in wheelchairs, who wear glasses, or children with cancer.

Through the Unique You Books website, customers will be able to create and order personalized gifts, either unique softcover or hardcover books. The books will not just be based on a child’s name and appearance but also on the interests, appearance, name, and personality traits of each child.

With these highly personalized books for every child, customers will be able to create books by choosing one of three story backgrounds; select the main character from over 300 different characters, and create the stories based on the name of the child connecting the name with 76 different character traits.

“When reading Unique You Books and their very own personal adventures, children will be able to recognize their uniqueness and their contribution to this world through imaginative stories of self-discovery, love, and friendship”, said co-founder Milica Todoric.

When they came up with the idea for this project, the co-founders researched the personalized book market and realized that there is a low degree of personalization in children's literature. They noted that there’s a lack of heroes and heroines that every child can identify with, including children of all backgrounds, and children with disabilities and struggles.

Through this unique storytelling experience, they want to offer their future customers the opportunity to create and order books for children that exceed the basic levels of personalization, that is the name or appearance of the child. “That’s why our books will not only add a child to the story, but will also base the story itself on the interests, name, and character traits of the child”, said Milica, while adding that when reading Unique You Books and their very own personal adventures, children will be able to recognize their uniqueness and their contribution to this world through imaginative stories of self-discovery, love, and friendship. She notes that the more children know and appreciate differences, the easier it will be for them to accept, understand and above all, embrace them.

How Unique You Books was born

Unique You Books started when Ana ordered a personalized book for Milica’s son. The idea was simple - each name told a different story. As if by magic, every story was crafted to change based on the letters of a child’s name. While the idea was great, they thought something was missing. A story based on a name is not unique enough, not personalized enough. That got them thinking.

“We were surprised by the scarcity of diverse characters in children’s books. That’s why we think it’s so important to tell diverse and inclusive stories to kids from a very young age and we hope to empower parents and relatives to do so”, said Ana Susa.

For more information on how one can create a unique story experience, customers are encouraged to visit their website at

Unique You Books is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign to get funding which will allow them to finish their project. Ana says that all the story variations have been written, and the illustrators have finished the character development.

About Unique You Books

Unique You Books aims at helping every child recognize their contribution to this world, empowering them to discover, embrace and love themselves just the way they are.

The start-up was co-founded by Ana and Milica, two sisters who grew up in a loving, encouraging family that used books as a way of connecting to the world and helping understand and respect their views, as well as those of other people. Unique You Books provides a unique storytelling experience, helping create personalized stories that help children discover their uniqueness.

With their professional backgrounds in management and communication in organizations dealing with the welfare of children and marketing, they each bring unique and specific expertise and value to the company. Growing up knowing and celebrating uniqueness, as well as coming from a family of strong, creative, fearless, and empowered women, has naturally shaped their professional and personal freedom. This has enabled the natural development of innovative products. The two sisters have a clear vision of continuous growth and development in terms of creativity and productivity.

Media contact info:

Ana Susa

Co-founder of Unique You Books

+381 69 12 10 111


Most Londoners have found themselves living a waking nightmare following undertaken home renovation jobs. Some are the victims of unscrupulous or incompetent contractors, but finally the responsibility falls upon the homeowner - picking the ideal contractor is overriding in the battle to maintain one's sanity and pocketbook undamaged during and following a renovation project. Listed below are some tips which should assist you in making the best choice and keep the fantasy out of being derailed.

Take your time in deciding on a builder - speak to several and find the one which shares your vision. You have to get a fantastic connection and also be able to trust that the individual in charge of the undertaking, since there are very likely to be alterations to the budget and plan as the job progresses. You have to be on precisely the exact same page from day one and also have a fantastic amount of communication or you also are very likely to be conflicts.

Check the contractor's references carefully. Speak to several previous customers and attempt to have a fantastic idea of the customer's background with the builder in question. Are there any conflicts of any type? Delays? Cost overruns? Can the customer call the contractor ? Do not be afraid to ask questions - it is your home and you are going to need to stay with the outcomes for a long time ahead, so don't leap in headlong without contemplating as many variables as you can. Visit our website to get more info about House renovation London.

It is a fantastic idea to discover if your prospective option is a part of RenoMark, a nationwide program designed to help homeowners find renovation specialists who adhere to codes of conduct and integrity and that will offer thorough contracts, warranties and who take liability insurance. RenoMark is connected with the London Home Builder's Association (LHBA) and provides guidance and experience together with assurances of quality.

After the job is completed, you will probably need the assistance of following builders cleaning support. There is almost always a major cleanup job after any renovation and it is sensible to allow professionals manage the mess. Contact one of those respectable after builders cleaning London companies as soon as your renovation is completed - that they can help with the finishing touches of your successful dream.

For more info about London renovation company, Visit here:

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Technology has been praised for the role it plays in providing solutions. As the world is experiencing one of the most difficult periods due to a public health crisis, inventors and innovators are working hard to find solutions that will help individuals and businesses navigate through the murky waters. Augusta Hitech, in its contribution to providing real solutions to the crisis, is launching Blockchain Vaccine Passport. While making the announcement, Sean Caputo, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of Augusta HiTech, said that currently, their innovation team is working on the Blockchain Passport that will allow people to upload their vaccinations, immunizations, and test results into their blockchain framework and access through PWA and mobile apps.

As the world celebrated the news of the Covid-19 vaccines, there was a big sigh of relief as people realized that their lives would slowly begin to return to normal. With the rolling out of the vaccines campaigns, it is now becoming clear that passports for vaccines might become a crucial part in avoiding restrictions that have been put into place in different countries and regions. Businesses, airlines, government institutions among others, need a way to validate and ensure that the risk of spreading the virus is reduced.

“Our technology will provide people with safe and private technology to store information for vaccinations, immunizations, and test results. The data will always be private, encrypted and never sold or viewed by third parties”, said Mr. Caputo, while acknowledging that even for him as a parent, keeping track of not only his but also for his daughters’ immunization shots, has not been easy. He reveals that the new technology, powered by blockchain, will make it easy, but most of all safe. He adds that the new Blockchain Vaccination Passport will help people to validate to businesses, employers and airlines they are safe.

About Augusta Hitech

Augusta Hitech is a product engineering company that delivers enterprise-level strategy, innovation, and software product engineering services. Founded in 2009 and located in Boca Raton, Florida, the company has a global presence supporting clients in industries such as healthcare, travel and hospitality, retail and financial services.

Media Contact Info:

Sean Caputo

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Augusta Hitech

(866) 962-1010

2650 North Military Trail, Suite 440

Boca Raton, FL 33431


These days, a great deal of individuals opt for replica watches for any range of factors. As there's a substantial demand for these goods, it is possible to discover a good deal of vendors too. The fantastic thing is you are able to discover a great deal of local and internet vendors of those products. Inside this guide, we're going to share with you a couple of suggestions which can allow you to choose the greatest fake watch. Continue reading.

1. Start Looking for A Reputable Trader

To start with, as there are a lot of online shops out there, you might choose to go to get a dependable one. It's advisable for you to purchase from a vendor that delivers a speedy delivery facility and high quality fake watches. A simple way to check out the trustworthiness of a trader would be to read consumer testimonials and ask about.

2. Think about the Payments And Exchange Rates

Ensure the seller provides several payment procedures, including PayPal, direct bank transfer, and credit card.

If you would like to import your imitation watches out of a Chinese shop, ensure to know more about the exchange prices. Many times, these shops require the buyers make payments in US dollars. Thus, you might choose to bear this in mind. Get more info about Best Replica Watches.

3. Shipping

Prior to making a payment, then you may pick your preferred shipping method. By way of instance, you may use EMS or DHL. The latter provides quicker delivery and shipping that's normally 3 to 5 times. After payment verification, the item will be sent in a couple of days.

4. Quality And Inventory

Be certain the product you're going to buy is 90% like the branded and authentic product. Not just the appearances, but the burden should also be like the first one. In the end, you do not need to wind up purchasing something that's rather different from the initial one.

5. Box

Replica watches are sent in specific straps or boxes. Aside from that, they also include certifications from the manufacturer. This will provide you reassurance that the item gets sent securely.

6. Waterproof

Be certain the product you're going to buy is water-resistant. The same as original goods, imitation watches are within the protection of thick Sapphire crystal. The excellent thing is that these watches may be obtained underwater in a depth of 30 meters without worrying about water damage. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you can place on the lookout and have a bathtub into your heart's content.

7. Returns And Warranty

As soon as you've received the item, you need to be able to return it in 3 days. To put it differently, the item should include a guarantee and return policy. When the item was returned, you need to have the ability to receive the refund back on your account within 25 days.

Long story short, you might choose to bear in mind these 7 hints if you're likely to buy your desired replica watch from a respectable seller. Hopefully, these suggestions can allow you to create the best option.

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Moving out and about now just got easier and more fun. A new hands-free luxury drawstring bag is not only promising to help accessorize style with the luxury bag, but also provide hands free convenience while moving out and about. Described as a great accessory to wear with many types of outfits, the new luxury drawstring bag by Niclordesigns is available at Etsy. According to the owner and designer, Nicole Friend, it is ideal for carrying to the airport, overnight, towork or when out.

“They are created for the businesswomen going to a meeting, convenient for airport travel, overnight bag, date night, and shopping, among activities. It’s one less thing to worry about carrying”, said Nicole, while adding that the over-the-shoulder bag is handmade, and can be a perfect luxury gift for a special person.

“Niclordesigns drawstring bags are far from the average bags. These are luxury backpacks. What makes them luxurious is not the brand, but the design, materials, and craftsmanship put into them”, said Nicole.

While describing the designing process, Nicole says that much of her time goes into design development. “I carefully explore the material to see if it possesses aesthetic value and check if it's durable to be used as a bag. Then, I make sure to take my time when sewing to ensure a high-quality, durable, and perfect end-product”, said Nicole.

The bag has received a great reception by those who have purchased it at Etsy shop, saying they love the luxury backpack as it is stylish, goes with many outfits, and offers great convenience when moving out and about.

“I love the look and the chain is stylish. The fur bag is beautiful; I will be wearing it to a major event”, commented one of the customers who had bought the product.

The luxury backpack is available at

About Niclordesigns

Niclordesigns was started one year ago by Nicole, a designer who creates stylish and premier drawstring bags. Nicole’s love for fashion design and inspirations from LV and Gucci drew her to drawstrings bags. She started with just a sewing machine in her living room, some creativity, and a whole lot of passion; now she is happy to see Niclor designs providing quality and premium handmade bags. Her bags are also not just for show, but also serve a practical purpose. The luxury backpacks can be used as an over-the-shoulder bag, an overnight bag, or just a tote bag. Niclor designs aims to bring uniqueness in style creatively and to bring customer satisfaction.

Media Contact information:

Nicole Friend




(February, 2021) - Naturally Happy Hair is announcing its new natural hair care line, the Supreme Hydration Collection. Comprised of six salon-quality products, the new Supreme Hydration Collection includes Supreme Hydration Shampoo, Supreme Hydration Conditioner, Fairy Knot-Away Detangler, Supreme Texture Styling Creme, Supreme Hydration Leave-In/Co-Styler and Supreme Hydration Moisture Rich Gel. Initially launched in June 2020, during the pandemic's height, the Supreme Hydration Collection has been received with great excitement among the natural hair community. The details of these products speak for themselves!

A perfect natural hair care product for revitalizing dry and damaged hair, Supreme Hydration Shampoo is a paraben and sulfate-free shampoo that uses the gentle cleansing power of Lemongrass to moisturize and preserve your scalp's natural oils. It is also infused with Dog Rose Oil to add a protective barrier against dehydration.

The Supreme Hydration Conditioner is an ultra-thick, gentle formula. Infused with a unique blend of ProVitamin B5, Fenugreek, and Rice Protein it helps moisture to bind to the hair, promote hair growth, and provide a perfect foundation for strong, healthy, natural hair.

With ProVitamin B5 and active Botanical Extracts, the Fairy Knot-Away Detangler works to saturate, soften, and loosen fairy knots. This detangler leaves hair looking and feeling detangled, manageable, and soft.

Supreme Hydration Leave-In/Co-Styler is a moisture-rich formula infused with Castor Oil and Vitamin E. This leave-in seals in moisture and smooths away frizz to give hair defined curls a brilliant shine and soft hold. Supreme hydration leave-in/co-styler is also ProVitamin B5 packed to repair any damage, sealing in moisture, and reducing split ends.

Proud to be a Black-owned business lead by a female President and CEO, Crystal Knight says, "Our mission has always been to fill the gaps in the natural hair community, be it providing education or more effective product solutions." The Supreme Hydration Collection is filling the product gap very effectively. "In striving to achieve our mission," Crystal stated, "we recognized a need for cleaner products, with quality ingredients that provide consistent and predictable results for our customers."

Naturally Happy Hair has long been revered as a pioneer in the naturally curly hair space. From their start in 2011 as an online resource for providing inspiring hair care information, to their first live natural hair expo in the heart of Houston, Texas. Growing and expanding over a decade, Naturally Happy Hair is a renowned natural, eco-chic, effective hair care products and tools while being a place for sharing and connecting online. As Naturally Happy Hair expands their product line, they continue to encourage an appreciation for naturally textured hair by providing safe and effective products and hair tools to meet the unique needs of all curly hair types worldwide.

For more information about the Supreme Hydration Collection and all that is Naturally Happy Hair, visit or follow Naturally Happy Hair through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Media Contact:
Cameron Wiltz
Communications Specialist
(832) 816-4573


[February, 2021] -- Inventor Alina Kravchenko appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank on January 22, 2021, to pitch her invention, Swipensnap, the world’s first and the only U.S. Utility patented one-hand cream applicator, aimed at helping parents keep their baby safe and their hands clean while changing diapers. It’s a product that’s a conversation starter and has the potential to be the hottest baby shower gift this year.

Appearing on Shark Tank was a dream come true for Kravchenko. She immigrated with her mother and sister from Ukraine at the age of 12 to escape Communism and pursue a better life and opportunities in America. She always knew she would be an inventor, and as a child, she kept a journal filled with ideas for various products that could make people’s lives easier.

The investors on Shark Tank were very impressed that she had obtained a patent herself. “I had no money or knowledge of how to get a patent, so I picked up a book ‘How to Patent It Yourself’, put my baby down to sleep and set to work”, notes Kravchenko.

“I invented it over ten years ago, and it took six years to receive the patent. When I finally did, I quit my corporate job, moved back home, and began the journey of bringing SwipenSnap to life!” Alina said passionately to the Sharks.

Features of SwipenSnap

This amazing device fits on virtually all diaper cream brands on the market. SwipenSnap has a super soft, BPA-free applicator that is gentle on your baby’s skin. It has a flexible tip that fits in-between tight crevices and hygienically spreads the cream evenly without any waste. A suction lid secures to any hard surface for quick and easy one-hand cream application.


By using SwipenSnap you can keep your hands clean and free from the messy water-resistant diaper cream. It is also safe, as it prevents falls by allowing you to apply the cream with just one hand, while safely holding your baby with the other. SwipenSnap is lab-tested and proven to be more hygienic than using your fingers.

SwipenSnap is more than a diaper cream applicator. It literally saves more than ten minutes a day, is an anxiety reliever (from the stress of your baby potentially rolling off the changing table), and a mess preventer. “For those of you who have dealt with the messy diaper cream getting stuck under your nails and getting all over your clothes you know what I am talking about”, explained Alina.


Reviews from customers indicate that they love the product. “It’s such a clever product and a must-have tool that makes the application of diaper cream literally a snap. I love how soft it is,” read one customer review that was posted on January 13, 2021. Another customer states, “This product is seamless. There is no mess. It releases the perfect amount of diaper cream. It’s hypoallergenic. This product is a freaking home run”, posted on January 30, 2021.

This one-hand diaper cream applicator is patented in the U.S., is an award-winning product, and has been the winner of Mom’s Choice Award: New Innovation and Honoring Excellence. This mom-invented diaper cream applicator is currently selling on Amazon for $24 and on for $19, with free shipping.

About the inventor

Alina Kravchenko is a serial inventor of many innovative products that enhance the lives of women. Alina says “Raising my son completely on my own has given me the insight into the reality of how much women have on our plates in this generation. We are expected to have a career, raise our children, all while staying fit and looking beautiful. This is why we need innovative tools that help us do just that. And I am on a mission to empower women, one invention at a time.”

Learn more about Alina and her mission to empower women at

Alina Kravchenko is available for interviews to discuss her work as an inventor and her experience on ABC’s Shark Tank. Contact Alina Kravchenko at alina@swipensnap.comfor more information.


Media Contact: Alina Kravchenko


Phone Number: 310-404-9120

SwipenSnap Website:

Inventors Website:

Download:Press Kit Here


(January 5, 2021) - As our lives are stressful and days blend, it is not surprising when hemp gummies or CBD supplement is forgotten in our daily routine. Sure, there are pill-keepers, but you still must remember that it is in the cupboard too. Now there's an app for that too! A smart solution to a simple problem, the free Pill Smart Tracker app from Herblif Nutrition USA is a game-changer.

Influencer Gains Improved Hemp Supplement or CBD Gummies Adherence

Health and beauty influencer Laura Jane is impressed with the user experience, stating, "I love Herblif Nutrition and Pill Smart Tracker because it's so easy to use. It helps remind me of my daily plan so I can spend time focusing on things that matter during the day. I'm really impressed with the user experience. It's simple and it's free." Jane later reported that her adherence to regular hemp supplement or CBD use has dramatically improved through the Pill Smart Tracker.

Pill Smart Tracker is More Than Just an Alarm Clock

The Smart Tracker provides options like the dosage amount for hemp gummies and CBD gummies, adding reasons for taking the hemp gummies, side effects, effectiveness, and reminders to order refills. The alarm prompt for each hemp or CBD gummy can be set at hourly, daily, or weekly. With options including taken, snooze, or skip in the app, users can look back to realize the overall effectiveness of hemp gummies and CBD supplements. Taking health tracking further, the app has the option of adding in your heart rate and blood pressure and provides a "smart advice" option. Smart Tracker's algorithms and machine learning work to provide "smart advice" to suggest other hemp supplements for the user's specific needs. Visit here:

Where to Download Smart Tracker

Available in iOs and android versions, the Smart Tracker and more information about hemp and CBD supplements are available at

About Herblif Nutrition USA

Herblif Nutrition USA is a premium brand of Hemp and CBD Supplements & Vitamins formulated and recommended by doctors. Each supplement is carefully curated to deliver that extra dose of nutrients and diet-aids for users feel the best, keep fit, and function optimally every day. Herblif celebrates the good life. Providing products that are formulated and recommended by doctors, and 100% natural, safe, and effective. Herblif Nutrition USA aims to help people with busy lifestyles with products that are third-party lab-tested for purity and potency, made in an FDA registered facility, and certified for good manufacturing practices.

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Herblif Nutrition USA



Readers and reviewers have described “Shaking off the Cold: the Adventures of Bristle and Moorey” as a book to cheer up, a “mood lifter” in the days of winter, and a charmer. Sandy Salai is a first-time writer, a rising talent who has written a children’s adventure, which endears even parents and other adults. Illustrated by Richard Tang and published by Tablo pty ltd in October 2020, the book tells an endearing story of how love, friendship, and a bit of spontaneous adventure can overcome all odds.

The story begins with Bristle waking up anxious to get rid of his winter doldrums without expecting it to get any worse. But thanks to his best friend, Moorey, a series of misadventures turned into a wonderful exploit and saves the day.

Richard Tang, the illustrator, helps bring the story to life with his vibrant illustrations of Bristle’s misadventures and Moorey’s help to make the day a lot better for his friend. With an assortment of characters that all contributed to making the lead character’s day a not-so-happy one, it helps encourage readers to let their imaginations run wild and think about how quickly Bristle’s day has spiraled out of control.

“When Bristle’s day continues to spin out of control, his best friend, Moorey, comes to the rescue. With a few progressive words thrown into the mix, parents will enjoy the read as much as the young reader,”, Salai said.

“The book is all about a cute adventure of how love and friendship can overcome all odds,” she added.

Sandy Salai is being distributed through Tablo and the book itself can be purchased through some 30,000 outlets. The book can also be purchased on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, Apple iBook, Kobo, and Booktopia.

The book is available both in hardcover and paperback. An eBook version has also been released.

For more information about the book visit:

Amazon purchase link:

Barnes & Noble purchase link:

About the author

Born and raised in Phillips, Pennsylvania in a small coal mining community surrounded by farms and the Appalachian Mountains, Sandy Salai had plenty of room to explore. The last of four children, Sandy got a sense of independence early on. She loved to be outdoors with her friends. She would play from morning until night and experience the norms and imperfections of life that make people who they are today. Sandy is grateful for her parents’ love and trust, which inspired her to write. She hopes her stories will uplift and delight parents, as well as young readers. Her husband Jeff, their three children, their grandchildren, and their lovely bulldog brighten everything.


BrainCert, the leading SaaS eLearning Platform and market leader in WebRTC powered Virtual Classroom technology, has rolled out a new design for its unified training platform. BrainCert customers can now easily navigate and connect courses, tests, live classes, and data with a single, connected system. The new platform now has a clean user interface (UI) and intuitive user experience (UX) that provide customers with faster access to all of BrainCert’s features across the entire product ecosystem and scales with their needs over time.

Today, online learning has proven to be crucial during the COVID pandemic, as many organizations and businesses have been utilizing the platform for training and learning. Part of the improvements in the BrainCert platform was inspired by the current situation and the need to provide a robust learning experience. “As everyone looks forward to spending more time online, we are excited to release the new and upgraded system - a system that will solve the needs and demands of customized training that each enterprise, educational institution or teacher needs”, said Priya Nair, Head of Customer Success and Products, adding that the online learning industry has realized that their goals need to be adapted to the current pandemic, and BrainCert has taken this challenge and is delivering with a completely redesigned platform and tools.

The new responsive design has been enhanced for a better experience across different devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop displays. The enhancements made in the system will provide customers with a more role-based experience, making it easier for learners and instructors to navigate and stay productive. According to Priya “Our new platform is seeking to redefine how online learning can be consumed by today’s students and to provide new age technologies for teachers to easily satisfy all their customer needs.With this new redesign, we are working to put BrainCert as the #1 Online Learning Platform Provider.”

Built on a scalable, secure, and re-engineered architecture, BrainCert’s award-winningVirtual Classroom is making a huge impact in remote learning and enabling solopreneurs, schools, universities and enterprises to deliver effective online training and collaborate with remote teams across the globeas an alternative to Zoom video conferencing.

Please visit to learn more.

About BrainCert

BrainCert is a technology-focused and cloud-native agile software development company with a passion to develop innovative SaaS products that foster continuous disruption. Launched in 2013, the platform offers the essential building blocks to create a robust and cost-effective e-learning ecosystem in the cloud, without worrying about scalability, performance, and security posture.

Media contact:

Ajay Kumar