With winter not too far away, people are looking for ways to stay warm and look stylish. Galvaine, a leather jacket company that creates leather and shearling jackets of the finest quality, is disrupting the leather jacket market, offering luxury and top-grade fashion products at affordable prices.

This season you can keep warm and maintain that stylish look, all this at a very reasonable price,” said Omer Saglam, the company founder while outlining how their company is helping people staying fashionably warm this winter.

The company has been providing its customers with first-class products, designed for comfort and durability, for a decade now. As the company founder puts it, “nothing wears like leather.” Galvaine leather jackets are designed to last a lifetime with no possibility of going out of style or fashion. “You will be wearing it for some years to come, being as good as new and as stylish and fashionable as ever,” said the company spokesperson, also confirming that their heirloom choice products can last for two to three generations.

To provide its customers with fashion that meet the highest standard and design, the company depends on the remarkable workmanship of its experienced artisans – people who are dedicated to their craft and motivated to give their best.

Shearling sheepskin coats, which were originally made in World War 1 to shield soldiers from the freezing winter temperatures, have been replicated and combined with suede, genuine leather, and wood to make them trendier and more stylish. Made only with Spanish merino sheep wool, these coats are regarded as the highest quality ever and are available at reasonably low prices, according to the company representative.

When asked how they are able to sell such luxurious products at such low prices without compromising on their standards, the company spokesperson explained that they sell directly to the customers. They have eliminated the middlemen, thereby cutting the costs that are usually added in between. These products, including leather biker jackets, are available on their website

About Galvaine

Galvaine is a family-owned leather jacket company that creates leather and shearling jackets and coats of the finest quality. The company, which has been in operation for the last ten years, takes pride in providing its customer with luxurious, top-grade leather jackets at reasonable and affordable prices. Galvaine has a reputation for its premium, genuine leather jackets, carving a niche in the leather industry .Based in Istanbul, Turkey, the company distributes its products across the globe with a customer base spread over Europe, the USA, Canada and other parts of the world.

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A bestselling author and influential speaker, Yvonne Brooks, has released a new financial literacy book that aims at helping readers free themselves from financial bondage. According to the author, Financial Abuse: Spiritual Forces Attached To The Misuse Of Money,is coming at the right time, in a period when people are re imagining life and looking at new ways through which they can improve their situation, especially after the pandemic.

In the book, Yvonne explains how readers can identify the spirits attached to the misuse of money, helping them to self-correct and removing current negative attachments and attractions with money.

Available on Amazon, the financial literacy bestselling book will help readers discover the spirits behind their misuse of money mindset, understand why spiritual intelligence is essential for financial success, grasp the tools necessary for removing these negative spirits, develop a specific plan toward emotional healing from past financial abuse as well as overcome obstacles to achieve daily financial success.

“Applying the principles that you will learn in the book will not only achieve financial freedom for you but also allow you to lead a debt free life whether in business or personal finances,” said Yvonne, while outlining some of the lessons that will be learned in reading the bestselling book.

The financial literacy book has come after the author released two more books on understanding children’s emotions and parenting.

Those who have read the book hail it as an eye opener in financial literacy. Jay, a lawyer, says he enjoyed reading the book and added that he learned a lot from the insights shared by the author. He appeals to those who would want to see success in their financial life to get the book: “If you want to enjoy an immediate increase in your life financially and spiritually then read this book now.” Jessica says that Yvonne Brooks taught her about the nine-love principle, which will shape her finances. “Yvonne Brooks hit the spirit of hatred out of the park. I was excited to learn about the 9 love principles that helps me with expanding my mind to create better finances,“explained Jessica.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Jennifer, who is a teacher. She had been seeking for the kind of content and knowledge shared by the author. “After reading the insightful Financial Abuse book, I am more knowledgeable and now equipped with a long sought after financial education,” said Jennifer, recommending the book to anyone who would like to achieve financial freedom, lead a debt free life as well as see themselves achieving business and personal finance goals.

The book is available on Amazon as well as at Yvonne Brooks INC Store.

About the author

Yvonne Brooks is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, influential speaker, and the world’s number one Parenting with Lovecoach. She is an industry leader in teaching parents about using love todecode their children’s emotional language. She has authored bestselling books that includeBuilding Your Child’s Self-Esteem: 9 Secrets Every Parent Should Know, Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Language and co-authored Emotional Banking for Kids, Bully Prevention Tips for Teens, and The Price of Success: Understanding the Cost of Getting a College Degree. She has taught her award-winning workshop “Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Language” to over 1,000 parents in public and private schools and she is well on target to reaching millions. She currently teaches her “Parenting with Love” series at Pierce College in Woodland Hills California.

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(September, 2020. Jacksonville, Florida) - The "greatest free country" in the world has long been defined as the United States. Unfortunately, for over 400 years, an entire demographic has been treated less than. Less than others because of skin color, less than worthy, and less than human.

For nearly 200 hundred years, slavery was accepted and seen as part of a white household's wealth. These black humans were treated as a commodity. When slavery was abolished, the Jim Crow era took over most of the U.S., forbidding Black Americans from drinking, eating, or attending the same schools and White Americans.

In the 1970's it was supposed to be a new era. Most Americans did not know that Black Americans were set up to fail in the false guise of success, like practices in redlining neighborhoods. Now, we're in the middle of a pandemic and a long two years since Colin Kaepernick took a knee. There should have been social action at that time, and in some communities, some action started to stir. Yet social injustice has endured and is apparent with recent police brutality that led to many black men and women's deaths. Protesters supporting Black Lives Matter have been more active than ever since George Floyd's death on May 25th.

Then just last week, Jacob Blake was shot in the back several times in front of his children and is now paralyzed at 29. From protesting and rioters to a Black Lives Matter movement, even the canceling of NBA playoffs have brought these injustices to everyone's attention. But how does lasting change happen?

There is a lot to overcome to work towards social equality and heal the souls of Black Americans. It all needs to start with removing stereotypes, understanding the black person's perspective of 'free' life in America. Generational strife, freed from slavery without a home or resources, social and economic injustices, and fear of an interaction with police. Then discussions of rectification and healing must occur. One way to start is through James Watson's new musical poem "In the Land of the Free."

With a background of soul-soothing music James Watson begins his lyrical reading, "In the land of the free is where everyone yearns to be." Then with an unexpected twist, you hear about his family's roots of slavery, cotton picking, and the hope of a better life for generations to come. The poem brings to the forefront the wrongs practiced, the mistreatment tolerated, and thought-provoking highlights of the society we are coming to realize as the truth... A society that values someone less because they aren't white. We all know it's wrong, so let's get together and discuss this poem. Let's move forward “In the land of the Free” where all lives matter and where we all arefree, including you and me.

About Mr. Watson -- James Watson is an author and poet, with a motto to 'Treat Everyone Like Royalty' and leads with the slogan 'Just Make It Happen.' Find his audio poem "In the Land of the Free" through your favorite music library or online store.

James Watson
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This fall, Vintage Vibes, a black-owned vintage clothing line, is bringing back the ‘90s with fervor. With its fall collection, a clothing design that transcend trends, Vintage Vibes is giving its customers their favorite ‘90s trends with a modern-day twist. While making this announcement, the clothing design CEO and founder, Sha'Ron Robertson, said her company designs future vintage pieces that would be loved for years and seasons to come.

With the ‘90s trends fast coming back into the fashion world, Vintage Vibes with its revamped brand names understands that fashion never fades. With a variety of reworked clothing and name brands, Sha’Ron says they are teaching people new and interesting ways through which they can mix retro trends with their modern wardrobes. “Our fall collection will give you a chance to reach peak of the ‘90s nostalgia. Without looking like you are out of a ‘90s music video or advertisement, our adapted vintage line has been given a 2020 twist, bringing out what made the decade what it was,” added Sha’Ron.

Their fall collection is a combination of innovative designs and vintage style. Influenced by classic style icons, shapes, and old school street brands; the unique designs provide fresh ideas with a classical twist, reviving features of handpicked gems from all over the world.

“We have everything you need to spice up your ‘90s favorites,” said Sha’Ron while listing some of the products in their fall collection. From Nike, Nike Camo, and Adidas play sets of different colors and shapes to Nike off-the-shoulder and crop jogger sets, butterfly panties, Ice Cuban link butterfly chokers, Lacoste play sets, Tommy jogger sets; Imani, Kyra and Raven platform heels; Chill cozy pants sets, Netflix and Chill sets, Carmen jeans, Baby Rompers to Christian Dior strappy tops, among many other classic plays sets; flare pants, joggers sets, heels and neck zipper ups.

Sha'Ron, who is positive that this collection will be her biggest drop yet, says she is proud of the clothing designs that she released last year from Vintage Vibes, adding that she always aims at making her customers happy and keeps customer style suggestions in mind when releasing new products. Her sentiments are supported by the testimonials that have been given by her previous and return customers.

“I got two of my favorite pair of shoes from Vintage Vibes, thanks to them, coming clutch. I have been thinking about cutting out the stores and going straight to them" said Chicago rapper and producer KelJvmes in his testimonial. Vintage Vibes customer turned model, Eunice Obeng, who ordered a two-piece Nike Playset, is already getting compliments with everyone loving its uniqueness. Kaitlyn raved about how "I got custom Nike shorts and will be ordering more from Vintage Vibes! Service and communication were on point, and I was definitely happy with my product,” she said in her testimonial.

Sha’Ron invites her customers to visit her shop at and to also visit their socials to look out for new products and big names that will soon be joining the Vintage Vibes family.

About Vintage Vibes

Vintage Vibes is a boutique Chicago brand dreamt up by Chicago native, Sha'Ron Robertson. Founded in 2017, Vintage Vibes was started with a clear vision: to transcend trends and instead design future vintage pieces that would be loved for seasons to come.

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Facebook: Facebook.Com/vintagevibesworldwide


(September, 2020. Toronto, Ontario) - In today’s ever-evolving IT world, small and medium-sized businesses find themselves burdened with all the same responsibilities as large businesses. From IT managed services, and cloud service management to IT Support, smaller companies rely on local companies to keep them running. Many opt to outsource their IT with SunTel Technologies in Toronto to ensure cost-effective ways to keep their systems up to date, running smoothly, and protected from harmful viruses and phishing attacks. 

Businesses in Toronto have trusted SunTel to provide reliable, efficient, and right-priced IT services since 2007. With their full range of computers and networking services, you are never required to sign any long-term contracts. Instead, they are focused on long-term value for your business’s best use and function. Every new client receives personalized services specific to their business without pressure for cookie-cutter systems or packages. An assigned team of specialists will be with you through the project, from initial discussion and successful implementation to IT Support.Furthermore, it’s what their current customers say that solidifies SunTel’s reputation:

Richard Waite, president of Salix Systems Limited, states, “SunTel has been taking care of our computer network for over 5 years with excellent results. An added benefit is that he also looks after our telephone network, so we do not have to deal with another source. Three years ago, we moved and downsized a hair-raising experience!”

Kevin Stanley, president of Skyreach Window Cleaning Inc., similarly stated, “We are extremely happy with service we receive from the staff at SunTel Technologies. They are quick to respond to any issues or questions we have, and Lloyd always offers solutions so that the same problems don’t arise again. 

SunTel has strong partnerships with all the best IT has to offer including Microsoft, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, Polycom, VMware, and Veeam. Staff are certified in a variety of areas including CompTIA A+, Microsoft MCSE, and Cisco CCNA Voice and CCNP Routing & Switch.They also provide regular information and updates about the latest digital talk and trends, such as new spam methods and current malware trends.

Whether your business in Toronto needs a fully managed IT services, IT support, or consultation for IT solutions, SunTel is worth every dollar. Visit their site at or call the SunTel Support Centre at 416-479-0505 for more information today!


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