At Back Pain Specialist Doctors NJ, our Board Certified Interventional Spine Specialists and NJ Back Pain Doctors are committed to providing relief from back pain, increasing mobility and improving quality of life. Our team of doctors focuses on non-surgical back pain treatment options to patients with back pain, back injuries and spine conditions. Comprehensive diagnostic services and back pain treatment options are offered in New Jersey location to help get to the bottom of your back pain and get it under control.
We provide a comprehensive, interventional approach to the care of your back pain and offer patients a combination of back treatments that include physical therapy and rehabilitation, interventional pain management, medical massage and acupuncture. Often, spinal surgery or back surgery can be avoided using an interventional approach and non-surgical, state-of-the-art back pain treatments.Lower back pain
Lower back pain, also called lumbar pain, is one of the most common medical conditions worldwide. At Back Pain Specialist Doctors NJ, our team of the best Back Pain Doctors in New Jersey focuses on lower back pain diagnosis and non-surgical lower back pain treatment to help you get relief.Middle and upper back pain
Middle back pain and upper back pain also called the thoracic spine region, is not as common as lower back pain or neck pain, but can be very painful and symptomatic. At Back Pain Specialist Doctors NJ, our group of the Best Back Pain Specialists in New Jersey focuses on the non-surgical treatment of middle and upper back pain to get you feeling better.Call us at (551) 236-2947.
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