Biotin Xtreme Hair Care was founded by a husband wife team in Atlanta, Ga. with over three decades of experience as Stylists, Award Winning Salon Owners and Hair Loss Industry experts. Seeing a need for thinning hair solutions we have specialized and been at the forefront of the industry to create our own product line that we believe is the best available today. As business owners we have worked with the best products manufacturers and distributors over the years to base our expertise on what works for the actual client. For several years we have worked with some of the best labs and pharmaceutical compounders to develop our Biotin Based product line for hair loss without the side effects associated with many of the pharmaceutical products available today. Our goal was to create a vitamin rich natural product with proven ingredients for all hair types that would be used by both men and women that would help achieve maximum hair growth and reduce thinning and shedding and improve the lifecycle of the hair. Biotin Xtreme Hair Cares whole product line is color safe, sulphate free and paraben free. Our shampoo and conditioner are also gluten free. BXT's daily regimen begins with our Bioitn shampoo it is a daily cleanser that is a DHT inhibitor that removes DHT and sebum opening up the follicle for the vitamin rich nutrients and amino acids to work. The second step is the Biotin Weightless conditioner which is a biotin and keratin infused conditioner that will penetrate the hair improving elasticity and breakage while adding fullness. The third step is our Bioitn Hair Restoration Spray. This is a daily leave in spray made to increase blood flow to the scalp while removing DHT and stimulating the follicle and infusing the scalp with the necessary nutrients to achieve a normal life cycle for the hair to reduce thinning and increase hair growth for healthy and dormant hair. Used on a daily basis these ingredients which are sourced in USA and certified pure by our supplier will benefit any hair type and will improve the hair and scalp to optimize hair growth, help stop or reduce thinning and create a fuller healthier hair and scalp.
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