Taking Fildena CT 50 is very easy and effortless. This medicine is Sildenafil Citrate Chewable Tablets 50mg, which can be taken without water. You should take this medicine around 30 minutes before the sexual activity.

You don’t need to swallow the Fildena CT pill. Just chew on it; it doesn’t have any weird taste, either. Doctors also suggest taking Fildena CT 50 on an empty stomach for maximum effect on the body.

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Within the world we live in today, most of our tasks are done online. Most of the office or business work these days need technical and online knowledge, and even our lifestyles are also dependent on online.

For example, we tend to order online a lot more these days. Whether it is foodclothingelectrical gadgets, or even a cab for commuting.

Even it is possible to buy medicines online these days. Various online pharmacies provide an array of different generic medicines and provide doorstep delivery at cheaper prices.

While shopping online for medicines provides you with the convenience of saving time and money, it also has certain risk factors. For example, not being careful enough you may end up in online scams easily. For example, an online scam while purchasing medicines includes ordering fake generic medicine brands from a fake portal.

So how can you become aware of whether your online generic brand is fake or genuine? Well, that is what we are to discuss here today. In this article, we are going to focus on the key red flag indicators which help you detect a fake portal selling fake medicines.

If you go through this article entirely it will help you massively in gaining crucial insights on how to distinguish between genuine and fake generic medicines.

We highly recommend this article, if you are thinking of ordering medicines online.

The key to identifying fake generic medicines online.

Search For Medicine Online

So let us suppose that you are buying medicines of Cenforce 100, for curing your impotence condition. The first thing that can give you a lot of information about a fake medicine is the brand name itself. Yes, that is when the brand name itself looks suspicious.

What To Search For In The Brand Name Of Medicine?

Well, the brand name of a fake medicine may have the wrong spelling. Check for the spelling name accurately. Also, check out the details of the logo given on the online portal. It should match the manufacturer’s logo as it is on their website.

Searching On Websites

You have to search with the name of the medicine on browsers. See if you can find any detailed information about the medicine such as the doses, manufacturer name, uses, precautions, and others. If you don’t get any relevant information it is a clear indication of a fake brand name.

Searching On Other Medicine Portals

You may also check out other online portals about the suspicious medicine brand name. this will help you to get further clarity. We recommend that you check out the accurate name of the medicine in at least 2-3 different online portals.

Get A Review From Your Doctor

Even after doing a basic online check on medicines such as Cenforce 150, you may as a specialist doctor about the medicine’s name. Of course, if it is a renowned brand name a doctor must be knowing about it right?

How To Check For Fake Medicines After Getting Delivery?

Now let us suppose that you have already ordered a fake medicine without yet knowing about it. After you receive your package of medicines here is what you should check out each time whether you are already using the medicine for a long time or have brought it for the first time.

Seal Check

Check whether the package is properly sealed. This is a basic outlook inspection ensuring the safety of genuine medicines. if the seal is cracked or broken do not accept your package.

Check The Back Leaf Sachet Of The Medicines

Now, you find your package is tamper proof it is not done yet. Break the seal and take out the medicine sachet to find out about relevant information given on the backside of the sachet. So, do you know what information to check out on the backside of the sachet of any medicine?

Information To Find Out On The Back Leaf

Here is what you need to check for on the back leaf of the medicine sachet each time on purchasing medicines like Cenforce 200 online


Check for the validity of the medicine. The date of manufacturing and the expiry date of the medicines should be mentioned without any tampering. Never take medicines that are close to their expiry let alone those that have already expired. It may cause you to have severe side effects.


Check for the price of the medicine which should also be mentioned in the sachet. If you find that the prices mentioned in the sachet and the online bill are significantly different it is a big indicator of either a fake brand or a fake online seller. Of course, sometimes online sellers may give some additional discounts but the difference should not be much.

Manufacturer Trademark Including The Address Of The Manufacturing

Check out the details of the manufacturer of the medicine such as the name of the company, drug license, registration numbercompany license and registration numbercompany logo, and business establishment of the company. All such details will be mentioned in the product back leaf.


Do not forget to check for the composition of the medicine. it is important that you already know about compositional substances. For example, if you are using a Cenforce pill you should check for the composition of Sildenafil in the product backleaf.

Buy Generic Medicines Online

Visual Inspection

Always ensure to do a visual inspection of the medicines without breaking the sachet. Check if the medicines appear in the same shape and size, are not crumbling or broken, have a formation of bubbles insidemoldy appearance, and others.

Not Having The Desired Effects Of The Medicine

You must immediately report to the doctor carrying your medicines if you are not getting the desired effects of the medicine even after a few days of use. the drug may be genuine though and you need a higher dose. But who knows maybe you have thus far been using a fake generic brand.

Suffering From Severe Allergies And Side Effects

Suffering from severe allergies and side effects is also a critical sign indicating to use of fake generic medicines. But of course, it may also indicate that you are overdosing or have allergic issues with the composition of the medicine. let the doctors analyze the situation.

Final say

So as you can see we have given you basic information about ways to identify a fake generic medicine. We have provided sufficient information on how you can do so online or even after you have got a delivery.