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There are many different kitchen accessories and gadgets that need to be stored and organized, from utensils and pots to dinnerware and spices. It’s no wonder that most people find their kitchens a disorganized mess, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With just a little bit of effort and pre-planning, you can keep your kitchen storage cabinets neat and tidy without the hassle of wondering where an item was stored last. Here’s a few organizational tips that take the work out of tidying up and functions efficiently.


Before you begin organizing, it’s important to make sure that your space has efficient kitchen storage space with creative arranging. If you don’t have enough room, it may be time to upgrade your kitchen storage cabinets or remove some of the things you’re keeping in them. Begin, by removing all the contents from the cabinetry and see what you have to work with. Cleaning up your kitchen first is vital for this process, as it will allow you to see what you use and what could be removed from the space.

Tip!! This is the perfect time to purge because it’ll save you time on the backhand. Say farewell to the Tupperware bowl with no lid.

Divide up the Contents

Once these items are removed, divide your kitchen into zones (cooking, dry/wet goods, snacks) and assess where items should be located. Organize those that remain by type and frequency of use: glasses should go in one cabinet; plates in another; silverware in another—and so on. For example, consider storing cooking utensils and spices adjacent to the stove for efficient use when preparing meals. You could even dedicate an entire drawer to your coffee needs. Stock it with k-cups, sugar, creamer, stirrers, and other coffee items. Store the coffee machine above it atop the counter and voila! A coffee station has been created. Consider placing the most frequently used items on the bottom shelves where they’re easily accessible. Place holiday decorative dishware up higher in the cabinetry as you’ll utilize it less.

After assessing where items should be placed in kitchen cabinets for maximum efficiency, get drawer dividers, baskets and containers and start to group items alike together. For small item organization such as utensils, consider using drawer dividers where they’ll be most effective at keeping things tidy without taking up too much space. For spices, a narrow spice rack drawer can be added near the stove for efficiency.

Kitchen containers are great for pantry storage because they take up less space and provide an overall clean aesthetic therefore allowing for more room for other things. They also make it easy to see what’s inside each individual storage container. Clear plastic bins are great because they are stackable which allows them to take up less space than baskets would otherwise require; plus, they’re easier to clean. The transparency will make it a lot easier to see what you have in stock and show you what needs to be replenished the next time you’re grocery shopping

Get Creative with Kitchen Storage

A small kitchen has its challenges when you’re trying to find a place for everything but there are a few creative kitchen storage ideas to make the most of your space when organizing.

One easy way to increase your cabinet space is to install wire racks. They come in different heights, widths, and styles, so you can find the perfect ones for your kitchen, and they’ll act as shelves, too, so you can store more cups and plates together. Use the space underneath your kitchen storage cabinets. You can store items like baking sheets and cutting boards to be accessible during meal prep or cleaning up afterward!

Kitchen missing an island? Invest in a wheeled kitchen storage cart to accommodate the overflow of kitchen items. Plus, it could be used for meal prep such as cutting vegetables and then tucked away against the side of your fridge when not in use.

Not enough cabinetry?! One solution to maximizing storage is installing floating shelves. Floating shelves are a great place to show off delicate glassware, plate ware, cookbooks, and accessories. Plus, you can arrange them any way you want, which makes them an excellent solution for tiny kitchens. Take advantage of vertical space by adding a hanging pot rack to help store all those pans sitting on the stove or taking up space in your cabinets. Another option is to Add a mixer lift shelf stand to your kitchen cabinet and let KraftMaid® do the heavy lifting for you. The mixer pull-up shelf stand has an easy lift to access heavy kitchen appliances like mixers, food processors and blenders. The glide-in, soft-close operation is ideal for storage with no hassle. Keep your heavy kitchen appliances right at your fingertips when you need them and store them away safely when you don’t.

Additional crafty ways to store and organize kitchen appliances such as blenders, toasters or mixers away or in appliance garages. It keeps the kitchen design polished and behind closed doors which reduces counter clutter.

Kitchen containers, storage racks, and storage carts come in all shapes and sizes so there’s many options that could fit perfectly into your space. Follow these easy steps to organize your kitchen cabinets and enjoy the benefits every day!


Organizing your kitchen cabinets can be a daunting task. Once you know what to do and understand the benefits of kitchen organization, it’s not as hard as it seems! Hopefully these tips will help you feel more confident in your ability to create an organized space that works for all of your daily kitchen needs. We hope our tips help you take control of disorganized cabinetry and make them work better for you! If you have suggestions for other organizing ideas, please share them with us in the comments below! We’d love some new ideas on how to keep our kitchens clean and functional!

If these options aren’t feasible and you’re still tight on kitchen cabinet space, it may be time for a bigger kitchen altogether! Let InDesign Kitchen & Bath assist you in creating a dream kitchen design that truly feels like home and guide you to the best options for your space and budget. Our designers are ready to meet with you to discuss your dream basement! We work in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Milton, Roswell and the surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule your free consultation with one of our designers for your kitchen renovation project. We look forward to working with you!

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If you’re looking to expand or renovate and increase the value of your home, there’s no better space to enhance than the basement. You can create a kitchenbathroom, home theatre, mancave – or all the above! It all depends on how much time and money you want to invest in this project. Below are a few cool basement ideas for making your basement remodel completely functional and aesthetic!

Basement Kitchen

Having all the amenities just on the main floor of the home is a trend long gone as the idea of having a kitchen in the basement is gaining popularity. This is mainly because people are not using basements as underground storage spaces anymore. People have realized the potential of basements as a living space that enriches the lifestyle of the homeowner and adds value to their real estate. Adding a kitchen in your basement provides convenience also as it allows you to prepare and enjoy meals without having to go up to the main floor of the home. This is a convenience not only for the homeowner, but it is a feature that will appeal to future buyers if they should choose to sale.

The amount of space you have in your basement and your budget are key factors to consider when determining the best basement kitchen layout and size for your basement. The first step is to have a basement kitchen idea ready and figure out where you want it located. Once you’ve figured out where you want this new addition, think about its setup and what kind of features would be useful for cooking down there (if any). You may decide on an island or peninsula that allows extra seating while also providing counter space for meals or snacks throughout the day. If storage isn’t an issue, then having built-in cabinets is ideal because they’ll help keep everything organized without taking up too much room!

Short on space? Why not consider a small kitchenette! Basement kitchenettes give you all the functions of a kitchen but on a smaller scale. It has the fundamental parts of a kitchen like countertop space, minor storage and a sink which still provides convenience but at a lower cost.

Basement Bar

If you’re looking to make your basement remodel really special, then setting up a basement bar is the way to go. With the right blend of creativity and initiative, any dreary basement can be turned into a bar that becomes the life of the party. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a basement bar idea is dark wood finishes and dim lighting—but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can easily create a modern basement bar with bright lights for illumination and light neutral walls to create an airy atmosphere. The only thing that matters is that you have all the right elements in place: wine glasses, cocktail shakers, liquor dispensers and libations. No matter your design style, there are endless possibilities that you can incorporate to create a unique design of your own. Your once neglected basement becomes a corner of vibrant activity, and you get to gather the envy of the neighbors. Don’t waste time by going out for a drink; bring the bar to your basement and let the celebrations begin.

Basement Bathroom

Whether you’re turning an unfinished basement into a fully functional area or simply updating your current space, installing a bathroom in the basement will be a vital addition to your remodel. A basement bathroom can help turn your lower level into one of the most desirable living spaces in your home which wouldn’t require pausing the film every time someone needs to run upstairs for a restroom break.

Aside from the practical considerations, bathroom ideas in a basement are also a chance to add style and even add luxury to your home. Because it’s off the main floors of your house, you can step outside the style constrictions of the rest of your decor. Whether you’re doing this on a budget or have some extra cash to spend, there are plenty of ways to design your basement bathroom so that it looks like luxury and feels like luxury! Oftentimes, the basement serves as a home’s guest suite, so why not add a high-end feature that’ll make your nearest and dearest feel like they’re at a posh hotel?

Basements bathrooms can tend to feel a bit cold and industrial thanks to their location so cozy it up a bit and make sure it feels comfortable and inviting by using warm colors, decorative tiling and wall treatments, and friendly temperature lighting. They also suffer from a lack of natural lighting which can feel a bit disconnected from the outside world so introducing links to the great outdoors where you can is essential. Wooden vanity units, natural stone elements and even greenery are all wonderful ways to connect a bathroom basement to nature. 

Basement Home Theater

Lastly, the best way to make your basement entirely majestic is by creating a basement home movie theater. After all, what could be more luxurious than being able to sit back and relax in your own personal movie theater? Remember that this is where people will come together—not just yourself and family members but also friends and other guests so take care when choosing furniture as well as decorations. Your goal should be making everyone feel comfortable while also showing off how much care went into designing this space specifically for entertainment purposes!

Create a brooding and dark environment for your home theater with a total blackout design. Paint the walls and ceiling a dark hue so that you are completely entranced in the movie at the front of the room. Of course, make sure that you add lights to a room that has a total blackout design. Adding popcorn containers, movie posters, and lights on the floor of the staircase can make you feel like you are entering an actual theater while maintaining safety.

You’ll need to do some research for basement home theater lighting ideas, best home theater system for basement and best projector for basement home theater. You can find plenty of information online about which brands are good, but you’ll also want to talk with experts at stores that sell these systems. They can help guide you through the process and make sure everything works properly when it’s installed.


If you’re looking for an entertaining place to hang out after work, the man cave is the place to be. It’s the best place to hang out for you, your family, and friends. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this space as the cost of creating a man cave will vary depending on your individual needs and preferences. One of the most effective ways to lower your budget is to go with a design that includes elements you may already have. A large screen TV or projector, LED lighting, memorabilia and a ping pong table sounds like the perfect refuge for a busy working man. When it comes to ideas for the man cave basement, the sky’s the limit!

Basement Remodeling Cost

When it comes to the cost of basement remodel, there are several factors that will determine how much you’ll pay for the project. The size of your basement is one important consideration. If it’s large enough to have separate rooms, then the amount of work involved in turning it into a finished space will be greater than if you’re simply converting an area into additional living space. Larger basements may require adding more electrical outlets and wiring as well as plumbing fixtures such as sinks and toilets which can drive the cost.

Another factor in determining how much it would cost to remodel a basement is whether any modifications need to be made before starting construction. If you want to make changes later after finishing renovations, this can also affect costs because new materials would need purchasing again at that point in time when making updates down the road (and paying someone else!).

Hire a professional, create a game plan and design the dream basement for you without hiccups that can serve you and your family for years to come


You can make your basement more than just a place to store clutter. A basement renovation can be the perfect opportunity to add value to your home and create an entirely new living space that will increase the size of your home. A basement is also a great place to create an entertainment space. Whether you want to add a kitchen or theater room, we have everything you need for creating the perfect entertaining area in the comfort of your own home! The key is knowing what you want and going for it with a little professional help! We hope this article has given some helpful insight into how to make your basement the best basement home theater, basement bar or bathroom ever.   

With help from InDesign Kitchen & Bath, you can transform your basement into a comfortable, usable space. Our designers are ready to meet with you to discuss your dream basement! We work in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Milton, Roswell and the surrounding areas. Schedule your free design consultation to design your dream basement today!

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When it comes to your closet, you want to make sure that it’s well-designed and functional. It should have all of the elements you need in order for it to be organized and stylish.

Choose your style

When choosing your custom walk-in closet design, it’s important to consider style. The right style can enhance your home and fit with the rest of your décor. Some people prefer a clean, modern European look while others like to go bold and colorful. You should also think about how much space you have available in the room where you’re putting your closet—if you want to add a lot of accessories or store shoes or bags, for example, then keep this in mind when designing.

Once you have a custom walk in closet ideas about what kind of feel you want for your new closet design project, think about how much money is in your budget for this renovation project? This will help determine if having a customized walk in closet with built-in shelves would be possible or not for example; if there’s no way then perhaps we could just do some basic changes instead?

Then finally look at how often do you need access into these spaces too: For instance, a custom closet for small walk in may not be worth the investment if only used few times a year.

Choose your materials

When it comes to materials, there are many options available for custom closets. You can choose from wood, metals, melamine, plywood, wood veneer, and MDF.

Some of our closet partners offer some of the best closet systems with endless adaptability with easily changeable elements that can be upgraded and modified at any time — including closet system shelves, closet drawer system, closet organizer systems, custom closet systems, LED lights — making it a smart investment that delivers a lifetime of stylish solutions.

A custom walk-in closet can have all of the elements you need to be organized and stylish.

If you’re looking to create a custom walk-in closet, there are plenty of great options available. Walk-in closets can be used in any room and they can be designed to suit your personal style. These closets tend to be larger than other types of closets, so they provide ample space for storage. With the right design elements, the space can look stylish as well as functional.

When designing a walk-in closet, it’s important to consider how much storage space you will need and how many clothes you want to store within the closet itself. This will help determine what type of materials should be used in its construction and what kind of layout is most suitable for your needs.


If you’re ready to make a big change in your closet, we’re here to help. We’ve talked about all of the different ways that you can create a custom walk-in closet that fits your unique style and needs, but if you have any questions or would like more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Atlanta-area neighbors – are you as shocked as we are that January is already over??  All of us here at InDesign Kitchen & Bath in Johns Creek are starting to feel the inklings of spring creeping up on us, and there is no better time to think about designing an outdoor kitchen for your home.

The pandemic has kept us all close to home over the past couple years, but it’s also helped us all realize how nice it can be to spend time outside in our own backyard.  Inviting friends over for an outdoor hang has been a less risky way to socialize safely during this crazy time, and investing in a dedicated outdoor kitchen for grilling, cooking, drink-making, and game-watching has more benefits than just slowing the spread.

Yes, you do need an outdoor kitchen!

All right, you got us – NEED is a relative term in this case, but we think after reading this blog, you’ll agree with us.  It’s like having a garbage disposal – if you’ve never had one, you don’t miss it.  But once you have used one, you can’t live without it!

Here’s why you need an outdoor kitchen, and how to go about getting one:

Outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining.

As we already mentioned, the past couple years have kept us home and entertaining outdoors has become the norm.  Hosting gatherings outdoors is fun, but can be frustrating to lug all your stuff outside and then all your stuff back inside when the party is over.  An outdoor kitchen allows you to store cookware, utensils, and supplies outside, not to mention having a fridge or warming oven to keep cold items cold, and warm items warm. 

On top of the pure convenience factor, it also allows the host to remain outdoors with his or her guests, instead of running in and out to keep the food coming and drinks flowing.

Kids birthday?  Invite the neighbors over for burgers and a bounce house.  Big game?  Load up the grill with brats and corn on the cob and set up the projector screen to cheer on the home team.  (Go Braves!)  Just need a date night with your partner?  Put the kids to bed and cook a gourmet meal outdoors, with a chilled glass of prosecco from your outdoor fridge.  There is really no limit to the entertaining options when you have an outdoor kitchen.

The key word here is INVESTMENT.

An outdoor kitchen is more than just convenient when you’re entertaining – it’s an excellent way to increase the value of your home.  It adds a luxurious, unique feature to set your home apart from all the others, and potential buyers oohing and ahhing over your outdoor living area translates to a better offer on your home.  Even if you’re not planning on selling, increased value means more equity and a better financial future.

Do you already have a pool in your yard?  Even more reason to invest in an outdoor kitchen space!  You can spend all day outdoors enjoying the sunshine, with cold beverages and freshly grilled snacks poolside.  No more running in and out of the house, dripping water everywhere!

Cooking outdoors can actually SAVE you money.

Every time you cook outdoors, you’re NOT cooking indoors.  Indoor cooking inadvertently increases the temperature of your home, and therefore kicking on the AC and increasing your utility cost.  In the Atlanta area, we’re already spending a ton to keep our houses cool in the summer and no matter how energy efficient your home is, your cost goes up when the AC kicks on. 

Spend that extra cash on a cool fire pit and some Adirondack chairs!

Now that we have you convinced that you need to invest in an outdoor kitchen, here are 3 things that you need to consider when designing and building your space:

  1. Establish your budget.  As we mentioned, an outdoor kitchen is an investment in your home.  But you still need to make sure that the investment is worthwhile for your location and your lifestyle.  Figure out what is most important to you in outdoor entertaining, and be sure you include that when you’re tallying up your expenditures.  Do you need ample seating?  Or are you going to prioritize a state-of-the-art grilling station?  Know what you want and make sure your budget accounts for it.
  2. Consider the location.  Make sure you like the views from your house, the outdoor kitchen itself, neighbors’ yards etc when you’re planning your space.  The last thing you want is to invest in a beautiful outdoor kitchen that completely hinders the stunning views from your indoor living space.  Also be sure to take advantage of natural sunlight; know when and where the high sun and shade is going to hit your outdoor cooking space. 
  3. Access to utility lines.  Do your best to plan your kitchen where you’ll have accessibility to existing utilities.  This will save you a ton of time and money!

And finally…work with a designer. 

Designing a patio and outdoor kitchen that offers the functionality you need, but also creates an ambiance that is welcoming and relaxing can be pretty overwhelming.  This is an investment in your home and your lifestyle – you want this space to last a long time and bring years of joy to your family and friends.  Be sure that you work with someone that knows what they’re doing.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets come in a variety of styles and finishes such as wood, PVC, and marine-grade aluminum; you’re not limited to stainless steel anymore.  No matter what your personal preference and desired look, you need to be sure you choose weatherproof and waterproof outdoor cabinets.  Don’t try to repurpose your indoor cabinetry out on your patio – you’re in for a major disappointment.  Outdoor cabinet manufacturers specialize in making sure that your chosen style will last you a lifetime, and survive year after year of our hot Atlanta summers and unpredictable winters.  (Who else was really hoping for a huge snowfall this year?  Just us???)

Our team here at InDesign Kitchen & Bath is ready to help you design your perfect outdoor space. We have done the research for you – our carefully selected cabinetry, countertop, and appliance vendors have top reputations in the outdoor kitchen world, and we provide a multitude of door style and color options to make each outdoor kitchen as unique as it’s homeowner. 

Allow us to help you design and build your perfect outdoor living area, and bring your outdoor entertaining to the next level.  Come visit us at our brand-new showroom to get inspired by our outdoor kitchen displays, and receive a complimentary design consultation!

Our brand-new, flagship showroom is opening in April 2022!  In the meantime, visit our website to schedule a free virtual or in-home design consultation.  We renovate and remodel homes in Johns Creek and all surrounding areas: Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell, Cumming, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Duluth, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and more.

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Turn the page on the new year and treat yourself to a fresh bathroom makeover!  There are so many beautiful and timeless trends we’re seeing for 2022, it’s the perfect time to create your perfect spa-like master bath retreat or refresh your powder room with rich moody hues. 

The latest trends in bathrooms are defying boundaries in color, pattern, finishes, and materials.  Here are a few of our favorite trends in bathroom remodeling for 2022:

It’s all about the shower.

Free-standing tubs have been a focus for a while, and while they’re still going strong for 2022, we see showers overtaking the tub as the focal point in your master bath retreat.  Showers are becoming larger too – think about having two shower heads to add a touch of luxury to your home, or a add beautiful skylight to bring in the morning sun! 

Feature walls in the shower are also a big trend we’re seeing this year.  A single-slab wall or large-format tiles reduce the need for so many grout lines, and also provide a perfect set-up for a curbless, walk-in shower. Start today!


Maximize your space with a wet room.

Can’t live without your soaker tub but love the huge shower trend?  Make the most of your space and create a wet room to house your shower, tub, and sink.  Creating a waterproof shell that can withstand the wet conditions of the shower simplifies the entire bathroom design – not to mention wet rooms are easy to clean, and maximize floor space in any size bathroom footprint. 

Minimalism and clean lines are a trend that we see continuing for a while, and a wet room allows the open concept trend that has been so popular in recent years to transition into the bathroom.  We love this trend and see it continuing for many years!


Warm natural wood and earth tones bring elements of the outdoors in.

Earth Tone Bathroom CabinetryFantastic custom cabinetry for your bathroom remodeling project.

Real wood flooring is timeless and classic, but as we all know, not suitable for bathrooms.  Fear not – modern tiles that mimic natural wood look amazing and create serene, luxurious bathrooms.  Wood tones complement white, blue, black and green accents and pair with tons of different aesthetics – Vintage vibes, earthy and sustainable materials, traditional looks, and industrial trends all work really well with beautiful warm natural wood.

We absolutely love this natural wood look and we’re building our master bath display in our flagship showroom around it, since we predict it will be around for quite a while.  Not to spoil the surprise, but the next trend we’re highlighting might be a hint on what color scheme we’re targeting when we open in early 2022…


Black is back.

That’s right – we’re going with wood, white, and black for our keystone master bathroom display.  When it comes to a particular bathroom color or theme for 2022, black absolutely is dominating the scene.  While we do love the moody look of a mostly black bathroom, it’s not necessary to go too far – black accents will do the trick to update and modernize your space. 

There’s a good reason why monochrome is a trend that can’t really be called trendy, since it comes around every year in fresh new ways.  Think about how amazing a freestanding matte black bathtub would look with beautiful wood-look tile floors and white accents?  That’s the stuff dream master bathrooms are made of!  Hint, hint…visit our Johns Creek showroom in a couple months to see it in person! Start today!


Floating vanities with freestanding sink basins.

With only a few standard elements, a bathroom can be refreshed with only one or two small changes.  Try a freestanding sink basin instead of a standard built-in version to add a little extra character.  Pair an oval or organically shaped freestanding basin with a beautiful wall-mounted vanity to create spaciousness and improve the look of your bathroom.  Hang some statement wallpaper or a design a unique tile pattern to add another layer of drama to your space!


As we start to travel more and invite guests into our homes again, why not think about refreshing your powder room or guest bathroom?  Isn’t it time that you finally have the spa-like master bathroom of your dreams?  These 2022 trends are here to stay – visit our showroom in Johns Creek for inspiration and a complimentary design consultation.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Bathroom remodeling in the Alpharetta area can vary greatly, depending on the size of your bathroom and the extent of your renovation. Request a quote with one of our experienced team members for a personalized estimate.

Our brand-new, flagship showroom is opening in early 2022!  In the meantime, visit our website to schedule a free virtual or in-home design consultation.  We service Johns Creek and all surrounding areas: Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell, Cumming, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Duluth, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and more.

Youssef Fahmane

Here’s what we’re seeing for 2022:

We’re working hard over here designing our flagship kitchen and bath showroom in John’s Creek!  It’s been tons of planning, research, and inspiring travel over the past six months, but the grand opening is finally approaching. 

We’ve compiled the top 5 cabinetry design trends we’ve seen in all our research and travel to inspire you – come visit us to see all these fresh ideas come to life in our new space!

Decorative Mesh Cabinet Fronts.

Mesh Cabinet Design

This is one of our favorite trends that is showing up everywhere for 2022.  Mesh cabinet fronts can offer a layer of texture and added personality that solid doors just can’t match.  Mixing metal mesh with wood or painted door frames adds just enough of a peek into the cabinet interiors without having to worry about keeping everything picture-perfect inside, like you would with clear glass.  There are a multitude of mesh options, from almost opaque to wider grates that highlight your favorite kitchen tableware and glassware.  Add some interior cabinet lighting and you’ll create just the right touch of glamour to your space!  We think this look is also incredibly chic for your at-home bar – mix brass mesh fronts with dark or black cabinets to give it that rich, speakeasy feel. 

Practicality points – mesh doors also offer better ventilation.  We’re using it in the laundry room display in our new showroom to create a unique drying pantry.  Come visit us to check it out! Learn more


European/Contemporary Cabinetry.

Space-saving and sleek, the Euro/Contemporary cabinetry look has made its way to the US in a big way.  We’re seeing this style being used in all kinds of spaces – you can create a super high-tech kitchen with hidden appliances and a huge island, or go retro by mixing wood and solid-color wall cabinets to hit on the mid-century modern trend. 

We love the idea of handle-less cabinetry and clean lines – push-to-open doors and 3-level cabinets are right up our alley.  We’ve designed a beautiful contemporary kitchen for our showroom with on-trend matte grey floor-to-ceiling cabinets mixed with a light wood-look backsplash to soften the lines.  Euro-look kitchens are a perfect canvas for all the newest tech-y gadgets – we can’t wait to see what our vendor partners come up with next!


Walnut Cabinetry and Natural Wood Elements.

Luxurious Transitional Kitchen

It’s no secret that sustainability is top of mind for consumers these days – and bringing earth tones and natural elements into the kitchen has become an important trend we see continuing for a while. 

Beautiful dark walnut cabinets mixed with white and creates an elevated look, and adding touches of shiny stainless hardware can add luxury to any kitchen.  For a more relaxed look, the combination of natural oak and on-trend green cabinetry can bring a feeling of earthiness and coziness to your space. 

We love both of these trends so much that we’ve dedicated two brand-new displays in our Johns Creek showroom to highlight them!  Our fully-customized walnut and white kitchen display with a huge island will wow you when you enter our flagship space; we added details to really up the ante on this one, with stainless framed drawers and top-of-the-line accessories.  Our second display features beautiful natural green inset cabinetry and a gorgeous oak island with all the features and benefits that your kitchen is just aching to have.  The modern farmhouse vibes are strong on this one, and this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


Double Islands.

Elegant Kitchen with double islands

If you have the space in your kitchen, double islands are the way to go.  This option offers a lot more flexibility in work space, not to mention all the storage options that islands bring to the table.  Matching islands with contrasted wall cabinetry is a striking and popular look.  This combo can vary from traditional to contemporary – we love the idea of glossy white islands with sleek, dark Euro cabinetry.

Use one island for dinner party prep and have your guests enjoy appetizers at the other, or arrange one island as a breakfast area for the family and leave the other to house your microwave drawer and apron sink.  Or, our personal favorite, mix up the island surfaces and use one island as a gourmet butcher block prep station! Learn more


Mudrooms and Utility Rooms.

Traditional cabinet style - Mudrooms and Utility Rooms

Gorgeous cabinetry is being highlighted in more rooms than just the kitchen.  Custom utility rooms are showing up everywhere, and add an element of luxury to your home.  Having that extra room to hide all the goodies that you can’t live without but don’t need your guests to see is pretty useful – you can keep all your beautiful vintage glassware on display in the kitchen and hide the pub pint glasses from college behind closed doors.  An extra sink for behind-the-scenes food prep work never hurt either.

Anyone with a family knows how valuable a mudroom can be in your home. Personalized cubbies and storage cabinets can keep backpacks, shoes, jackets, and all that other stuff that comes home from school or work organized and out of sight.  Adding a custom designed mudroom, big or small, to your home is an investment you will not regret.


Honorable Mentions.

White cabinetry – they’re still going strong!  This trend is hanging around and doesn’t seem to be backing down.  Classic, clean, and a perfect canvas for you to personalize the space with your cookbooks, colorful appliances, and greenery.

Floating shelves – we’re seeing these more often now as single shelves, to give a natural place to end a slab backsplash or to break-up a blank wall space. 

Full-sized pantries – As floating shelves continue to be a strong trend, we’re seeing big pantries make a comeback to house all the items that used to live in wall cabinets.  We love all the cool accessories that can be found in the newer pantry designs, an organizers dream!

Pet-centric nooks – With pet adoptions skyrocketing over the past year or two during the pandemic, families are catering to their furry friends by creating custom cabinet nooks for food, water, and toys.  We love our pups and we really love this trend!

These 2022 trends are here to stay – visit our showroom in Johns Creek for inspiration and a complimentary design consultation.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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Youssef Fahmane

Are you ready to start your kitchen remodel?  This is the question on everyone’s mind:

Should my kitchen cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling?

As with most remodeling projects – there are pros and cons to either option, and the choice is all yours.  But don’t worry, we’re not leaving you hanging – read on!  We’ve broken down the do’s and don’ts of taking your kitchen cabinets sky high, so you can make the right choice for your kitchen and your lifestyle.

We can all agree that there are definitely times when taller is better.  If you’re a professional basketball player, for example, or if you need to hide your stash of chocolate on a really high shelf.  But is it really the best choice to have your cabinets all the way up to your ceiling?  There are certainly advantages, but every kitchen is unique and it might not be the best choice for your remodel.  We don’t want you to create more problems than you solve, so let’s run through the good and bad.

Three main factors should go into your decision about whether your cabinets should go all the way up to the ceiling: your style, your budget, and the ceiling height and design of your kitchen.

Your Style

Gorgeous Cabinets to ceiling

It all comes down the aesthetics, right?  Yes and no…You love the look of cabinets that go up to the ceiling – but going for it just because it looks great on that Instagram post doesn’t mean it’s going to work in your space. 

Most of the time, if you have standard 8’ or 9’ ceilings, taking the cabinetry to the top is going to be a great choice.  There are a wide range of cabinet heights to suit the exact height of your ceilings, and if you need those couple extra inches, crown molding can fill that gap. 

Stacked cabinets have become extremely popular in recent years, due to providing extra storage space, dust-free display space, and a more finished look.  (Personally we LOVE the look of stacked cabinetry, and would tell you to go for it if you have the option!)

Extra Storage Space: let’s be honest, there are very few of us that are actually tall enough to reach a second row of cabinets.  Even if you’re not vertically challenged, it’s just not practical to store frequently used items in such a high location.  But, putting your seasonal items or less frequently used small appliances up high is a convenient way to keep them close, but not in the way.  (Also a great spot to hide your chocolate stash from the kids.)  If space allows, what about adding a beautiful rolling library ladder with a rail to add gorgeous style and accessibility?

Dust-Free Display Space: Glass front stacked cabinets are not only on-trend and visually pleasing, they also offer a beautiful way to display decorative items without worrying about keeping those items dust-free.  And kitchen dust is not like the dry dust that accumulates in the rest of the house – kitchen dust is sticky, oily, and grimy.  Stacked cabinets relieve you of that painful chore and that in itself may be worth the extra investment!

Creating a more Finished Look: Elevating your cabinetry to the ceiling can also elevate the look of the entire space – taller cabinets can make a kitchen look more customized, cohesive, and luxurious.  Even standard stock or RTA cabinetmakers typically offer a stacked or taller height wall cabinetry option, so often you can create a higher-end look on a more moderate budget.

(If you do choose to leave a space between your cabinetry and your ceilings, we caution against the urge to put decorative items or plants on the cabinet tops.  This can look pretty dated and it’s sooo hard to keep clean!)

Your Budget

Magnificent cabinets to ceiling

As we discussed in our earlier blog post, cabinetry is typically the biggest chunk of your investment in your kitchen remodel.  So it would make sense then, that taller cabinets mean a higher cost.  You are likely looking at around a 15% increase in cabinet cost to add a row of stacked cabinets to your design, likely a bit more than that if you opt for glass fronts.

If budget is tight, and you absolutely MUST have the look of ceiling-height cabinetry, consider framing the ceiling down to meet the cabinets, or use finish soffits.  Some homeowners struggle with the look of soffits, there are ways to disguise them to make them more appealing.  Make it a design feature and have it frame your cabinetry, or add lighting or molding to incorporate it into your overall design.

Read more about how to budget for your kitchen remodel in our previous post.

Your Ceiling Height and Design

Beautiful cabinets to ceiling

You fell in love with your new home because of the soaring cathedral ceilings in the kitchen…we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some ceilings are just not designed to work well with cabinets that reach to the top.  In general, if you have ceilings higher than 10’, vaulted ceilings, beams or coffered ceiling, specialty crown moldings, or cathedral ceilings, you should avoid ceiling-height cabinets. 

Don’t shy away from taller stacked cabinetry though; all the advantages and aesthetics we mentioned already still apply here.  We recently installed some amazing 54” tall slab cabinetry doors in a kitchen with vaulted ceilings that looks drop dead gorgeous.

In the end, as with most remodeling decisions, the choice to bring your cabinets to the ceiling, or not, is all yours.  There are so many options to create your dream kitchen, you’re sure to find something that both works for your space and suits your style. 

If you’re ready to begin the kitchen remodel journey, come on by to visit our design team at InDesign Kitchen and Bath.  Our designers are trained to help you analyze your existing space and guide you to make the best choices for functionality and aesthetics.  Come visit us to get inspired for your kitchen project, and get a complimentary design consultation!

Our brand-new, kitchen and bath flagship showroom is opening in early 2022!  In the meantime, visit our website to schedule a free virtual or in-home design consultation.  We service Johns Creek and all surrounding areas: Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell, Cumming, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Duluth, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and more.

Youssef Fahmane

Atlanta area homeowners –

What you need to know before you remodel your kitchen!

You’ve fallen in love with kitchen makeover Instagram influencers, your Pinterest page is overflowing with gorgeous inspiration for the latest trends, and you’re standing in your dated, non-functional kitchen dreaming of an upgrade – the first question you will ask yourself is:

How much will my kitchen remodel cost me?

You’ve probably heard the “rule of thumb” that your kitchen remodel should cost around 10% of your home’s value; for example, if your home is worth $500k, you should plan to spend around $50k to remodel your kitchen, all-in.  This isn’t far off from reality, however there are a lot of factors that can affect how much you should spend.  Are you going to sell in the next year or so?  Is this your forever home?  Are you looking to just renovate your existing kitchen to refresh the look, or are you dreaming of a full chefs kitchen remodel?

Before you lose yourself in design inspiration magazines, you need to understand your budget constraints, where your money will be going within that budget, and what the options are for your home in order to get the best return on your remodel investment.  We’ve gathered all that information for you here in one spot, so you can start planning out your budget and start your new kitchen remodel in 2022.


Where is most of my money going?

Your biggest investment for your kitchen remodel will most likely be the cabinetry.  There are SO MANY choices when it comes to cabinetry, and the quality can range from inexpensive imported stock cabinets, to fully customized, American-made cabinetry, and anywhere in between!  Depending on the size of your kitchen and what you’re planning to invest, cabinetry will range anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of your total budget.  This can seem like a large amount, but remember that cabinetry plays an essential role in your kitchen design, aesthetic, and storage capacity.

Keep in mind, there is a significant quality difference between stock (also know as RTA – ready to assemble) cabinets and semi-custom or custom cabinetry.  If you’re planning to stay in your home for 10-15 years or more, we recommend choosing a good quality, American-made semi-custom or custom wood cabinet option.  Most companies provide a lifetime warranty on these cabinets, and the financial investment will be worth it. You’ll get the kitchen of your Instagram dreams, and it will be designed to maximize storage space and create a functional area for your family.  Working with a designer to customize your kitchen can be a rewarding and fun experience, and when your friends admire your gorgeous new cabinetry, you’ll get to brag that you designed it yourself!


What should I spend on appliances and plumbing fixtures?

Sophisticated Contemporary Kitchen

Selecting the right appliances will likely be your next big expense, after cabinetry.  In almost every kitchen remodel, it’s worth the expense to upgrade your appliances alongside the rest of your kitchen.  Have a dated fridge or ancient oven next to beautiful cabinets and countertops is a serious buzz-kill! 

Your sink and faucet also play a huge part in your kitchen’s functionality, and certainly get the most daily use.  Head-over-heels for the apron-front farm sink?  Or loving an undermount stainless option with a built-in vegetable washing station?  No problem – there are huge ranges of sink and faucet options to fit any budget and style, from contemporary to traditional.  (We do recommend you consider investing in a higher-end sink faucet that will resist potential rust and corrosion damage, though.  With so much daily use, this is a common occurrence with lower-quality fixtures.)

Have a look at the big box stores for some appliance ideas, but talk to your designer about all your vendor options.  Often they can recommend unique ranges, cooktops, and sinks that you won’t find in every other house in your HOA.  You can plan to spend between 10 and 20 percent of your budget on new appliances, and don’t forget to add about 5 to 10 percent to account for any electrical or plumbing work than may be associated with installation.


How much is that gorgeous quartz countertop going to run me?

Great Countertops Design for your Kitchen

Coming in hot at number three – your countertop is generally the next large expense in your kitchen.  Countertops contribute to the function, ambiance, and aesthetics of your remodeled kitchen, so it’s important to consider all your pricing options here.  Materials vary from the inexpensive laminate or solid surface, to the pricey and high-maintenance marble, but you’re sure to find something that fits your budget and your Pinterest page.  Natural stone, like granite, has become more affordable in later years, and quartz offers the look of marble without the price tag.  Your designer can show you all the options that would work in your kitchen and your lifestyle, so you can start daydreaming about cooking your gourmet Thanksgiving dinner on your new expansive quartzite island (with seating for 6, a built-in microwave drawer, chef’s butcher block prep station, apron-front sink…but we digress.)  Plan to dedicate about 10 to 30 percent of your budget to your countertops.


How much is labor and installation going to cost?

Magnificent Traditional Kitchen

In all our time designing and installing kitchens, we’ve heard (and seen!) some horror stories from DIYers.  While it IS certainly possible to remodel your own kitchen and install cabinets, there are so many nuances that homeowners don’t see on those remodeling shows that become serious headaches – or worse.  In order to avoid a moneypit, subpar installation quality, or poorly fitting appliances, we recommend you leave your kitchen remodel to the professionals.  All the expertise needed to install cabinets, countertops, flooring, tiles, plumbing fixtures, electrical, specialty items, crown molding, toe kicks, etcetera etcetera…There is so much more that goes into a kitchen install than meets the eye.  Or the remodeling show re-run on HGTV.

Labor cost can run high if there are a lot of unexpected issues, but a good contractor can estimate and prepare for potential unknown expenses up front.  Depending on your location, the features you’re installing, and how customized your kitchen will be, your labor cost can run anywhere from 30 to 35 percent of your total budget.


Where can I save if I need to tighten my belt a little bit?

Transitional kitchen design

The most obvious choice when trying to cut your budget down is to go with stock cabinets instead of semi-custom or custom.  You’ll lose the benefits of customizing your space to be exactly what you dreamed, but you’ll save a decent chunk of cash.  Most stock cabinets are offered in popular styles like white or grey shaker, but even within the stock cabinetry world, there are ranges of quality.  We still recommend working closely with your designer to make sure your cabinets are going to hold up with the every day use that a kitchen demands.  No one wants a cheap cabinet door to fall off in the middle of hosting your neighborhood progressive dinner party.  Oh, the scandal!

Smaller items such as cabinet hardware can also be a great place to scale back.  You can find unique and on-trend hardware options for a good price at most big box stores, or online in shops like  Again, we recommend working with your designer here since he or she likely has connections in the hardware world and can help you make a price-sensitive selection.

Your sink basin is another place to save; as we mentioned above, we don’t recommend skimping on the faucet itself, but a pretty standard sink basin can run you as little as $130.  If you have beautiful counters, an eye-catching faucet, and well-chosen cabinets, you can keep your sink cost low and not lose the overall wow factor in your new kitchen.


Do I really need to pay for a kitchen designer?

Luxurious Countertops

In a word, yes…but, not exactly!  If you work directly with a kitchen and bath showroom like InDesign Kitchen and Bath, you will get your initial design consultation for free!  Many showrooms will roll their designer’s fee into the total cost of the kitchen, with no incremental cost to you.  You’ll get access to a trained eye and a team member that is focused on making your vision a reality. 

If all the kitchen lingo like backsplash, grout, plumbing fittings, semi-custom cabinetry, countertop fabrication, and functionality hasn’t convinced you, think about bringing it all together to create the vision you have saved on all your social media accounts.  Kitchen designers are typically specially trained, and can provide guidance not only on layout and function but also on trends, design recommendations and pattern coordination, vendor suggestions, quality control, and complementary colors.  These designers live and breathe kitchens, so you can count on them to understand your needs, bring your ideas into a well-thought-out design, and create function in your kitchen that will provide you and your family a central hub for years to come.


The bottom line is that you need to establish a reasonable, realistic budget, and stick to it.  There’s a huge difference on whether you want to simply renovate and refresh, or completely remodel and upgrade your entire kitchen layout.  No matter your style or budget, you can almost always guarantee that a kitchen remodel will be worth every penny!

If you’re ready to begin the kitchen remodel journey, come on by to visit our design team at InDesign Kitchen and Bath.  We specialize in offering our clients a range of pricing options during the design process, so whatever your budget, we will find a way to create a kitchen that works for you and your home.  Come visit us to get inspired for your kitchen project, and get a complimentary design consultation!

Our brand-new, flagship showroom is opening in early 2022!  In the meantime, visit our website to schedule a free virtual or in-home design consultation.  We service Johns Creek and all surrounding areas: Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell, Cumming, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Duluth, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and more.