Hello, my name’s Elliot Garner, and I’m a nutritious juices lover, which I share in my blogs as a hobby. I’m located in Florida, United States with my cheerful family who I’ve motivated in drinking vegetable juices on a daily basis (even if they don't like it).

When I began drinking vegetable or fruit juices I noticed my body was feeling great! That’s when I discovered its amazing health benefits, which I want to share with y'all!

Because of my experience, I want to spread awareness about the benefits of vegetable juices in my little ways such as blogging. I hope this kind of topic excites you because they get better every time :)

Elliot Garner

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There are a variety of ways to enjoy your celery juice. You can drink it fresh, mix it with other juices and sodas, or use it in recipes. Regardless of how...
The green color of celery is just one reason why it’s so healthy. A half cup of chopped celery contains only 15 calories and is an excellent source of vitamins...
If you’re like most people, you probably wondered what to do with leftover pulp from juicing. Either that or you simply discard the pulp left over. However, did...
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