Family Owned and Operated
NG Turf is a family owned and operated sod farm with more than 30 years of experience in the turfgrass industry. Launched in 1985 with just 25 acres of certified bermudagrass in Whitesburg, Georgia, NG Turf has grown to include multiple farms throughout the state.

Employing over 100 individuals, NG Turf has become a name that is synonymous with quality and value providing turfgrasses to homeowners, landscape professionals, golf courses, municipalities, and athletic fields.

Customers First
From the very beginning, the NG Turf mission has been to provide complete customer satisfaction. Today, NG Turf continues to put customers first, delivering the highest quality fresh-from-the-farm sod and offering an industry-leading One Year Warranty.

Current Varieties
Currently, NG Turf grows multiple varieties of fresh, luxury sod hand selected for excellent performance throughout the southeast, including Rebel® Supreme Fescue; TifTuf®, Tifway 419, TifSport and TifGrand bermudagrasses; and Zeon and El Toro zoysiagrasses. These specific varieties have been chosen to provide our customers with a superior sod choices that will fit their exact landscaping needs.
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