Persian Carpet Cleaning NYC provides you with complete rug cleaning, repair and restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning services. With over 15 years of experience, we provide you with a true clean no matter the damage or the problem. When you choose us for your cleaning services, you will love your cleaner, fresher home.
Our comprehensive rug cleaning service offers you spots and stains removal, color renewal, and the elimination of all hidden dirt. Rugs that are not being cleaned properly, will deteriorate over time while their structure falls apart. Let us maintain your beloved rug.
We designed our rug cleaning process to ensure the cleanest results possible for your area rug. We know that, over time, your area rug starts to show signs of aging and damages due to dirt, dust, stains and allergens trapped in the fibers. At Persian Carpet Cleaning NYC, we work hard to remove all problem areas and clean your rug completely. Trust us to deliver you with high-quality results.
At Persian Carpet Cleaning NYC we clean your rug completely and carefully. When we return your rug to you, you can enjoy a restored beauty. Call us today for a free, at-home and no-obligation rug cleaning service.
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