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Driving is not a necessity it is a privilege. Most people take this for granted because they have always had access to a vehicle. However, when you’re down and out because of a problem with your car, then you might begin to appreciate this luxury. Since automobiles are mechanical, they are prone to have problems from time to time. If you neglect regular routine maintenance of your vehicle, you’re bound to experience more problems than a car that is being properly maintained. In addition to the maintenance of your car, you have to make sure there is sufficient gas in the car and that the payments are being made on time. If you’re starting to have problems with your car, it can be very frustrating. When you have a jammed key or are unable to turn the key in the ignition, this will cause a lot of stress. If your key is stuck in the ignition, call Quick Norcross Locksmith LLC to get it out for you. If you get upset and simply snatch the key out of the ignition, you’re in for more trouble than you ever imagined. Your best option is to remain calm and consider your next move before hastily making a move.

Even though your car key looks ok, it doesn’t mean that it is. Your key might be slightly bent and you might not notice it just by looking at it. In some cases there are small flaws in how the key was cut, which might make it hard to get the key out of the ignition. This is something that happens more often than you know.

When you’re experiencing a problem with your ignition while it is still turned ON, here is what you can do:

Check Your Gear – The gear should always be in the parked position if the key is going to be able to turn inside the ignition. When it is in the parked position it will turn.

Loosen Up the Key – Gently and slightly wiggling the key to loosen it might be all that you need to get the key out. You wouldn’t want to yank on it because you might break the key off in the ignition

Check Your Dashboard – Look at the gearshift on your dashboard to make sure that it is in the Park position. Sometimes it is easy to knock it out of gear and this will prevent the key from turning.

When you’re experiencing a problem with your ignition while it is still turned OFF, here is what you can do:

Check Your Battery – When there is a dead battery, nothing you do will get your key to turn over until the battery has been replaced. When you call upon the services of a locksmith, this is often the first thing we’ll check when we arrive since this is often the cause of your problem.


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With just about every service available today for your home, vehicle, or business, there is the chance you will run into a scammer or have to deal with a scam. Particularly when it comes to locksmithing, there is a chance you may end up hiring a locksmith that damages your home or vehicle locks, only making the problem worse. This may threaten your safety, or also potentially put your family in danger. To hire a good locksmith you will be able to trust, there are several things you can keep in mind.


#1 - Make Sure They are Certified

This should be the number one thing you look for when it comes to hiring a locksmith. Non-certified locksmiths are particularly dangerous to work with since you have no idea what skills or credentials they actually hold. A certified locksmith has been through a particular set of training in order to qualify them to change, repair, fix, and install residential, commercial, and vehicle locks. They also typically undergo a state exam and have been through a series of on-the-job training with professionals before becoming officially certified. Going with a certified locksmith is the only way to ensure that your repairs are done correctly and no damage is done to existing structures around your locks.


#2 – They Have Insurance

Insurance is critical for a locksmith to carry. This protects them as the contractor, but also helps protect you as the customer. This is a great sign if a locksmith is insured and can help give both parties peace of mind. For some reason, if something goes wrong during a locksmithing job that is in no way your fault, you know you will be protected.


#3 – They Are Bonded

Depending on the quality locksmith you choose, they should be bonded. This may mean one of two things. One type of bond is known as a surety bond. A surety bond guarantees that a job will be completed. If a commercial building owner, for example, hired a locksmith to replace deadbolt locks in the building, a locksmith might issue a surety bond. This ensures that the job will get done.


Article Source: How to Hire a Good Locksmith

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All property owners want to do what is in their power to protect the things they have worked for. The risk of theft, unfortunately, exists no matter where you are located. Even if you are in a very safe neighborhood, you still have to protect and secure your belongings – not to mention the people who enter your property. The right security services can help you to accomplish your goals. A service you can and should think about is access control, and you can call a locksmith for information on access control systems as well as installation. Of course, there are many other solutions to consider when it comes to better protecting your property, making sure commercial, automotive, and residential properties are protected. Read on for more information on access control and why it is something you might want to think about.


We are here to provide the information you need. Our business is called Quick Norcross Locksmith LLC and we are proud to offer access control systems to customers who are looking for better security. We serve those in and near Norcross, GA, so you can even call if you are in the surrounding area. No matter where you are, information on access control is something you can benefit from.


What Does “Access Control” Mean?

What is access control and is it really so important that you truly need it? Why is it so important, anyway? These are questions we are going to answer for you. You might find yourself wondering if there are multiple system types available. Access control is a security system that lets those who use them to control who is able to gain entry to their property or get into a certain part of a property. There could be restrictions regarding who you want to be able to get in and when or where. You might really merely want to have some say in being able to regulate those who are able to use certain resources. Because of access control, property owners can diminish dangers connected with someone becoming hurt if they get into a room that might house dangerous products or solutions like harsh chemicals. You should look into logical and physical systems.


Physical Access Control Systems

What is a physical access control system? This is the type of system that lets you control access or limit access completely to precise rooms or areas. You might find this kind of system on campuses. Why would you want a physical access control system? Well, for many reasons, but overall because it allows you to have a say in who is walking around where, on your property. You could have a building, as touched upon earlier, that has dangerous chemicals in it. Or maybe you have a college campus and you only want students to have access to certain rooms rather than just anyone. A physical access control system can benefit you and everyone else who you want to have access to your property.


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If you are the sort who loves convenience then you likely use a transponder key. This is usually the case if you own a newer model vehicle. Transponder keys are somewhat of a modern miracle. The transponder key has a chip inserted inside of it that controls the features. With a transponder key, you are able to start your engine and unlock the doors of your vehicle, remotely. This is the level of convenience that you’ll experience when using a transponder key. The chip has to be programmed to communicate with a centralized computer. When programmed, it will only enable the features for your vehicle, as the chip is programmed to work with only your vehicle. If you try to use the key and it is not working this simply means that the key needs to be reprogrammed. Most vehicle manufacturers welcomed the invention of transponder keys, as it enabled them to offer vehicles that would be safe from theft. In fact, the number of auto thefts have decreased significantly since the invention of the transponder key, which means that it did what it was intended to do. You don’t have to become a victim of auto theft when you have a transponder key. However, what if you don’t have access to your key? What will you do if you lose your transponder key? At Quick Norcross Locksmith LLC, we have some definite suggestions for helping you when you lose a transponder key.

Just like any key that you might have, it is always possible to lose it or misplace it. If you should happen to misplace your transponder key this is still a problem because you don’t know for certain. Losing your transponder key can turn your world upside down, especially when you have become accustomed to using this type of key. If you happen to misplace or lose your transponder key, don’t panic. There are some things that you can do to make sure that no one is able to drive off in your vehicle. When you are not able to get your hands on your keys, just assume that someone else has their hands on them, which means they have direct access to your vehicle. We know that you might not think this scenario is realistic but we assure you that it is. Someone may follow you and wait for you to slip up and then take off in your vehicle. Whenever you notice that you no longer have your key in your possession, act quickly. You can’t be too careful. Don’t risk losing your vehicle to an auto thief. Contact our locksmiths any time of the day or night. They will be able to come to wherever you are to reprogram your new transponder key. Even if you have a spare key, remember that it will also need to be reprogrammed in order for you to continue using it. You can avoid someone taking your vehicle by picking up the phone and contacting us as quickly as possible to take care of your transponder key needs.


Article Source: Here’s What To Do When You Lose Your Transponder Key

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In terms of door lock types, you don’t have a shortage of options. From mortice locks and multi-point locking systems to night latches/secondary locks and closed shackle padlocks, you have so many things to choose from.


Deadbolt Locks

With deadbolts, you can choose from options like single cylinder, lockable thumb turn style, double cylinder, smart deadbolts and more. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt by BHP
  • Callan 200S Single Cylilnder Deadbolt
  • Single Cylinder Castle Electronic Keypad Deadbolt by Defiant
  • KwiksetSmartCode Signature Series



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