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If you are the sort who loves convenience then you likely use a transponder key. This is usually the case if you own a newer model vehicle. Transponder keys are somewhat of a modern miracle. The transponder key has a chip inserted inside of it that controls the features. With a transponder key, you are able to start your engine and unlock the doors of your vehicle, remotely. This is the level of convenience that you’ll experience when using a transponder key. The chip has to be programmed to communicate with a centralized computer. When programmed, it will only enable the features for your vehicle, as the chip is programmed to work with only your vehicle. If you try to use the key and it is not working this simply means that the key needs to be reprogrammed. Most vehicle manufacturers welcomed the invention of transponder keys, as it enabled them to offer vehicles that would be safe from theft. In fact, the number of auto thefts have decreased significantly since the invention of the transponder key, which means that it did what it was intended to do. You don’t have to become a victim of auto theft when you have a transponder key. However, what if you don’t have access to your key? What will you do if you lose your transponder key? At Quick Norcross Locksmith LLC, we have some definite suggestions for helping you when you lose a transponder key.

Just like any key that you might have, it is always possible to lose it or misplace it. If you should happen to misplace your transponder key this is still a problem because you don’t know for certain. Losing your transponder key can turn your world upside down, especially when you have become accustomed to using this type of key. If you happen to misplace or lose your transponder key, don’t panic. There are some things that you can do to make sure that no one is able to drive off in your vehicle. When you are not able to get your hands on your keys, just assume that someone else has their hands on them, which means they have direct access to your vehicle. We know that you might not think this scenario is realistic but we assure you that it is. Someone may follow you and wait for you to slip up and then take off in your vehicle. Whenever you notice that you no longer have your key in your possession, act quickly. You can’t be too careful. Don’t risk losing your vehicle to an auto thief. Contact our locksmiths any time of the day or night. They will be able to come to wherever you are to reprogram your new transponder key. Even if you have a spare key, remember that it will also need to be reprogrammed in order for you to continue using it. You can avoid someone taking your vehicle by picking up the phone and contacting us as quickly as possible to take care of your transponder key needs.


Article Source: Here’s What To Do When You Lose Your Transponder Key

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