The whole appearance of the carpet can tell a lot about the owners' preferences, about their leisure time, the number of children and pets, as well as about the culinary delights of the hostess or the carelessness of the tenants. As a rule, stains, dirt and regular household pollution over time turn a carpet that was once bright and blooming with all colors into a faceless matter on the floor. Is it possible to give it a second life? If you take this process seriously, then everything is real. The main thing is not to fuss and entrust this business to experienced craftsmen.
Many secrets and recipes for cleaning carpets at home give rise to self-confidence and the belief that you can quickly and easily do it yourself. But this is only at first glance. In fact, the process of cleaning and washing a carpet is not that easy. And everything is complicated by the fact that a high-quality procedure requires space, a large amount of water, professional proven chemistry and special equipment for cleaning and drying. Iit is simply unrealistic to do this in apartment or house conditions. Not only can the efforts be unsuccessful, but the carpet can also be ruined forever.
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