The power backup solutions are generally is an alternate term for Power inverter or inverter in India. Selecting the correct luminous inverter in Kannur and Nova inverter battery are a significant factor in building the right power backup answer. Selecting the right type of battery and the right capacity or size is a daunting task.

When you think of purchasing a new inverter, it is essential to save from the marketing tricks, and know some basic factors, which will be helpful before purchasing an inverter. Choosing the right type of an inverter/battery system is one such significant factor. And not just choosing the right inverter-battery system, it is the right choice to solve the problem that you need. In this way, we will discuss different power backup solutions.

The three main reasons for the power backup solution are

  • Power grid to charge the battery
  • Inverter battery to store DC current
  • Inverter

How will you choose inverter?

The power grid is the original electric connection at your home. The electricity from the power grid recharges the battery. At the event of power of the battery, DC current requires to be converted to AC current with the assistance of Inverter. But naturally, the total power backup solution is called as an inverter in India.

First, calculate your power requirement

The first step is to calculate how much backup you wish, or how many appliances you wish to support.

Inverters come in different sizes and have varied capacities for several loads. That is why you require to ensure that the size of the inverter is strong enough to manage the load, or total wattage, of your appliances.

Calculate the VA rating of the inverter you require

VA is used for the Volt ampere rating. It is the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the electrical appliance. If an inverter functions with 100% efficiency, then the power needed of the electrical items and power given by inverter is the same. But we all know that ideal conditions don’t exist in actual.  Most inverters possessan efficiency range from 60 % to 80%. This efficiency is also called the power factor of an inverter and is simply the ratio of power needed by the appliances to power produced by an inverter. The power factor of most inverters varies from 0.6 to 0.8.

The battery is the main energy supplier of an inverter system. The operation and life of an inverter largely based upon the battery quality. You may ask” how long does battery supports?”. It is known as is called the battery capacity. It is the battery capacity that determines the backup hours. It'sa unit in Ah (Ampere Hours).

About us

In today’s world, most of us aresearching for and opting for more sustainable resources of energy and solar energy is best in these areas. So if you are also thinking of using for solar energy then you may use appliances like solar water heater Kannur.

Contact Details:

Address: Rachana Building, KL/7/431,432, Kakkad Road, Thana, Kannur-670012

Phone number: +91 9809615343

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JMD ENTERPRISES is one of the quality and reputed manufacturers, traders, and Welding machine supplier in Delhi. JMD enterprises are having a good name in the market for supplying the quality welding machines and accessories. Various welding machine types like Arc Welding Machines, Stepless Arc Welding Machines, Welding Plastic Products, Different types of Cutting Machines and much more are manufactured and supplied at the affordable cost like nowhere.

The biggest advantage in purchasing the welding machines from the JMD enterprises Welding machine dealer in Delhi is buyer will get the welding machine with all the required industrial standards. Checking the industrial standards and manufacturing the machine with those parameters is very crucial and JMD enterprises not only do that but also help the big companies to get the quality machine for the buyer's production unit at the lowest price. Also, the welding machines will last for years without any problem.

As a Welding machine manufacturer in Delhi, JMD enterprises take full responsibility for the welding machine manufacturing works in their production unit which enables them to develop the product in a precise way. All the welding machines supplied to the buyers and big enterprises are easy to operate, so even a new engineer or production house worker will find it easy to handle. Also, purchasing the powerful, robust and easy to handle welding machines from the Welding machine manufacturers in Delhi will help buyers to get the product with higher lifetime and good satisfactory performance too.

Another big thing about the JMD enterprises is workers in the production unit work with the customer-centric approach. Because of this good approach, each and every buyer will exactly get the type of services what they demand from JMD enterprises. As a Welding machine supplier in Delhi, JMD enterprises has earned a good name among the existing customers and big-enterprise owners, and this is also one of the reasons why JMD enterprises growth is steady in the last few years.

Different range of welding machines are available with the JMB enterprises, so one can purchase the exact model welding for their business needs. JMB Welding machine manufacturers in Delhi have vast experience in the welding machine manufacturing process. Gained experience with the industrial knowledge make the JMB engineers understand the exact demand of the customer in a quick time, so purchasing a welding machine from the JMB enterprises is a wise choice.

About the Company:

JMD enterprises are a client-oriented organization works with the aim to deliver the exact type of welding products customers desire to receive. JMB enterprises offer a complete variety of Welding and Cutting products at the cheapest price range throughout the country. Happy customers are the proof for the quality product delivery. Also, the engineers working in the production unit never compromise with themselves when it comes to delivering the product on time. Because of the reliability, power to perform, dimensional efficiency, and corrosion resistant feature, JMB enterprises flag is flying high all over the country.

Contact details:


Address: Shop No. 110- 1st Floor, 1309 – 1310 ShankerMkt,

Fasil Road, Ajmeri Gate,


Phone number: 8586913994


JM Cargo India is the best relocating services in India offers Car transportation in Delhi to get the customer's favorite CARS to relocate in the safest way. Get the best price quote from the service providers and relocate your cars from one location to another using the best transportation methodology. One of the certified Professional transportation companies in India to move your cars anywhere you want.

When it comes to Car transportation in Mumbai, JM Cargo India stands alone from the other service providers with the most reliable system for transportation. JM Cargo India does the transportation services for your CARS based on the structure and size of the car. All types of CARS will be accepted here for transportation from one location to another at the affordable cost. All your favorite cars will be moved conveniently to the desired location.

The experienced movers in the JM Cargo India use their vast experience when doing the Car transportation in Pune and give the belief for you making you convinced that they can move without causing any damage to your valuable CARS. Experts available in the JM Cargo India take care of your precious CARS and treat it like their own car at the time of transportation, so your CARS will get smoothly delivered to the desired location like never before.

One of the major concerns when it comes to transporting CARS is every safety measures need to be carefully checked. With JM Cargo India car transportation services, you will get the good car carriers with all essential safety measures like nowhere. Every customer will get the safety chains, locks, safety belts, and much more. Your car will get placed in the correct position on the carriers using the safety locks, chains, and wheel stoppers. Using the specially-designed safety belts, your car position will get hold on the carrier. Inside the carrier, your car won't move because of the hydraulic ramp attached with the carriers for the safe transportation. Also, service experts will cover the CAR seats with the special seat cover to ensure the color not gets spoiled.

About the Company:

JM Cargo India is one of India's leading transportation service provider companies. Particularly, when it comes to doing the packing and moving for the CARS, JM cargo India stays at the top with their services and moving experts. JM Cargo India is a self-owned company with the option to do customized car transportation services. JM Cargo India also offers the different kinds of vehicle transportation services around the different parts of the country like Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and much more. With the experienced workers in hand, they are offering quality services for more than 10 years. The main aim of the JM cargo India transportation services is to give timely services to all clients, so all the CARS will reach the destination without any delay.

Contact details:

Phone number: 9711200568

Address details: Building No 7, west Rajeev Nagar,

Near Shitla Mata Mandir, Sector! 2A



Bishnoi Packers and Movers in Nagpur is having the years of experience in bringing excellence and professionalism in helping people to move their car, furniture items, home tools, and office. The Bishnoiteam in Nagpur offers a specialized house packing service for all the individuals, and successfully assisted home movers from the Nagpur to different areas in the Country. Bishnoi Packers and Movers Nagpur available for your moving needs will help everyone whenever needed the most.

Bishnoi Movers and Packers Nagpur offer numerous types of Insurance services in the services. No matter whether it is the house shifting or office shifting or car transporting services, Bishnoi is giving the Insurance options for the customer's convenience. Based on the type of goods that is planned to move from one place to another, Bishnoi Movers and Packers recommend the insurance for the customers.

Bishnoi Packers and movers in Nagpur offer the hassle-free moving services across India for any type of cars. Bishnoi packers and movers Nagpur is providing the premium type car shifting services with the quality and specialized Trucks available in the market. The biggest highlight of the services it is easy to hire, and available for the customers at a very economical rate. The team reaching out to the customer's place will give the insurance cover to ensure double safeguard for the customer's Car. This Packers and movers Nagpur is also offering the custom services to move your favorite car from one location to another.

Bishnoi Packers and Movers in Nagpur have already served thousands of customers for the House relocation works. Doing the house relocation services is really difficult, but Bishnoi Packers and Movers do the services with ease without creating any trouble for the customers. The house hold items will be safely packed, loaded, and moved to the desired location in a quick time. Things like Bubble sheet, thermocol sheets, paper cuttings, cardboard boxes are used for the packing and moving. Also, the group of experts available in the Bishnoi Packers and Movers understand the value of your belongings and built a team to do the moving process in a smooth way.

Your search to find the best Corporate Company Relocation team ends with the Bishnoi Packers and Movers in Nagpur becausethese experts accept any type of difficult Packing and Moving services without any third thoughts. With the years of experience in handling the corporate company items in the packing and moving works, experts handle each and every equipment in a highly sensitive way. Items like office Furniture, interior partitions, custom made electrical will be safely packed and moved to the desired location before the mentioned deadline. When it comes to hiring the movers and packers in Nagpur, then Bishnoi is the right choice.


Every customer intention is to get the best packers and movers Nagpur to shift their belongings from one place to another without any hassle. That is why hiring the Bishnoi movers and packers will help everyone to get this packing and moving works done at the reasonable prices. You cannot get staffs and co-workers like this to work in a courageous way. No matter whether it is local or domestic or Global level packaging, Bishnoi packing and moving experts door's will remain open for your needs 24*7.

Contact details:

Shop no.3, Devi Lal Colony, TCP gate no. 2, Delhi Road, HisarCantt- 125006, India

Mob: 8307937191

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Not only that, but the company also provide budget-friendly Guest house in Dwarka Delhi with many facilities like, provide standard rooms with Wi-Fi and breakfast facility are available. A booking representative will not bother about anything could be allowed rooms in some of the properties.

There are many things in life that cannot be forgotten for most of the time. These are the moments that will happy or make you blush or draw a few drops of a tear to your eyes. Vacations we enjoyed should be among those memories, especially most of them which wish to cherish.

There are many memories that change the entire holiday experience unique. It could be enjoying each other company on the beach with waves kissing your feet, tasting a special dish together and enjoying it.

One may love to go for a couple of holidays for different reasons but it should surely be planned for enhancing your bonding, spending some best time together, starting everything again and loving each other again and again. These can be achieved if the right accommodation is selected. You’re planning list because you desire to stay comfortably and relax in a luxurious method. When you are traveling as a couple you should lay stress on Hotel in Dwarka Delhi for local couples rather opting out for regular hotels. The point you should specifically lay stress on is

Specific facilities

When you travel in a group, your selection of accommodation usually depends on everybody’s choice. But while traveling as a couple, you wish to enjoy each other’s company and the accommodation has to opt with this perspective. The couple friendly hotels in Dwarka Delhi will stress on the requirement of couples while designing their rooms and services. Big size beds, carpeted floor, a spacious wardrobe, bathtub, lowlights and a large window pane to pane through are all facilitated to make your travel experience beautiful as a couple. Some provide complimentary drinks or breakfast for the couple, for the clock room service, fully stocked mini bar are the right choice to add a flavor to your time spent together.

About us:

These hotels build in New Delhi provide oxygen to couples. This can be because of the fact that Indian society doesn’t allow a couple to stay together. These hotels are quite near tothe airport. They provide good quality service at an affordable rate. Not only room service their food is also very tasty. There are many options available like conference room, party hall, swimming and many more. you can contact with further for the detailed query.

Ms. JASPREET +91-7840023611 | Ms. RAJNI +91-9999200629

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Omkar Taxi is a well managed car rental service provider to individual customers & corporate group. Whether you are planning for a much longing vacation or planning business tour, they offer car rental servicesacross Kerala and its islands to make sure that your car rental needs are always met completely. With numerous car rental Kerala locations, they are really  proud of providing  services throughout this attractive and cultural Gods own country, and you can be  just assured that one of their car hire  are available for you , which means  they will take  the  car at your doorstep. No matter what type of car rental you are looking for, their wide-ranging fleet of different vehicles will definitely suffice your needs. They will offer an incredible solution as they offer family saloons, convertibles, luxury cars, small economy cars, and everything that you require. They offer luxury rent a car in Kannur at very realistic rate.

 Primarily, they offer the best car rental service in Kerala. Their range of vehicles includes Hatchback, Sedan, SUVs, and private cars. They provide best cars & offer classy services. So get all the benefits of hiring Kannur Taxi and get the cars as & when you need them. It offers a phenomenal & outstanding service and great work ethic is exhibited by them. Omkar Taxi is committed to provide a comfy rent-a-car experience, making sure all your purposes are solved without any difficulty. Their customers receive wide ranging facilities like 24 hour assistance and great pricing to begin with. Their vehicles are fully insured making it sure to lessen risk during your journey. They also offer pick up and drop services from all major airports in Kerala or any other convenient locations. If you want a BMW car for rent in Kannur, call them now.

With spacious seating, extra luggage space and many other options to choose from, they understand your needs very well. Their car rentals can also be tailored to suit your individual requirements. They also offer monthly, weekly, or daily car rentals. For weekend escapes and long drives, to family outings and work commutes, they are always there. They influence you to run away from the everyday routines and take the time out to tour and discover the country with them. They have decades of experience in the car rental service area .Their services are mainly available in Trivandrum, Palakkad, Malappuram,Idukki,Alappuzha,Kottayam, Alappuzha,Pathanamthitta,Kollam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kozhikode districts.

Their aim is to offer quality service, mutual trust and brilliant value to their clients. They offer the best deals on hiring a rental for their needs. They will offer you wide range of choice of vehicles to suit your specific needs.They can organize transport from any destination, including railway station or airport pickup. They can arrange for a variety of vehicles depending upon their specific requirements. They are really proud to offer their services right through this beautiful and culturally  God’s own country, and you can be really assured that one of their car rental  are not very far , because they can  deliver their car at your doorstep. No matter what sort of rental vehicle you are searching for, their variety of cars will definitely satisfy your requirement. Rent a wedding car rental in Kannur with Kannur Omkar Taxi and you’ll find an unusual story unfolds in every drive that you hire with them. Celebrate the great experience with Kannur Omkar Taxi.


About Omkar Taxi


Omkar Taxi is offering comfortable taxi services in Kannur with style. Visitors get the delight through their fleet of assorted cars.

For media enquiry:

Contact Person: Manikandan

Mobile no: 91-9447961447, +91 8075670271

PHONE 0497-2711447

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Career options associated with the commerce and accounting is high, so students prefer to choose the commerce subject in their class 11 and class 12 classes. Although students choose the commerce and account subject for their career growth, they do not know the difficulty in getting good marks for the subject. To help the student from stop suffering from the commerce and accounts, Centre 4 knowledge is offering the professional way tuition for accounts in Gurgaon for the class 11 and class 12 students. Getting the good marks is now easy with the Centre 4 knowledge coaching in hand. Experienced faculties are appointed here for the class 11 and 12 students, so students dream to get the good marks in the final examination ends at this commerce classes in Gurgaon.

Why choose Centre4knowledge?

At Centre4knowledge, we ensure faculties are having in-depth knowledge and have excellent communication skills. We appoint faculties to conduct the commerce classes in Gurgaon who are specialist in that subject, so each and every student attending the coaching class will get the top quality training like never before. The best theoretical knowledge available within the staffs helps every student to sort out all their confusions and doubts at the earliest.

  • We work with the student's satisfaction in mind, so students love to attend each and every class without any third thoughts in our tuition for accounts in Gurgaon.
  • Our accounts home tutor in Gurgaon treat students in a friendly manner, so students can talk more freely with the staffs during the revision session.
  • We know every student is different, so we work closely with them and redirects them on the correct path. Our faculties will never let any student fail in the examination.
  • We will prepare a meeting with our staffs and schedule the portions to complete on time. As we complete the portion on time, students will get more time to interact with our lectures to clarify more doubts in the lesson.

Why Centre4knowledge is the best?

  • Our commerce classes in Gurgaon are available for the 11th and 12th students at the affordable cost, so everyone will get the best education within their budget range.
  • We are having the exceptional success rate in the accounts department subject, and many students have already topped in the ranking lists in schools with the help of our accounts home tutor in Gurgaon.
  • In every batch, less number of students will be admitted to ensure all the students are getting quality education.
  • Our unit will provide the sample test papers and latest course materials for the students to score top marks in their exams.


About us:

Centre4knowledge has been started with the intention to provide the top quality education for the students in the commerce and accounts subject. We have grown from strength to strength, and now standing as one of the best coaching institutes for the commerce classes in Gurgaon. Our experienced faculties, latest teaching techniques, unit of accomplished alumni are consistently delivering excellent results every year. If one need to hire the best commerce coaching center in Gurgaon, then undoubtedly we are the ideal choice.

For media enquiry:

Contact Person: Dr.Amit. Parihast

Mobile no : 9310000123


Godrej Properties is a synonym for the tradition of innovation, sustainability, and excellence to the real estate industry. Every development stands for a century old value of superior quality and consumer's trust with a desire to incorporate the latest design and technology.

With astounding success in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Greater Noida, We at Godrej, are delighted to shower Delhi with it's legacy. Delhi will witness a showcase of residential living like never before.

Nestled in prime South Delhi, strategically located within 20 mins of hyper-connectivity with Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad, lies the Godrej Icon.

Godrej Icon is a 5.2 acre luxury residential complex built to suit the taste of a selected few. With areas ranging from 1600 to 6000 square feet, every inch will speak of its opulence.

Lush, extensive green spaces will become the perfect companion to the splendid Aravallis with your morning walk.

4 magnificent towers spread across 5.2 acres of land amidst 2 acres of landscaped courtyards, this premium residential complex offers everything you need to live a perfect life.

Every condominium is 3 side open with natural light and fresh air. With Godrej Green technology every house is fitted with state of the art pollution control system. Plush interiors with all modern amenities speak of the excellent standards we have set industry wide. Godrej properties Okhla residential will boost of 40000 sq.ft clubhouse with all luxury amenities like salon , spa , swimming pool , coffee shop , billiards room , chess , carom and many other indoor games , basketball court , badminton court and many other facilities at disposal of all the residents. Godrej new residential project okhla Delhi will have concierge service for all its residents to cater to all services like laundry , car wash , and any other service residents like.

The club at the okhla project will also boost of big party hall for all the occasions with high end catering services. The security at godrej okhla delhi residential apartment will be 5 tier security with bolders at entrance gate , boom barriers , laser wire at the boundary wall to face detection system , door phones to dog patrolling in and around the campus.

The designing of the project is done keeping in mind the rich heritage of Delhi and extensive detailing Is being planned at the exterior of the towers to give it the rich heritage feel keeping in mind the taste of its discerning  residents. These residencies have been planned with keeping in mind the rich taste of its residents , the sizes of the rooms , have been kept big with proper ventilation and sunlight ,ample parking is being planned at basements with no vehicular movement at apartment level. These homes would have double height lobby to ensure grand entrance experience for its residents and their guests. The price of these apartments would start from 2.75 crore for 2bhk to 3.5 crores for 3bhk and about 4.5 crore for 4bhk and about 6 crore for 5bhk and about 7-8 crores for pent houses. All these pricing is tentative.

We welcome you aboard the luxury experience right at the heart of south Delhi.


HOTEL DWARKA is one of the best services providers in NEW DELHI, INDIA offering the Luxurious rooms at the budget-friendly rate. Tasty and delicious foods are offered here all day for the people who are all the visiting the hotel to stay. Many types of room services and packages are available for business clients, tourists, and local people here. Everyone will get the exact type of services what they desire to get from a hotel in Delhi.

Hotel Dwarka is offering rooms with all the necessary amenities. People who are looking to visit the best hotel in New Delhi need to hire the Dwarka Hotel because the hotel management treats every customer in a friendly manner. Also, rooms which customers hire for their needs are very closer to the Metro Station and New Delhi Airport, so the traveling time gets reduced after you hire Hotel Dwarka in New Delhi. If needed, single-size, double-size bedrooms are offered for the family members based on the availability. Even when the rooms are available for the customers in the first or second or third floor, lift is available 24*7 to access the rooms.

Dwarka hotel in Delhi is offering the Open Terrace restaurant for the customers to sit, eat, and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Ordered foods will reach out to the customer's room without any delay here. As the hotel management is offering the Television inside the rooms with 24*& cable service, all the customers can order their favorite food and enjoy inside the room with their favorite TV programs. If the customer request for the Pickup and drop services, the hotel management at guest house in dwarka Delhi will arrange for it without any third thoughts. Support staffs will be available for help 24*7, so if any help needed, customers can contact them anytime.

Hotel Dwarka is the best hotel in New Delhi to host any type of business meeting without any hassle. The servicemen will arrange the conference hall just like the way customer demand, and free Wi-Fi is available inside the hotel area to get fast internet access at the meeting time. If the business clients plan to conduct a party after the conference meeting, special party rooms will be offered at the competitive price here. Top-quality cleaning services are available in Hotel in Dwarka Delhi so even the foreign client attending the special parties will feel delighted with the hotel services.

About us:

Hotel Dwarka is a luxurious hotel located in New Delhi with experienced staffs and food makers. The hotel is just 10 minutes away from Delhi International Airport. The hotel was started with the aim to deliver the quality food and room services to the people visiting Delhi. With the quality servicemen and workers in hand, Hotel Dwarka is giving the quality services at the affordable cost like never before. Conference hall, Meeting rooms, Party rooms, Open Terrace restaurant, and much more options are available for the customers to enjoy within the budget range.

Contact Details:

Address: Hotel Dwarka, NEW DELHI, India

Phone number: +91 7840023611


Washmatic India is a single stop solution for your dishwashing requirements, be it machines, accessories, consumables or service. Washmatic India offers a variety of models from Glasswashers to Flight Type dishwshers and thereby caters the complete requirements of clients. The firm’s goals and objectives are met by the team standing united and thus making the firm a highly functional one.

Washmatic India Pvt Ltd enables its customers to explore a wide range of technologically upgraded and advanced industrial dishwashers guaranteeing a greater life span. The hood type dishwashers offer quick turnaround time minimizing your labor and are easy to operate. Washmatic India is providers of energy efficient and CE certified industrial dishwashers washing a maximum load of dishes within a couple of hours. The state of the art infrastructure facility that Washmatic India Pvt Ltd has created helps the team to work in a smooth manner.

Visit the nearest partner of Washmatic to avail the latest model commercial dishwashers capable of holding your needs of dishwashing. Washmatic design, manufacture and service all the products with the aid of latest innovations and sophisticated machinery. The company is thus very well ahead of its competitors in the field of maintenance of its products. The ethical conduct Washmatic India follows adds strength to its growth.

Washmatic India manufactures dishwashing machines using best quality raw materials keeping in view of tough Indian conditions. As a leading seller of commercial dishwashers, they promise nothing but quality, following all guidelines and industrial standards. The performance ratio and the support from the customers over these years shows the sturdiness of the products. The price at which products are available is another attraction that pulls customers and clients into the store.

When talking about the service and delivery provisions of Washmatic India Pvt Ltd, the well planned and executed team reaches the customer at the doorstep on time. The quality policy of Washmatic India guides each and every employee, both manufacturing and service support team to stay loyal to the customers and clients. The commendably efficient service and installation process make the customer’s machine working with ease and simple as never before.

About Washmatic

Washmatic India, manufactures of the complete world class warewashing solutions, is rendering their services in warewashing for more than 2 decades. Washmatic India, with a network of offices and distributors countrywide, is the leading manufactures for all industrial and commercial use dishwashing machines. With regional centers all over India, the professionally managed team has been exceptional in their service. The company takes utmost care in the selection of the professionals and trains them to meet 100% growth and customer satisfaction.


Contact details:

Contact: +91 8800023044

Address: Washmatic India Pvt Ltd, A2 Shopping centre, Naraina Industrial Area phase 2, Naraina New Delhi – 110028