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The need for automated technology in all facets of our lives is increasing. Even in doing simple chores such as dish and utensils washing you have technology making our work easier these days.


With the huge amounts of utensils being washed every day in the restaurants, cafeterias, hotels there is a need for flight type dishwasher. These types of automated dishwashers take the art of dishwashing to a whole new level thanks to the advanced features and with minimal manual intervention too.

For you to buy such dishwashers you will have to contact the right dishwasher manufacturer. In this article, we will be discussing Washmatic India whose automated technology in dishwashing is simply world-class.

Whether you consider the national or the international market’s Washmatic’s name is there to be heard all around. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of new innovative technology when it comes to a flight type dishwasher.

The company’s dishwashers simply have the best design and features packed up in the dishwashers to make your work easier even with a huge workload. The company also integrates safety in design and to meet the working requirements and safety standards of all industries.

Water-saving technology used in the dishwashers reduces the need for water by 50%

The world-class technology has been built with precision and adjustment loading that reduces the need for water during dishwashing by almost 50%.

Now that is something that is truly admiring as the machines also ensure foolproof cleaning and removes all harmful germs and bacteria using stage-wise washing processes.

Reduction in usage of washing chemicals and detergents

Not only are the dishwashers by Washmatic using less water but they also use fewer chemicals and detergents. And even then the dishwashers are even able to remove all stains of foodstuff.

The less use of washing chemicals and detergents means that it is also operational friendly in day-to-day life reducing your need for chemicals and washing detergents.

High savings in energy

The flight type dishwasher manufactured by the company comes with a 5-star energy-saving rating and performance. Thus it is highly energy-efficient in design as well as consuming less electricity.

You can use this high-energy-saving equipment without worrying about a huge increase in your monthly utility bills.

Models that cater to all the industrial needs

The company manufactures various models each with a slightly different feature at cheap and affordable prices.

Each one has its loading capacity, input, and output rate. The various types of flight type dishwasher that the company manufactures are triple rinsing, automatically controlled hot water machine, auto conveyor belt, stain control mechanisms, and auto clean technology after dishwashing.

Even the machines have separate conveyor belts for feeding trays, dishes, and crates.

Durable and economic

All the models of the flight type dishwasher that the company manufactures are durable and highly economical. The company also provides regular and extendable warranties on each of its machines.

About the company

Washmatic India Pvt. Ltd.

A2 Shopping Center,

Nariana Industrial Area, Phase-2,

New Delhi- 110028

Phone number-+91- 8800023044


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