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Plywood is a material that helps construct durable structures. Plywood as a construction material is used for both homely and commercial purposes. You will find amazing varieties of greenlam sheets that are lightweight and durable. These can be used for internal and external areas of the house. You can find them with various certifications and models with different certifications.

For installation purposes, you can find the Century HPL sheet at Rs.220/square feet. In this article, we will find out about the different benefits of using greenlam sheets and plywood that you cannot ignore.

High strength

You can find a strong and high strength with the HPL sheets- high-pressure laminate sheets. The name itself defines that it has strong high strength for material handling. These come from the fact that the plywood is made from 4 or more thinner sheets of wood.

You can find high strength with the Century Ply sheets. The internally made thin sheets are pasted with gum on top to allow the tensile strength of the entire plywood to increase as a result. Due to this favorable property, you will find that they will be used in different industries.

Strong shear panel

The plywood sheets such as high-pressure laminate sheets in Delhi are made of thinner sheets of gum by pasting them and this adds to the shearing strength. The advantage is that each grain can be mounted at an angle of 90 degrees. Along with this, the cross lamination technology helps increase the shearing strength as well as for braces.

Impact resistance

We have already learned that the HPL sheet manufacturer in Delhi will allow you to increase the shearing strength. This allows it to sustain to almost double force and comes with pre-designed tolerance. Being made from multiple layers of wood each force is evenly distributed to the inner wooden layers. Thus the impact of the force is negated by the extremely large surface area.

With high impact resistance, it can be used for different uses in the construction industry for manufacturing strong structures.

Moisture resistance

High pressure laminate dealers in Delhi will make you customized moisture-resistant HPL plywood sheets that come with strong anti-wet properties.

This is why it can be used even for all purposes for designing the interiors and the exteriors of a home. To add to this the manufacturers will generally add a coat of lacquer or water repellant adhesives on top that does not allow the water to come in direct contact with the thinner and inner wooden layers.


This can help create sheds and cladding. It can even be used as supporting material for laying concrete. Even when exposed to water fully these will survive way longer than water.

Fire resistance

Greenply and greenlam dealers will add to the fire resistivity by using anti-fire elements in the manufacturing of the greenply such as cement fiber. To add to this they will also have an anti-fire polymer coating on top. This is the reason you will find that they will be used for constructing fireproof structures.

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