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Allied Bake industries are dedicated to these bakers by making high-quality baking machinery. They proudly stare that they are one of the best bakery machine manufacturers in India. They are a company that believes in giving high-quality products to our customers at competitive prices. They also provide the best quality of after-sales service to the customers. They also give the customer a host of products to choose from.

What products they offer you

They offer you different types of machines that have varying capacities according to your needs for processing dough and for making various bakery related food items. Please visit our Products page to know more about the types of machines They make, their capacities per hour and electricity consumption per hour and other details associated with it.

Astounding Product Quality at Allied Bake industries

They always strive to give their customers the best quality bakery machinery. In our industry, they have the entire modern infrastructure and employ all the modern techniques used for making such high capacity machines. They also make machines that are environmentally friendly and reduce the consumption of electricity. Another major thing is about their machines. Their machines are very user-friendly.  

What makes them special

Being one of the best bakery equipment manufacturers in India They know it is their responsibility to serve their customers that extra bit. They not only provide you with bakery equipment but their dedicated workforce is always in contact with you to solve all your queries. They also provide you with innovative solutions to improve space optimization keeping in mind the capacity requirement. They also deliver our products on time. Allied Bake has a huge distribution network across various countries that let us deliver such machines. They also follow all the legal aspects associated and only make use of ethical business strategies. Along with that, they also provide you with different types of payment modes.

About Allied Bake Industries

They are one of the most leading manufacturers of bakery machinery manufacturers in India.  They started our journey in making bakery machines back in 1992. Over the years they have delivered for multinational companies as well as national ones all over the world.

Because of their dedication and endeavour to serve their clients in a better way, they firmed their position in the domestic as well as global market. They have a dedicated workforce of engineers and designers who make use of innovation in their bakery machines to reduce electricity consumption and increase productivity per hour so that your company's cost-to-benefit ratio keeps increasing.

For more information please visit their pages on their website.

Address: 1510 Rai HSIIDC industrial area, Sonipat, Haryana India

Contact Us at +91-9871808004, +91-9053125657

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