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  11/16/2019 FSD India bring innovation in facility planning business Rahul Sharma
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  8/24/2018 FSD India Announces Final Dates of India Kitchen & Food Service Design Summit on 5 & 6 October 2018 Rahul Sharma
  4/9/2018 KEN-FIXIT Extends Expert Solutions For Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Rahul Sharma
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  4/4/2018 Stellar Gastronom Announces Complete Range of Commercial Refrigerators and Cold Rooms in India Rahul Sharma
  4/3/2018 (FSDI) announces to organize the 3rd edition of India Kitchen & Food Service Design Summit Rahul Sharma
  10/12/2017 Stellar introduces its innovative refrigeration solutions for hospitality sector Rahul Sharma
  10/11/2017 KEN-FIXIT extends their expertise for professional maintenance of commercial freezing equipment Rahul Sharma
  8/16/2017 Stellar Gastronom offers a range of refrigeration solutions to the hospitality segment Rahul Sharma
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