Suboxone clinics: Suboxone gives you a break from your opiate addiction. It

Takes away your cravings and gives you the chance to feel normal again. It allows you to be the dad, the mom, the son and the daughter you haven't been in such a long time. Its only one step towards your recovery, but it is a step in the right direction. Recovery is still a long, hard road that you must take a day at a time, but it's worth it.

?suboxone is a miracle for some people. It can take away your cravings and give you a break from your addiction.

Addiction is a disease, nobody gets up one morning and says "I think i'll become an addict today". It’s a disease where you become trapped, saying i'm never gonna do this again, one last time and then i'll quit for ever--only to use again and again. You feel hopeless and despair, you hate even looking in the mirror. You wish you could quit but just don't know how. You’ve lost the trust of your family, you had to tell lies just to get through the day and you are ashamed of the person you have become, but there is hope for you.
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