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Bodh Gaya is a Buddhist pilgrimage center which is situated in the state of Bhiha, and it attracts not only domestic tourists but also tourists who belong to many countries, such as China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and many more places. This place is dedicated to lord Budha who is the founder of the Bud religion and got enlightenment under the Ficus religiosa tree. India, we love to call it a Peepal tree. Lumbini, Sarnath, Both Gaya, and Kushinagar, are the most prominent sacred places in Buddism. This post is dedicated to providing a great insight into Bodh Gaya but you will have to be in the post till the end.

Bodh Gaya turned out to be one of the highly revered sites, and its name is found in many religious texts and travelogues, those written by native scholars, as well as foreign travelers. Among them, Chinese travelers, Fa-Hien is one of the most popular names who has written so much about this site. Mahabodhi Temple was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002.

History Of Bodh Gaya:

Bodh Gaya is known as the holiest site in Buddhism; erstwhile it was known as Uruvela and is situated on the bank of River Lilajan. Ashoka, who belonged to the Maurya dynasty had built the first temple here after winning the battle of Kalinga. Seeing the blood in Kalinga's battle, he decided to embrace Buddhism. Lord Buddha who had renounced his family at the age of 29 years in the search of truth, therefore, he came here. In Bodh Gaya, he did self-mortification for six years. He found the eight-fold path that can help people to find the truth. The day of enlightenment is celebrated as Buddha Purnima and under the tree which he attained enlightenment known as Bodhi Tree.

Attractions To Visit In Bodh Gaya:

While the sight-seeing of the Bodh Gaya, travelers must include all these places in their tour plans, such as Mahabodhi Temple, Great Budha Statue, Bodhi Tree, Thai Monastery, Muchalinda Lake, Royal Bhutan Monastery, Cankaman, Brahmayoni Temple, Chinese Temple, Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple, Vietnamese Temple, Kundan Bazaar, Root Institute For Wisdom Culture, Durgeshwar Hill, Sujatha Temple, Burmese Vihar, Ajapala Nigrodha Tree, Animesh Lochana Chaitanya Shrine, and many more. In the list of attractions places some places you can cover in the same-day tour like same day agra tour by car.  

Best Time To Visit Bodh Gaya?

Bodh Gaya receives pilgrimages throughout the year. But the best time to visit this site starts from October to March according to the weather conditions. Many people come here in April and May as they want to celebrate the Budh Purnima, on this day, lord Buddha got enlightenment. You should keep in mind the timing of every place where you want to go because monument timing is specific like taj mahal opening time today.   

How To Reach Bodh Gaya?

The nearest airport is located at Gaya which is 17 Km away from this site. But the flight frequency is very low from this airport. Patana, the capital of Bihar also has an airport which is at a distance of 135 km from Gaya, and it is well-connected to all the major cities of India. Gaya also has a railway station which is 13 Km away from Bodh Gaya. Once you reach here, you can hire local taxis or buses to reach. If you prefer to come here by road, it is also possible either by self-driving or using local transport which is run by the state government.