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6 Different Types of Google Ads - Which is Right f

Unless you are leaving under a rock in the past years, you may have seen all kinds of Google Ads without even realizing it. Perhaps you may have seen online sneakers sales while searching for running exercises. Or maybe you were searching for ethnic wear and a discount on a beautiful lehenga choli in the search results which led you to buy a pair. These are the Google Ads!

But when you are an agency or an online store, considering spending any amount of money on ads to reach your targeted audience, it is better to spend it in right place. Google Ads campaign puts a large extent of advertising tools at your fingertips. It also provides access to users of one of the largest search engines in the world: Google and YouTube, and a network of millions of websites to promote the firm.

Unfortunately, Google Ads look complicated at first because of their complex interface and stiff learning curve. resulting in which leads to many difficulties during campaign targeting and others.

Want to know which type of ad is best suited for your business marketing? Let's check out 6 Different types of Google Ads to match your goals.


1 Responsive Display Ad

Generating Brand Awareness

Google Display ads are Image-based ads and allow you to target people who are likely to be interested in your products but haven’t searched for them yet. Google Display ads can help you in introducing your business to a specific group of audiences who are likely to be interested in what you are selling. You can usually see the display ads while browsing your favourite websites. It can also appear on your google account, apps or in videos.


2 Standard Discovery Ad

Immersive and Interactive

Discovery ads are a type of google ad which appear on the google apps like YouTube, Google, and Gmail. Discovery ads help you put the best foot forward by using machine learning algorithms to identify customers' buying behaviour and deliver it to the targeted audiences. This approach identifies what customers want and timely conveys it on their feeds when they need it or are in search of it the most.


3 Performance Max Ad

Maximize the campaign performance

Performance max campaign is very adaptable as it utilizes automation and machine learning to help advertisers execute their specific conversion goals. Performance max offers a wide range of placements for the betterment of your objective. With machine learning and algorithms, Performance max is good at discovering new customers and new markets.


4 Responsive Search Ad

Attracting people who are in search of product

Google search ads are text ads that show on the search engine result pages. Responsive search ads are a type of ad where you can write multiple headlines and descriptions for your ad. the goal is to show different combinations of titles and descriptions for different users depending on their unique queries and search history. Responsive search ads are a simple and effective way to create an effective PPC strategy.


5 Shopping Ad

Advertise to Shoppers Ready to Buy

Google shopping ads are product-based ads and can be shown specifically for the search of products on google. Google shopping ads allow customers to search for, compare and shop for physical products from different retailers who have paid to advertise their products. Unlike search ads, Shopping ads show the image of the product along with its title, price, brand name and reviews. Practically, they provide the primary information about the product before the shopper visits the link.


6 App Install

Promote Your Apps

Do you have a mobile app for your business? With google ads, you can promote it with app install campaigns across Google’s largest properties like google play, YouTube and google display network. App install ads are designed to drive installs of your mobile apps from sources outside of app markets. App install campaigns push bulk downloads resulting in higher rankings in the app stores. They also help in organic traffic which leads to more downloads and exposure.

The ad format you choose in Google Ads depends on what your business needs to achieve and the target audience. Knowing and understanding the need of your audience is important for successful advertising results.

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