From timeless pearls to statement chandeliers, the varieties of wedding earrings are endless. A beautiful pair of bridal earrings is a must-have for every bride and equally, it’s also important to select the style that will complement your dress.

Whether you are a classic or a bold bride, accessories have the power to pull your entire wedding look together, and a pair of earrings is a perfect finishing touch. You can never go wrong with an eye-catching earring for any bridal ensemble. So, whether you are choosing a refined pair of pearls or subtle studs, putting emphasis and thought into choosing the best wedding accessories can make the entire celebration feel extra special.

If you are trying to decide on a dreamy pair to wear on your big day, rest assured you will be glowing in one of the beautiful bridal earrings below.

Precious Pearls: You can never go wrong with this timeless jewel – whether you select bulbous studs or a string of pearls.

Enchanting Chandeliers: This is your day to shine. So why not go for a spritely pair of earrings that lives up to the moment.

Elegant Studs: In some cases, less truly is more. You can choose to make an understated statement with a delicate duo that is simply elegant.

Vintage-Inspired Gems: Master the heirloom-worthy look with a nostalgia pair of earrings carrying the retro-inspired look.

Dazzling Hoops: Whether they are accented with diamonds or covered in pearls, a statement-making pair of hoops will instantly oomph up the glamor of your wedding day look.


At the wedding garter, we have a huge collection of unique and stunning bridal earrings in various designs, patterns, and styles for your wedding day to match any style of wedding dress.

If you have chosen a gown with a lot of details, opt for something simple and elegant like a pair of short drop earrings or bridal stud earrings.

For strapless dresses and simple fabrics, you can afford to wear bridal earrings with more length and sparkle. Bold chandelier earrings will add an instant wow factor and look incredible with a sleek up-do.

Pearls or Crystal?

Pearls have a natural beauty. If you are a pearl lover, make sure it matches your gown and other bridal accessories. You can choose from a stunning array of shades – whether it’s vintage hues of nude and blush or classic ivory.

Crystal earrings are hard to beat because of their sheer glamour factor. A pair of crystal wedding earrings are the perfect complement to either a vintage, traditional or modern bridal look.

Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold?

A selection of our gorgeous bridal earrings is available either in gold, rose gold, or silver. For a perfect match, go with the finish that best complements your wedding colour scheme and the rest of the accessories. Silver has been the most popular one for wedding jewellery. But with more vintage gowns coming into the trend, brides find gold and rose gold pieces to perfectly complement their look.

If your wedding dress has champagne, cream, or warm golden tones, opt for a pair of gold bridal earrings to nicely complement.

Brides want to look their best with the best jewellery, especially the earrings. You can choose from our huge range of wedding earrings collection including pearl drop earrings, cubic zirconia, statement earrings, crystals, etc. these elegant magnificent wedding earrings will complement the rest of your wedding jewellery and help your lobes shine just as much as you!


If you have ever attended your friend’s wedding and admired the bridal headpiece accentuating your friend’s bridal hairstyle, you probably would have envied the bride for having such an elegant and pretty accessory on her wedding day.

Because accessories like bridal headpieces can enhance your beautiful hairstyle, thus attracting all eyes on you, it is an accessory that speaks for itself and gives you more chances to flaunt your personal style and look like a gorgeous bride that you always dreamt of.

If you are curious to try a few headpieces ahead of your wedding, scroll down here for the top 5 headbands Australia that will complete your bridal look and leave you looking like a million bucks.

Floral beauty: This ivory porcelain flowers & gold bridal hair piece is a bendable wedding headpiece that sits gracefully on the side or back of your hair and shimmers with quality rhinestones that are delicately woven inside handmade ceramic flowers.

Golden leaf beauty: Glamorous braided hairstyles can be elevated to the next level using the gold leaf & ivory floral bridal hair clip for a one-of-a kind wedding day style. This chic bridal headband, available for sale in Australia, matches a bride whose wedding headpiece includes champagne gold leaves, ivory flowers and dazzling rhinestones.

Blush vine beauty: A delicately hand painted gold blush pink wedding headband adds a romantic touch to spring weddings and makes the bride feel like a princess. Exclusively hand painted metal flowers, ivory pearls and rhinestones resting on a silk ribbon give this piece an exceptional look. Just add the bride’s crown!

Shining crystal beauty:  This ivory floral crystal bridal headpiece comb is composed of thin silver wires studded with high quality rhinestones and pearls. Elegantly designed handmade crystal flowers adorn the hair accessory, which graces the wearer’s hair in a way that resembles snowflakes falling on a glove.

Unique garden beauty: This bridal headpiece clip, styled with large ivory hand-painted metal flowers and a touch of crystals, rhinestones, and pearls, brings out the luxuriousness of this wedding headpiece and gives the bride a unique look.

Wedding headpieces can be worn on your wedding day and suit every type of wedding, whether classical or modern. Be the trendsetter for other brides by choosing a headpiece and other accessories from the Wedding Garter online bridal headpieces Australia store.



What is a Bridal Hair Piece and Why Do Some People Need It?

The bridal hair piece is an item that is used to match the hairstyle to your wedding dress.

This hairstyle accessory was initially created for the bride, but over time it has been adapted to meet the needs of other people. With the increasing number of people getting married, this has become a popular choice for both brides and their mothers.

Bridal Hair Piece Beauty & Style Etiquette for Prom Season

As far as fashion goes, having your hair done professionally is always a good idea. If you choose to wear your own hair and purchase a clip-on or glued-in piece, make sure that you are comfortable with how it looks before getting married. You wouldn’t want something hanging off the side of your head or covering any part of your face on such an important day! Also, make sure that it is securely attached or else it will come loose while dancing or even while walking down the aisle.

How to Wear a Wedding Headpiece without Destroying Your Hairstyle

A wedding headpiece is the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful bridal look.

The best headpieces for your wedding day are the ones that you don’t even notice. You can choose from a wide range of bridal hairpieces to suit your style and personality, from traditional to contemporary. Keep reading to find out more about bridal hair pieces in Australia.

Bridal Headpieces for Every Style of Wedding – from Shabby Chic to Tropical Paradise!

The bridal headpieces are part of the wedding dress and they have an important role to play in the whole look. If you are looking for bridal headpieces, there are many options for you. The Wedding Garter offers you a wide range of collections like vintage, bridal, and designer headpieces

A bridal headpiece is one of the most important elements of your wedding day look. It can change the entire style and feel of your outfit, while also being a fun way to express your personal style.