Goodbye, My Style Vita

My Style Vita 10/25 10:00P Jessica
Photo by Hannah Lozano A little over 9 years ago I came home one day from my first job out…

The $20 Coffee Maker I Am Loving

My Style Vita 10/21 10:00P Jessica
Every morning I wake up and make myself a cup of coffee. Like clockwork. It s part of my morning routine…

A Quick Stay At Emeline, Charleston SC

My Style Vita 10/20 10:00P Jessica
Back in March, I was supposed to head to Charleston with a girlfriend for Charleston Wine And Food Festival. An…

The Best Sweatsuit Sets

My Style Vita 10/18 10:00P Jessica
It s been a summer of tie-dye shirts and biker shorts. And I have to say, I m glad to bid them…

How To Use Asana As A Blogger

My Style Vita 10/13 10:00P Jessica
I m most definitely not the most organized human being out there. My blog has survived without any sort of formal…

Best Non Smudge Lipsticks

My Style Vita 10/12 10:00P Jessica
I m notorious for being the person who puts on a lipstick and within an hour it s all over my face.…

How To Dress For Fall When It’s Hot

My Style Vita 10/8 10:00P Jessica
I don t know about you all, but here in Atlanta, the fall weather has been nothing BUT fall-like. The mornings…

How I Got Myself To Read More

My Style Vita 10/7 10:00P Jessica
One of my closest blog friends, Emily, reads like no one I ve ever met before. She s always plowing through books.…

This Is How I Do Edgy

My Style Vita 10/6 10:00P Jessica
When I think of an edgy badass outfit, this is usually it. Dark black jeans, a cool graphic tee and…
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