How To Promote Your Blog

My Style Vita 1/26 9:00P Jessica
With nearly 10 years of blogging experience, I think it s safe to say promoting your blog is something that I may know a thing or two about. Getting more eyeballs on your blog is a key factor for...

New Ways To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair

My Style Vita 1/25 9:00P Jessica
I feel like it s been the year of the bandana . From adding it to your favorite bag, your wrist, your neck and your hair. It s been everywhere. I m guilty of loving this trend, but not wearing it as...

Dresses To Wear With Dr Martens

My Style Vita 1/24 9:00P Jessica
One of the latest additions to my closet has been my Dr Marten Leona boots. There are so many different styles to choose from, but the chunky sole on these made me fall in love. I ve been pairing them...

Easy Winter Fruit Salad Recipe

My Style Vita 1/20 9:00P Jessica
Fresh fruit, no matter the time of year, is one of my favorite things to snack on. But during the winter months, I find myself not eating as much fruit as I typically do in the summer. Maybe because...

I Wish I Did This Sooner

My Style Vita 1/19 9:00P Jessica
I m not sure how I feel about the saying I don t have any regrets . I mean, really? None? You didn t wish you dumped the boy sooner? You don t regret not being nicer to people? I guess it s all...

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation Review

My Style Vita 1/18 9:00P Jessica
One of my go-to beauty brands has been Urban Decay for years now. I have several of their lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and more. But one thing I had been needing and wanting in my makeup drawer was a...

A Refreshing Grapefruit Basil Margarita

My Style Vita 1/15 10:00P Jessica
One of my favorite flavor combinations is grapefruit with basil. Something about the tangy citrus and the sweet fragrant basil creates the perfect balance for me. Throwing in tequila gives it just the...

How I Used The Marie Kondo Method To Tidy Up My House

My Style Vita 1/13 9:00P Jessica
I recently finished doing KonMari on my home with the help of Kinga of Bring Delight . A KonMari Organization Consultant. There are very few people in the world who are KonMari method consultants and...

What I Read In 2020

My Style Vita 1/12 9:00P Jessica
The year I discovered reading. Truly. I wrote this post on how I started reading more and it really helped me get through more books. I can t believe I read 12 books, and also listened to five...

All You Need Is a Good Coat And Booties

My Style Vita 1/10 9:00P Jessica
Bring on the coats and jackets, the winter chill is here to stay in Atlanta. And I have a confession, I may have a slight obsession with coats and jackets. For someone who lives in a city that does...

What Can You Wear With A Blue Suede Jacket?

My Style Vita 1/7 9:00P Jessica
I remember getting this jacket and wondering if I d really get a ton of use out of it. Typically whenever I buy something I like to make sure I can get several outfits out of it easily. Buying...

My Easy Healthy, And Filling, Breakfast Bowl

My Style Vita 1/6 9:00P Jessica
Everytime I travel , I come back with inspiration in the kitchen for recipes or cocktails . It happens everywhere I go. Whether it s a native ingredient that I want to try like these dragonfruit...

Are You Ready For Real Clothes Yet?

My Style Vita 1/5 9:00P Jessica
We re officially tackling our first hump day of 2021 and I have to say, I m feeling pretty good. This is the most productive 48 hours I ve experienced in months it feels like. It s like I just needed...

Vita Liberata Body Blur Review

My Style Vita 1/4 9:00P Jessica
I have never been one to ever use bodymakeup. I ve never needed to really cover up any scars or tattoos which is oftentimes a reason for needing this kind of product. But lately we re seeing makeup...
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