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What Are the Links Between Pollen Allergies and Food?

Food Allergies Atlanta 9/26 1:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
As one of the most common allergies, the signs of hay fever caused by pollen are known to many people. However, the cross-reactive condition called oral allergy syndrome (OAS) is less widely understood – OAS is also referred to as pollen-food...

Back to School Tips for Kids With Food Allergies

Food Allergies Atlanta 9/12 4:20A Dr. Thomas Chacko
The start of the school year can be a daunting time for children with food allergies. As a provider of food allergy treatments in Atlanta , we regularly help children who have faced allergy issues at school. And while the threat of an allergic...

5 Food Allergy Triggers of Hives and Skin Rashes

Food Allergies Atlanta 8/24 1:22P Dr. Thomas Chacko
Hives and skin rashes are among the most common symptoms of a food allergy. With the help of food allergy treatments , some skin conditions can be alleviated. However, many people continue to suffer the discomfort of itching and inflammation...

An Outline of the Oral Immunotherapy Treatment Process

Food Allergies Atlanta 8/15 2:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
Anyone who has experienced food allergies understands how difficult it is to avoid allergy triggers. Desensitizing the immune system to an allergen can offer a substantially better quality of life and prevent severe allergic reactions. And with...

Why Is Food Allergy Testing Important?

Food Allergies Atlanta 7/25 3:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
Due to the unpredictable nature of food allergies, getting an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan should be a priority for anyone experiencing symptoms. The food allergy testing process is a vital part of this effort, ensuring that individuals...

If I’m Allergic to Pecan Trees, Do I Have Pecan Allergy Too?

Food Allergies Atlanta 7/11 3:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
As one of the most popular types of tree nuts, pecans are a common cause of allergic reactions in adults and children. Delivering an effective tree nut allergy treatment is a priority for allergists due to the potential threat of anaphylaxis. But...

If Allergic to Eggs, Can I Eat Foods Made With Eggs?

Food Allergies Atlanta 6/27 3:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
For Atlanta parents, providing a balanced diet for a child with an egg allergy is a constant challenge. While egg allergy treatment options are available, most people tend to simply restrict their diet and focus exclusively on avoidance. As eggs...
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